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Social media monitoring
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Social media monitoring

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  • 1. An approach for evaluation of social media monitoring tools Ioannis Stavrakantonakis et. al. CVM 2012©www.sti-innsbruck.at INNSBRUCK www.sti-innsbruck.at Copyright 2008 STI
  • 2. www.sti-innsbruck.at 2
  • 3. Why use social media marketingwww.sti-innsbruck.at 3
  • 4. Focus • provide an overview of the presented monitoring tools and platforms’ • offer insights on the technology employed, on the basic features they provide as well as their limitations; • insight of the features provided by ten of the most important social media monitoring tools available commercially • provide a framework for future evaluations of such tools.www.sti-innsbruck.at 4
  • 5. Application fields • reputation-management; • event detection, issue- and crisis-management; • competitor analysis; • trend- and market-research plus campaign-monitoring; • influencer detection and customer relationship management; • product- and innovation-management.www.sti-innsbruck.at 5
  • 6. Free tools Addict-o-matic www.addictomatic.com Boardreader www.boardreader.com Google Alerts www.google.com/alerts HyperAlerts www.hyperalters.no Klout www.klout.com/home Netvibes www.netvibes.com Twazzup www.twazzup.com WhosTalkin www.whostalkin.com Yahoo Pipes pipes.yahoo.com www.sti-innsbruck.at 6
  • 7. Free tools - Minuses • Free tools are also free of service. • There is no contact person answering questions on functions or underlying methodology. • There is no guarantee concerning the availability of the service. • Functions are often limited to quantitative/statistical reports. • Complex analysis (e.g. automated sentiment detection) may not be available for languages other than English. • Many are point solutions considering few or only one platform (e.g. Twitter). • Services that claim searching the entire web do not reveal which sources are • really included. • To get a comprehensive overview several free services must be • combined. • Results of free tools have to be saved and archived in user-defined structures and formats. • Workflow-functionality is usually not available. www.sti-innsbruck.at 7
  • 8. Evaluation framework Concepts User Technology Interfacewww.sti-innsbruck.at 8
  • 9. Concepts • Analysis • Engagement • Workflow management • Influencewww.sti-innsbruck.at 9
  • 10. Technology • Listening grid adjustment • Near real-time processing • Integration with 3rd party applications (API) • Sentiment analysis • Historical datawww.sti-innsbruck.at 10
  • 11. User Interface • Dashboard • Export resultswww.sti-innsbruck.at 11
  • 12. Toolswww.sti-innsbruck.at 12
  • 13. Discussionwww.sti-innsbruck.at 13
  • 14. Conclusion • Social media offers new opportunities for enterprises – Monitoring conversations – Actively participating and providing content on social media platforms – Engage in conversations with the customer • Choosing the right tools is a key factor in social media marketingwww.sti-innsbruck.at 14