No Phones In School!
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No Phones In School!






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  • Say no to cell phones in school. I have 5 reasons to explain why.
  • On cell phones, there might be calculators. In this tool, students could cheat on their math homework or test.
  • Cell phones are great with their variety of games and objects. Although, students could become addicted and not pay attention in class.
  • Students could text each other bad emails about others. Believe it or not, others could look at the cell phone with the bad comment. That person looking at the comment could be offended. Maybe it was them or their friend. Either way, this can hurt other’s feelings.
  • Cell phones are good to ask friends questions or comments about school. However, you can also exchange answers, which would be cheating. You cold do it at home, or in school without being seen.
  • Cameras are great to remember things, but not test answers or bad pictures of others. For example, at school you might take a funny picture of someone. You might think everyone else would like to see it too, so you put it online. The person with their picture online might not like it. Another reason is you could cheat on tests. Cheating is sinning.
  • Cell phones are great, but can hurt others, and help cheat. Two things we know as Christians not to do. And lastly, thank you.
  • I would like to thank Microsoft for clip art, custom animation, format.

No Phones In School! No Phones In School! Presentation Transcript

  • 5 reasons to say no! By: Kim NO to cell phones in school
  • Reason #1
    • Calculators can help cheat on math homework.
  • Reason #2
    • Cell Phone distractions!
  • Reason #3
    • Mean and Bad Comments!
  • Reason #4
    • Sneaking in answers!
  • Reason #5
    • Bad pictures of friends or enemies.
  • Conclusion
    • Cell phones:
    • NOT Made for School!
  • Thanks to Microsoft
    • Clip Art
    • Custom Animation
    • Format