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  • The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) was established in 2002 and is responsible for registering people who work in social services and regulating their education and training. Our role is to raise standards of practice, strengthen and support the workforce and increase the protection of people who use services. Our vision is a competent, confident workforce, capable of delivering high quality services that has the confidence of the public, those who use services and their carers.
  • Here are the parts of the Register currently open, along with the dates the Register opened.
  • The part of the Register for Workers in a Care at Home Service is not yet opened. The anticipated date is 2017 but The Scottish Government will announce the confirmed dates in due course.
  • Apart from the registration for social workers, all other parts of the SSSC Register is function based which means workers have to be carrying out a relevant role to be eligible for registration . Eligibility for registration is not based on what qualification a workers holds. Workers should seek guidance from their employers as to what part of the Register they should apply based on what job function they are carrying out. Workers can be registered on more than part of the Register if they have more that one social service employment but would still only pay one registration fee. With regards to seasonal workers, discussions are still taking place but the proposal is that seasonal workers will be required to register on the third consecutive year of working in the service. This has not yet been confirmed and we will add information to our website when this has been agreed.
  • If a worker is registered with another Regulatory Body, for example the Nursing and Midwifery Council or the General Teaching Council for Scotland etc, they cannot Register with the SSSC. If they wish to Register with the SSSC instead, they must end there registration with the Regulatory Body they are registered with. They can still apply for registration with the SSSC if they are in the process of being removed from the Register and should indicate this in their application form.
  • Where a worker does not hold a relevant qualification for registration they must still apply for registration. Applicants to the Register who do not hold the required qualifications may, if they meet all the other eligibility criteria such as evidence of good character, be granted registration subject to the condition that they achieve the required qualification within their first period of registration. At the point of renewal of registration, we will request evidence that this condition has been met. Where a registrant has been unable to meet this, we will deal with these on an individual basis and request further information in relation to why the registrant has been unable to achieve this. This information will be considered to determine if the renewal will be granted.
  • The Scottish Social Services (Registration) Rules set down PRTL requirements that all registered social service workers must meet in order to ensure their continued suitability for registration. Registrants are personally responsible for ensuring that they meet PRTL requirements. Consultations will take place before the PRTL for workers in a Care at Home Service is confirmed. Registrants should keep a log of any training and learning undertaken since their date of registration with the SSSC. They may be asked to provide evidence of this upon renewal of registration.
  • The fee amount for workers in a Care at Home Service has not yet been confirmed. Consultations will take place before the fees for workers in a Care at Home Service is established. For information on fees for parts of the Register currently open, please refer to our website at
  • An annual fee is due on the anniversary of the registration date. This will be for the same amount as the original application fee. Where are registrant fails to pay their annual fee or renew their registration, their registration will be lapsed and they will be required to reapply. If registration is a requirement, they will not be able to work until they have re registered.
  • There’s lots of information available on the SSSC’s website funding page and that Wendy Johnston, who compiles the update document, is happy to discuss eligibility for funding on the ‘phone. Emphasise that the eB is really useful and that’s where particular sources, such as the Voluntary Sector Development Fund, (VSDF) is promoted. We expect that the Scottish Government funded VSDF will run in 2012-13 and that an announcement will be made in June on which groups of social service workers, employed by voluntary organisations, are eligible for support this year.
  • The funding update document on the website gives clear details about the above sources, and others, which offer support for learning and qualifications and are all relevant to the social services sector.

SSSC Presentation for Crossroads SSSC Presentation for Crossroads Presentation Transcript

  • REGISTRATION WITHTHE SSSCStacey MilneRegistration Officer
  • The SSSC’s ResponsibilitiesPublish codes of practice for all social serviceworkers and their employers.Register key groups of social service workers.Regulate the training and education of theworkforce.Contribute to workforce planning,development of qualifications, and promotionof education and training.
  • Parts of the Register• Social Workers April 2003• Social Work Students May 2004• Care Commission Officers December 2004• Managers Residential Child Care Services Oct 2005• Managers Care Home Services Adults January 2006• Managers Adult Day Care Services January 2006• Residential Child Care Workers July 2006• Managers of Day Care of Children Services Oct 2006
  • Parts of the Register....• Practitioners Day Care of Children March 2007• Workers with supervisory responsibilities in a Care Home Service for Adults Oct 2007• Support Workers in Day Care of Children Services Oct 2008• School Care Accommodation Workers Nov 2009• Managers of Housing Support Services Dec 2011• Managers of Care at Home Services Dec 2011
  • Workers in a Care at Home Service•Managers – Register opened January 2011. Requiredregistration 31 January 2014•Supervisors - Register opens 2014. Required registration2017•Workers – Register opens 2017. Requiredregistration 2020
  • Eligibility for Registration•To be eligible for registration workers must be workingin a service which is regulated by the Care Inspectorate•Registration is function based – workers will beregistered on the part of the Register they are carryingout the role for and not the qualifications they hold ortheir job title•Workers can be on more than one part of the Register 6
  • Workers registered with anotherregulatory body•If a worker is already registered with anotherregulatory body, for example, the Nursing andMidwifery Council, they cannot register with the SSSC.•If a worker was previously registered with anotherregulatory body but has allowed their registration tolapse, they may either re-register with that regulatorybody or apply to register with the SSSC
  • Registration with Conditions•If a worker does not hold a qualification they may beregistered subject to a condition that they gain aqualification within their first period of registration.•Once an application is through the process, a Notice ofDecision detailing this condition will be sent to applicantswho do not hold a relevant qualification.•When a registrant has gained a relevant qualification,they are required to send us a photocopy verified by theirmanager.
  • Post RegistrationTraining and Learning (PRTL)•Each registrant is required to undertake a set amountof post registration training and learning during theirregistration period. The PRTL requirement for workersin Care at Home Services has not yet been set•Registrant must keep a record that the SSSC may askto see•Can take the form of: - Attending workshops and seminars - Shadowing/work experience - Formal training courses
  • Application Fees•The application fee for Workers in a Care at HomeService has not been set.•The fee is non-refundable•The fee is tax deductable information on claiming taxback is in the guidance notes
  • Annual Fees•Annual fee of is due on the anniversary of theregistration date•This fee is also tax deductable•Each registrant must apply to renew their registrationprior to the expiry of registration•Lapsing for non-payment of annual fees and renewals
  • Qualifications CriteriaThe qualification criteria for workers in a Careat Home Service can be found on our websiteat
  • Criteria and Principlesunderpinning qualifications Criteria• Assessment against occupational standards.• Designed to match particular function.• Subject to a recognised and regulated form of external verification. Principles• Integrate observed, assessed practice and learning.• Recognised with a national framework e.g. SCQF.• Knowledge and value base consistent with Code of practice of social service workers.
  • Funding Update 2012Can be downloaded from the SSSC’s website.Visit: information on funding available in 2012-13 forstudents, employees, employers and organisationsdelivering social work, social care and support as well aschildhood practice services in a range of settings.Funding news also in the SSSC’s monthly e Bulletin andSSSC Newsletter.Email to subscribe.
  • £ Funding for learning• Individual Learning Account (ILA)• Part-time fee grant, previously ILA500• Flexible Training Opportunities (FTOs)• Lloyds TSB Foundation, capacity building grants• Voluntary Sector Development Fund 2012–13• Big Lottery Fund, Investing in Ideas• The Robertson Trust, Development• Innovation Voucher Scheme• Third Sector Internship Programme
  • Contact the SSSCThe Scottish Social Services CouncilCompass House11 Riverside DriveDundeeDD1 4NYT: 0845 60 30 891 E: funding details contact Wendy JohnstonT: 01382 207186 E: