Indian democracy
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Indian democracy






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Indian democracy Indian democracy Presentation Transcript

  • India is a democratic countryPrinciple of democracy is that the government of the state is carried out with the co-operation & consent of the people.
  • According to “ABRAHAM LINCON”Democracy means a government is elected of the people , for the people ,by the people.
  • Democracy is accountable form ofgovernment.Democracy improves the quality of decision making.Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts .Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens. Democracy is better than other forms of government because it allows us to correct its own mistake View slide
  • RIGHTS IN A DEMOCRACY What are rights? Rights are claims of a person over other fellowbeing over the society and over the government.All have equal rights but a right is a possible fora person which should not harm or hurt others. View slide
  •  Why do we need rights in a democracy? Rights are necessary for the every sustenance of a democracy. Rights in the Indian constitution What is fundamental rights?Some rights which are fundamental to our life are given a special status. They are called fundamental rights.
  • Judiciary & BureaucracyBureaucracy means government by central administration .Judiciary aims in protecting the society, the human values & the spirit of the constitution. Judiciary & executive are the offsprings. Bureaucracy to serve the legislature .
  • QUALITIES OF CORRUPTION * Selfishness * Human greed * Craze to achieve more * Than individual rights * Corrupt practices
  • RESULTThe society has made the people responsible to mind the bureaucracy & judiciary corrupt. Corruption has reached the higher level, we cannot accept the desired services from them to the constitution & rumors of the law.
  • THERE IS GREAT SENSE IN THE PHASE OFCONSTITUTIONEvery one has to attach point consideration to one’s duties more than the undaunted spirit of striving to enforce the individual rights.
  • CONCLUSIONTrue democracy will come to this country when no one goes hungry to bed.You don’t need just equal right to vote . Every citizen needs to have equal information, basic education, equal resources & a lot of commitment.