How to optimise your web page in 10 steps


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SEO 'how to guide' from top digital marketing agency STEAK, for perfectly optimising your landing page. Shows you in 10 simple steps how to drive more traffic to your eCommerce website, including SEO linkbuilding.

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  • How to optimise your web page in 10 steps

    1. 1. 10 Steps to Perfectly Optimising your Page
    2. 2. Search Engine OptimisationWhat does a perfectly optimised pagelook like in 2012?Here are the 10 elements…
    3. 3. Tip #1Title tags are stillimportant, but it’s not agood idea to over-optimisethem
    4. 4. Tip #2Descriptions still don’tappear to add muchranking value, but can helpencourage clicks.
    5. 5. Tip #3Header tags still need to berelevant
    6. 6. Tip #4URL still ideally mentionsthe keywords
    7. 7. Tip #5Content is now aboutsemantically relevant supportingkeywords, not multiple mentions.The example chosen is a recipe,because the specific ingredientsthat are 100 percent relevant tothe eventual outcome. One wayof checking what keywordsGoogle might consider asrelevant is to do a ‘~keyword’ (ortilde) search.
    8. 8. Tip #6Video and other ‘rich’content can be useful on apage to increaseengagement levels, reducebounce rates and also toappear alongside results asillustrated below.
    9. 9. Tip #7Internal links need tofollow the “reasonablesurfer” patent. It makessense in the “perfectlyoptimised page” examplehere, to link to peppercornsauce as an alternative tobéarnaise.
    10. 10. Tip #8Facebook/Twitter/other logincomments are a way of sharing thecontent on other platforms. Thedirect SEO benefit may be debatable,but it never hurts to get your contentin front of a large amount of people.With Google Search Plus Your World,it could be that adding a Google+login is more important thananything else.
    11. 11. Tip #9User reviews add regular content tothe page, which can also be coded toinclude microformatting instructionsand add extra elements to yourlistings in search engine result pages(SERPs). Research also suggests thatthe more reviews you have on a pagethe higher your conversion rate islikely to be.
    12. 12. Tip #10Newsfeeds only sharecontent that already existselsewhere, but theycontribute to an overallimpression of the pagechanging on a regular basis.
    13. 13. STEAK Ltd, 62-70 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9AHOriginal source: Search Engine Watch +44(0)20 7420 3500,
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