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Email Etiquette






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Email Etiquette Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Email Etiquette By: Austin
  • 2. Be Appropriate• You always want to be appropriate in your emails, because you don’t know if what you think could be appropriate could be inappropriate to the person you are sending.
  • 3. DON’T USE ALL CAPTITOLS• If you use capitols when it is a business email the person you are sending to will think you are ANGREY at them and they may be offended.
  • 4. Always use please and thank you• If you always use please and thank you the person that you will be sending to will think you are polite and nice.
  • 5. Proper email spelling• What it means to have proper email spelling is not to use text language. This means do not use the words plz or lol.
  • 6. Don’t use sarcasm• Don’t use sarcasm when you are writing an apporite email. The person may think you aren’t taking it seriously.
  • 7. Don’t have too long sentences• If you use really long sentences the person you are sending it to may think you are boring.
  • 8. Be specific• Always be specific, and don’t always go on and on and on. It will make the person think you are too discriptive.
  • 9. Have a reason to write• If you write with a purpose you will want to talk about it, and you won’t be boring.
  • 10. Type as others as you would type to you.• This is the most important so you will be nice when you type and the person will think your nice.
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