Content and the Future of Search


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All digital marketers know that Content is now key - but where does this leave Search? What future does it have? These slides look at how we can adapt, learn and grow with Content in the future.

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Content and the Future of Search

  1. 1. The chances are that if you work in or around digital marketing, you will have heard about Panda, Penguin and penalties, or the “three Ps” if you want to be affectionate. Introduced in February 2011 Penalised sites using low quality content Targeted sites that rank with poor content Introduced in April 2012 Needed to target links as well as content Used to penalise ‘unnatural links pointing to your site’ Panda Penguin
  2. 2. Gone are the days of mass link buying and manipulation! The key to success is a return to first-order marketing principles and the creation of value for consumers. Are we creating content good enough to get a response from a real, human audience?
  3. 3. Content is more than writing a blog about the latest trend; marketers need to be ambitious This is a deceptively fundamental shift for agencies, SEO Managers and Strategists
  4. 4. A complete change in the content production though process is required, changing emphasis from: “what can we produce at volume?” and begin to ask: “what do our customers actually want to see?”
  5. 5. True visibility of a brand has developed into a broader concept.
  6. 6. The greater experience is a culmination of: Creating rich and engaging content A strong product offering On-site experienceOnline visibility
  7. 7. Digital must be viewed in the round
  8. 8. Rather than as separate channels
  9. 9. How are we, as performance marketers, going to super-charge this activity?
  10. 10. SEO practitioners understand the insight, monitoring & tracking that lie beneath the surface level of online activity.
  11. 11. Adding that seamlessly to content based marketing, social media and online PR will be something of a true advance in online communications.
  12. 12. Agencies should be optimistic about the opportunity this offers! Otherwise we’ll have to get used to blogs churning out ‘what strictly come dancing taught me about life insurance’
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