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Book Blog- Ashley Housel

  1. 1. How To Use Social Media ForMarketing And How To Do It Right:The Social Media Marketing Book Ashley Housel
  2. 2. Summary Chapter 2: •Every business that has a website should have a blog •Made up of posts, comments, and themes Blogging •Pick a niche to blog about •Size of the post is limited Chapter 3: •Twitter is an example; posts are limited to 140 characters •Get on Twitter Twitter and •EasyMicroblogging •Cheap •Connect with clients
  3. 3. SummaryChapter 4: •Should be used to build relationships with customers and/or each other •Companies= pages; individuals= profiles Social •Sites need to be utilized and users need to be active to reach their target audienceNetworking •Be aware of different featuresChapter 5: •Generated by user-generated content •Sites: YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, and Media •Easy to distribute content to millions of viewers •Encourage allowing users to share media and create their Sharing own
  4. 4. Summary Chapter 6: •Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Digg. Social News •Vote on or like webpages that suits wants and needs •Set up profile as completely as possible and •content will be what the user wants to seeBookmarking •Websites allow consumer to base purchases off of others Chapter 7: consumers •Make it easy for consumers but can pose a problem forRatings and businesses •Post if bad experience Reviews •Respond to negativity; ask how it can be made better
  5. 5. Summary • Online versions of community bulletin boardsChapter 8: • Build online reputations , online communities. • Get to know the community by lurking before post Forums • Contribute, not pitch • Not easily started and maintainedChapter 9: • Requires experience • Not an easy market to crack Virtual • Can be very effective if done correctly • Necessary to customize to reflect the company’s or Worlds personal brand.
  6. 6. SummaryChapter 10: •DO NOT use same marketing strategy that you do offline Strategy, •Remember your brand but change your strategy to appeal to those customers online •Keep an eye on what people are sayingTactics, and •All social media campaigns and efforts should work together to elevate your company or personal brand Practice •Show value for the business and return on investment for social media campaigns Chapter 11: •Metrics is described as on-site and off-site metrics •On-site metrics include: ROI, Engagement, and eyeballsMeasurement •Off-site includes: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, media-sharing sites, social news, review sites, forums, second life, and earned media
  7. 7. Key Learning PointsOthers will want to read this book because…• Covers all forms of social media • Detailed, not boring• Divided • reader can refer to a section; each section further broken down (history and how to use)• Easy read • Regardless of previous knowledge, can follow along and understand
  8. 8. Personal Brand First •Understanding of blogging •How it can help grow brand Reason: Second •More is less •Learn the balance between over posting and under posting Reason: Effective •Doesn’t focus solely on businesses •Breaks down social media type for both business and personalbecause… •How to separate the two
  9. 9. ClientRelates well to clientsLays out each type of social media; tells how to use it and how to utilize itMy client •Not very social media savvy •Do the bare minimum on current sites •Do not effectively use all social media outletsBenefit •Help carry message and cause •Recommend to other clients that may not be technologically knowledgeable
  10. 10. OpinionHighly detailed book• Many types of social mediaFor beginners• Describes how to use the different platforms3 out of 5 stars• Easy read, very informative• Not exactly what I would be looking for if I already knew how to use these social media outlets
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