SSCG Events 2014 -16


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Connecting Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Investors with Opportunities in Africa

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SSCG Events 2014 -16

  1. 1. SSCG Africa Events Connecting Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Investors with Opportunities in Africa
  2. 2. Supporting our clients to acquire new market insights, establish and strengthen business networks and partnerships. We connect and bring together the most influential and exciting minds from entrepreneurship, corporate, governments, innovation communities and social development to discuss and debate economy challenges and preferable solutions for Africa. To maximise the benefits for participants, we structure our events in a format that allows them to acquire new insights, strategies, tools and learn available business opportunities.
  3. 3. Economic Growth, Entrepreneurship, SME Competitiveness & Though Leadership 1. Nigeria Economic Growth Conference, 19 November 2014, Abuja 2. Kenya Enterprise Growth Conference, 25 - 26 March 2015, Nairobi 3. Shaping Our Future Conference, 30 - 31 March 2015, Lusaka 4. SSCG West Africa Economic Growth Conference, 06 - 07 May 2015, Abuja 5. SSCG Africa Annual Economic & Entrepreneurship Conference, 10 - 11 June 2015, Oxford 6. SSCG East Africa Economic Growth Conference, 15 -16 September 2015, Nairobi 7. SSCG Southern Africa Economic & Entrepreneurship Conference, 09 - 10 December 2015, Lusaka Key areas of discussion: • Fostering economic growth & prosperity • Macro and micro economic environment • Harnessing financial deepening • Re-basing African countries GDP: Opportunities and challenges • Pro-business environment: Policies, Security and institutions • Driving growth through skilled labour market and jobs • Accelerating private sector development • Sustainable & inclusive businesses • Social entrepreneurship and women in business • Developing open talent economy • Driving SME value and growth • Boosting industry productivity and competitiveness • Creating jobs and growth opportunities • Accelerating entrepreneurship and innovation • Nurturing innovation and technology driven businesses • Harnessing sustainable and inclusive businesses • Unlocking opportunities through innovation and entrepreneurship • Fostering thought leadership and corporate entrepreneurship • Supporting the youth to create better future • Driving Diaspora entrepreneurship and remittances to Africa REGISTER NOW:
  4. 4. Trade and Investment in Africa • UK – Africa Annual Trade & Investment Conference, 18 - 19 February 2015, London • EU – Africa Annual Trade & Investment Conference, 05 - 06 August 2015, Brussels • SSCG Annual Southern Africa Trade And Investment Conference, 09 - 10 September 2015, Lusaka Key areas to be addressed: • Understanding African market, economic characteristics and business environment • Local content laws and regulatory policies • Market entry and penetration: Navigating challenges and market complexities • Investment opportunities in mining, energy, Oil and Gas • Strengthening trade linkages and ties • Boosting intra regional trade • Driving UK investment into Africa: FDIs and remittances • Investment opportunities in Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) • Boosting organisations growth: Capital, operation and client Positions • Investment opportunities in financial, consumer and business services • Fostering sustainable growth: Effective management of Partnerships (4Ps), M&A, JVs and shared services • Investment opportunities in infrastructure, real estate, agriculture • Diaspora remittances and investment REGISTER NOW:
  5. 5. Investment and Financial Sector Development 1. Boosting African Investment and Financial Sector Conference, 02 - 03 December 2015, Nairobi 2. Boosting African Investment and Financial Sector Conference, 09 - 10 March 2016, Lusaka Key areas to be addressed: • Economic and financial market growth outlook • Strengthening African equity and capital market • Growth opportunities in insurance and pension industry • Strengthening microfinance sector growth • Financial deepening: Boosting financial institutions and services • Access to capital: Issue of collateral and Bank guarantee • Commodity exchange, pricing and trading • Banking : Trade finance and transactions • Future of government bonds • Investment: M&A, derivatives and equity securities, and FICC services (fixed income instruments, currencies and commodities) • Financial innovation and risks: Mobile money , M-banking, data and cyber security • Strengthening African stock exchange • Institutional investment: PE, VCs, Angel Investors, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds and Asset Managers • Diaspora remittances REGISTER NOW:
  6. 6. Energy, Oil & Gas 1. Africa Energy, Oil & Gas Conference, 11-12 November 2015, London 2. Africa Energy, Oil & Gas Conference, 17-18 February 2016, Nairobi Key topics for discussion: • Oil and Gas industry landscape: Exploration, Development and Production(EDP) market and growth • Offshore and onshore E&P investment opportunities • Energy finance: Market, asset, pricing, demand and supply • Energy diversification: Alternative and renewable energy, solar, geothermal and hydro power • Strengthening energy, Oil and Gas institutions, NOCs and IOCs • Sustainability, HSE, risks, Social Responsibility and environment • Key drivers for effective operations: Technologies, talent and digital oilfield data • Energy law reform: Compliance, policies and local content Laws • Boosting energy industry growth: Partnerships, M&A, PSAs, JVs and PSCs • Industry diversification and alternative energy: Green, Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Hydro • Strengthening petroleum industry technologies, talent and professionalism REGISTER NOW:
  7. 7. Innovation, Data and Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) 1. Africa Innovation, Technology and Information Management Conference, 19 - 20 August 2015, Lagos, Nigeria Key areas for discussion: • Information and data governance • Managing technologically mediated information • Cyber security management • Strengthening IT and telecoms industry • Africa internet connection and networks • Financial innovation: M-banking and mobile money • Online merchandising and payments • Electronic payments and transfer for businesses • Financial reporting, online payment security and forensics • Investment opportunities in technology driven businesses • Innovation and creative industries financing • e-government and e-procurement • Business model innovation • Cloud sourcing • Disruptive innovation • Digital data security and management • e-recruitment, e-skills, e-marketing and digital media marketing • Data mining and Business Intelligence (BI) • Agri-business innovation and technologies REGISTER NOW:
  8. 8. About SSCG • A global network of management consulting and advisory firms. • Provide innovative and market beating solutions, insights, enterprise growth solutions, advisory and consultancy services. • Support organisations and individuals seeking to explore and engage in business activities in Africa. • We have a strong footprint and experience across Sub-Saharan Africa. • We have built and sustain our reputation as the best firm to work with by ensuring that our people, our clients and our communities achieve their full potential. • We operate as a global integrated firm, with one methodology across all our geographical areas. We have structured our business to ensure and enable us to mobilize our people quickly, and allocate them to projects in the right place, at the right time. For further information or to discuss your organisation tailored needs, contact our advisory team at: E: W: