PlanetData Management Overview


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The presentation is about the project management overview of PlanetData Network of Excellence The presentation was presented by Alice Carpentier (Semantic Technology Institute, University of Innsbruck ) at the PlanetData project Kick-off Meeting on October 11, 2010 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

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PlanetData Management Overview

  1. 1. !  ADMIN !  Management structure and board creation "  PMB "  TMB !  Quality Assurance !  Report creation !  PD Ecosystem !  PD Programs !  Communication!  FINANCES 11-Oct-10 Slide 2 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  2. 2. GA: PC (chair) + 1 delegate of each core partner PC Dieter Fensel PMB: PC (chair), SC, PM + 1 rep of each core partner SC Elena Simperl TMB: PC, SC (chair), Activity 1-3 Leaders,PM: AliceCarpenier FM: Leo Garcia WP1-7 leaders Gregoris Antoniou Karl Aberer John Domingue Dieter Fensel WP1: CWI WP4: FBU WP6: IJS WP2: KIT WP8: UIBK WP5: EPFL WP7: STI2 WP3:FORTH 11-Oct-10 Slide 3 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  3. 3. !  PC (chair)!  SC!  PM!  1 rep of each core partner !  CWI: !  EPFL: !  FORTH: !  FUB: !  IJS: !  KIT !  STI2 11-Oct-10 Slide 4 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  4. 4. !  PC (chair)!  SC!  Activity Leaders A1-A3 !  A1: Gregoris Antoniou !  A2: Karl Aberer !  A3:John Domingue!  WP leaders WP1-7 !  WP1: !  WP2: !  WP3: !  WP4: !  WP5: !  WP6 !  WP7 11-Oct-10 Slide 5 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  5. 5. 3 weeks before the deadline4 weeks before the deadline The deliverable is revised byThe reviewers receive the the authoring team accordingdeliverable from the to the review reports. 2 weeks before the deadlinecoordinating author (email The work package leader A final quality check is 1 week before the deadlineattachment, link, etc.). supervises this process in order undertaken by the ActivityThe coordinating author to ensure that the deliverable Leader. The Project Manager ensures implements the reviewer’s that the deliverable isuploads the deliverable to the The coordinating author comments. submitted on time to the ECwiki. submits the final version to the and (if public) is uploaded toThe reviewers produce detailed Upon completion the revised Project Manager. the project Web sitereviews using a template, send deliverable is sent to the The coordinator author uploadsthe reviews to the coordinating Activity Leader. the final version to the wikiauthor and upload them to the The work package leaderwiki. uploads the deliverable to the wiki. Quality_Assurance_procedure:_detailed_decription_of_roles_and_responsibilities#Schedule 11-Oct-10 Slide 6 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  6. 6. 4 weeks before 2 weeks beforethe deadline 3 weeks before the deadline 1 week beforeWP leaders request the deadline Activity Leader the deadlineinfo from WP Project Manager checks activity Scientificmembers, compile compiles section of Coordinator final-WP report and Management Management checks reportsubmit it to Project Report ReportManager 11-Oct-10 Slide 7 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  7. 7. Core partnersOrganisations Associate outside the partners PD network 11-Oct-10 Slide 8 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  8. 8. !  Organisations outside the PD network !  Access to research, and data provisioning and management results !  Ability to participate in training, dissemination and community building events !  Access to open training infrastructure !  Ability to submit proposals to PD Programs!  Associate partners !  All rights of organizations outside the PD network !  Ability to submit proposals to PD Programs !  Partner logo listed on PD website !  Early access to ongoing PD results through participation in PD meetings !  Opportunity to shape the results and topics of the PD Programs through contribution of requirements and use cases 11-Oct-10 Slide 9 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  9. 9. !  PD consortium issues invitation for associate partners on a yearly basis (with the first call being issued prior to the start of the project)!  interested parties submit membership request to PC by submitting a membership application that documents the organization’s interest in large-scale data management and what they believe they can bring to the PD network!  three-step approval process: !  PC referees applications !  PC makes recommendations to the PMB !  PMB takes the final decision 11-Oct-10 Slide 10 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  10. 10. - 45 days, • draft call announcement text 15-Feb-11 • communicate call announcement text to - 30 days,01-March 11 Project Officer • upload full call details on website - 10 days,21-March-11 • communicate full call details to Project Officer • publish full call details in print media/on-/+ 0 days,01-April-11 website 11-Oct-10 Slide 11 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  11. 11. • close call + 5 weeks, 11-May-11 • finalize evaluation preparations • communicate names of experts to commission/PO Week 6+7,16-27 May 11 • conduct evaluation • submit evaluation report to Project Officer Week 10, • request accession of the new beneficiary(ies)13-17 May 11 • Project Officer approves accession of new beneficiary(ies) to grant agreement Week 17 • communicate the result of each proposal to the proposer01-05 Aug 11 11-Oct-10 Slide 12 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  12. 12. !  Mailing list !!  Wiki ! Main_Page!  Website ! 11-Oct-10 Slide 13 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  13. 13. 1. Eligible costs of the project a) they must be actual b) they must be incurred by the beneficiary c) they must be incurred during the duration of the project, with the exception of costs incurred in relation to final reports or reports corresponding to the last period (financial audit certificates, final review travel costs, etc.) which may be incurred during the period of up to 60 days after the end of the project. 11-Oct-10 Slide 14 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  14. 14. d) they must be determined in accordancewith the usual accounting andmanagement principles and practices ofthe beneficiarye) they must be used for the sole purposeof achieving the objectives of the project,consistent with the principles of economy,efficiency and effectivenessf) they must be recorded in the accountsof the beneficiary 11-Oct-10 Slide 15 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  15. 15. g) They must be indicated in theestimated overall budget in Annex I 11-Oct-10 Slide 16 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  16. 16. a)  identifiable indirect taxes including value added tax,b)  duties,c)  interest owed,d)  provisions for possible future losses or charges,e)  exchange losses, cost related to return on capital,f)  costs declared or incurred, or reimbursed in respect of another project,g)  debt and debt service charges, excessive or reckless expenditure 11-Oct-10 Slide 17 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  17. 17. -  a pre-financing of 1.057.000 EUR was paid to the coordinator within the 45 days limit following the date of entry into force of the grant agreement.-  5% of the total project Financial Contribution (151.000 EUR) was kept by the Commission as a Guarantee Fund and will be distributed with the final payment.-  Project partners were asked to provide their bank details and the transfers were processed as shown in the following table: 11-Oct-10 Slide 18 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  18. 18. 11-Oct-10 Slide 19 of 25Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  19. 19. - Financial reporting periods: P1: from month 1 to month 12 P2: from month 13 to month 24 P3: from month 25 to month 36 Final period: from month 36 to month 48-  Schedule: within 60 days after each reporting period end date, the coordinator will ask each beneficiary to provide the following financial inputs for the periodic management report: 1. Explanation of the use of the resources 2. Financial Statements – Forms C 3. Financial Certificates on the Financial Statement- The Financial Statement – Form C figures will be keyed by each beneficiary in the NEF system, a Web-based online tool for completing and submitting forms C via the Participant Portal: 11-Oct-10 Slide 20 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  20. 20. explanation of personnel costs, subcontractingand any major costs incurred by eachbeneficiary, such as the purchase of importantequipment, travel costs, large consumable items,etc., linking them to work packages. 11-Oct-10 Slide 21 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  21. 21. 11-Oct-10 Slide 22 of 25Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  22. 22. A certificate on the financialstatements shall be submitted for claimsof interim payments and final paymentswhen the amount of the financialcontribution claimed by a beneficiary isequal to or superior to EUR 375 000 11-Oct-10 Slide 23 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain
  23. 23. -  after each submission and approval of the Financial Statements (FORM C), the commission will transfer the amount accepted for the reporting period.-  Shall the 90% ceiling Maximum community Financial Contribution be reached, a deduction will be made.-  the final payment will take into account the pre- financing amount paid at the start of the project. For each beneficiary, the financial contribution cannot exceed in any circumstances the maximum amount of their agreed contractual financial contribution. 11-Oct-10 Slide 24 of 25 Kick-off, Mallorca, Spain