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Guy Gelaude & François Gilson of Google for STIMA Students 2014

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  • Why: falling cost of storage, ubiquity of connectivity, emergence of devices to produce & consumer content
    Khan Academy: 200M
  • Discuss the numbers - interaction
    82% online penetration in BE
    x4 - SMB investing in online growth x4 versus other SMBs
    X3 - online purchase / e-commerce via smartphones and tablets 2013 vs 2012
    42% - parallel usage TV + 2nd screen in BE in Q2 2013
    +55% - smartphone penetration YoY evo
    And if you were not convinced enough… 500 – the avg number of search queries taped in Google Search in BE every second!
    Transition: But let’s go to the main reason we are all here today
  • For those that remember the original study of 2011, the internet economy represented 8.6 B of the GDP
    At these point E-commerce represents €4Billion
    Are we doing fine..
    Well from a user perspecticve yes we are! Do know that when we compare the searches per capita here in Belgium we are comparable with mature markets such as Netherlands… but when we look at the number of SME that are business doing business online we are lagging behind.
    It always could be worse Not really 33% BE SMB (KMO) are actively leveraging the web vs 46% in THE NL and 66% in UK.
  • For those that remember the original study of 2011, the internet economy represented 8.6 B of the GDP
    At these point E-commerce represents €4Billion
  • Online as a platform challenges our actual research processBut there is not only a shift in medium, there is also a shift in the tools we have today.. Let me illustrate this with an example by introducing you the new actual model of marketing - Old world vs new world Offline vs online
  • To best understand the results of the study, let us frame our research and hypothesis. We were testing the traditional 3-step mental model of marketing. Which is – marketers create a stimulus, like a TV ad. And hope that it drives shoppers straight to the shelf. The shopper then buys it and tries it home where he/she then has a second moment of truth – where he/she experiences the product and would be inclined to share the overall experience. If marketers focus on these three things, are they on a path to win?
  • Our hypothesis is that there is step in between Stimulus and the first moment of truth. And that step we call the Zero Moment of Truth, or “ZMOT”. We believe there is all this activity that often takes place online and is often initiated by the consumer. And because of the consumer is asking for this information, on their own time, that what this consumer sees, hears, learns about at the zero moment is equally as important as what the consumer experiences at Stimulus and FMOT.
  • We live in a constantly connected world. People move seamlessly between multiple devices, whether at home, in the office or on-the-go.
    Mobile is playing a key role is this behavioral shift, and this has huge impact on the ways marketers should engage with their customers.
    We will then go into more detail on the implications for marketers, and how to rethink mobile’s impact on businesses
  • Actual Challenge: How can you as a marketer/entrepreneur attribute the correct value to the right platform/device
    There are many consumer trends to consider when figuring out how to adapt to this new multi-device world.
    Devices are evolving quickly, with a growing list of form factors and capabilities
    Marketers need more powerful tools to reach their audiences in a multi-device world
    People are constantly switching between devices, using the one that works best for where they are and what they are trying to do
    Marketers need a simple way to promote the right messages to the right people based on user context and device capabilities
    Device evolution and changes in consumer behavior present new ways to measure advertising effectiveness
    Marketers need new measurement tools to understand the impact of their advertising to drive results
    Developing an advertising strategy that takes these trends into account makes it possible to be relevant everywhere, across situations.
  • It all starts with understanding your customer..
    Understanding your customer from the first touch to the last conversion touch and every touchpoint in between..
    Open question so how would you do this today?
  • As most of you think that Google is only offering you text-ads whenever someone does a search on Google search, it is far more than the classic search solution
  • Search brought intent to marketing. It allowed you to reach people who wanted something, at scale. Not only that, it allowed you to reach them at exactly the moment they were interested. Not only that, you could tailor your ads to their specific queries. It was truly relevance at exactly the moments that mattered - results soared, and search changed the game.
    As an example, on this slide we can see two people searching for ‘pizza’. Just one word, but it’s clear what they want. In today’s world, with constant connectivity - it means we have their context too - things like their location, time of day, device.
    In the case of our two pizza-lovers, their context has quite a bearing on their intent:
    One’s using their smartphone to search from a downtown location at lunch.
    The other is using their laptop to search from home at dinner time.
    One of our protagonists got pizza in the restaurant, and the other ordered a delivery. By being relevant to intent and context, our the advertiser won both of the moments that mattered.
    They delivered the right ad at the right moment for each person’s intent and their context.
    [Big point:] When Search ads were invented, intent alone changed the game. Intent and context together will change it again. The two are not just additive - they’re multiplicative. They transform the potential for relevance.
    Those businesses that make their marketing most relevant to a person’s intent and context are those that will win in a constantly connected world.
    It’s this world that enhanced campaigns are designed for... by helping businesses reach people in the moments that matter, across all devices, with smarter ads that are relevant to intent and context
  • .
  • KEY TAKEAWAY: Keeping up with what is possible in technology is more challenging than ever. We want to help you turn that upside down as want to make the web work for you. It‘s not too late to be early – Thank you
  • Presentation Google STIMA Students 2014

    1. 1. Google Confidential and Proprietary Guy Gelaude & François Gilson The Online (r)evolution: Understanding your Audience
    2. 2. Google Confidential and Proprietary
    3. 3. Google Confidential and Proprietary Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful… A Mission that Matters
    4. 4. Google Confidential and Proprietary Google Loon: connect remote areas Google Now: Answers without asking Google Glass: Seamless devicesProject Chauffeur: Really smart car! The future is here
    5. 5. Google Confidential and Proprietary First start with the facts…
    6. 6. Google Confidential and Proprietary Belgian figures that stick 82% X3 42% x4 500 +55%
    7. 7. Google Confidential and Proprietary Some e-commerce facts. In 2013 in Belgium the internet economy represents € 12,0 Billion or 3.5% of the GDP In 2015: this will be 19,6 Billion or 5%. Key driver will be E-commerce. Source: BCG-study (update March 2013): Interneteconomy at the crossroads
    8. 8. Google Confidential and Proprietary The Belgian e-commerce landscape E-commerce in Belgium represents € 4+ Billion 25% of all Belgian online purchases originate from foreign websites. 60% of online advertising spend aimed towards BE consumers originates from abroad as well. Source: BCG-study (update March 2013): Interneteconomy at the crossroads
    9. 9. Google Confidential and Proprietary But is also challenges existing models…
    10. 10. Google Confidential and Proprietary First Moment of Truth Second Moment of Truth Stimulus At shelf In-store Experience Traditional 3- Step Mental Model of Marketing
    11. 11. Google Confidential and Proprietary First Moment of Truth Second Moment of Truth Stimulus Pre-shopping | In-store | In- home At shelf In-store Experience The New Mental Model of Marketing
    12. 12. Google Confidential and Proprietary Y E S T E R D A Y T O D A Y The Mobile Evolution
    13. 13. Google Confidential and Proprietary A multi-screen, connected world .
    14. 14. Google Confidential and Proprietary Our daily media interactions today * The new Multi-screen World: understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior (US August 2012) - Google Ipsos
    15. 15. Google Confidential and Proprietary Millions of people. Billions of moments that matter Right message - to the right people - at the right time & location
    16. 16. Google Confidential and Proprietary Understand your customer…
    17. 17. Google Confidential and Proprietary 1) Start analyzing your traffic…
    18. 18. Google Confidential and Proprietary Start analyzing your traffic…
    19. 19. Google Confidential and Proprietary 2) Start analyzing your market… Analyze what is trending in your market with Google Trends Example: + =
    20. 20. Google Confidential and Proprietary 3) Start analyzing your Audience... Understand your audience, by listening to their audience signals WHO THEY ARE Female 16-24 Male 35-44 Female 45-54 WHAT THEY LIKE&
    21. 21. Google Confidential and Proprietary AdWords engage with the right customer at the right moment, on the right device
    22. 22. Google Confidential and Proprietary Ads Quality Score x CPC Organic Results .BE. .COM. .COM. .BE. .NL. .NL. .BE. .COM.
    23. 23. Google Confidential and Proprietary Intent - What people want Context & Audience - Device - Location - Time - Age, Sex & Interest Context & Audience are drivers of relevance – and results 12:30 pm Brussels On phone On laptop 7:10 pm London Ballotins pralines chocolat Visitez le Temple du Chocolat Ballotins pralines à €9. Goûter nos nouvelles truffes. Adresse – Dégustation sur place 4.8km Call ChocolateTemple – Order online, Certified Belgian Chocolate. Free delivery. Order Online Now 2 pralines boxes for £15 118 people +1'd or follow ChocolateTemple Belgian pralines chocolate
    24. 24. Google Confidential and Proprietary Hope you feel the magic
    25. 25. Google Confidential and Proprietary Now it is your turn…
    26. 26. Google Confidential and Proprietary A great wind is blowing and that gives you either imagination or a headache Catherine the Great ’’ Thank