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Portfolio Onø Design
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Portfolio Onø Design


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  • 1. PortfolioD E S I G NIndustrIal desIgnProduct develoPmentdesIgn managementBusIness develoPment
  • 2. Burn daylightBockia is chinese manufacturer of new designs introduced Atonled solar lights. october 2009 at the Hong Kong Fill the base with water and placeWith a paradigm change to a International lighting Fair. the solarlamp on any surface.scandinavian design approach, china’s most successful designseye catching design and improved awards honours top internationalfeatures are now offered. designers and enterprises for theirIn corporation with onø design, designs that are most successfulBockia is not only boosting sales, in the chinese market.a Brand is developed and a unique 2010 china’s most successfulmarket position is on it´s way. designs awards Aton and Turnergood design is good Business.Turnercharge during the dayBurn daylight during the night
  • 3. Blowfish Hollistic approach new features and nice appearence do not stand alone. maximizing design for product portfolio, production, assembly and transportation is vital for the prize and succes of the products.MrX RA
  • 4. the challenge was to develop a new designline. We started with the series 500 and 1500 then the Series 1000 and finally the Series 600. the new design changed from beeing traditional and conform to be strict and timeless. TFT Monitor after 4 years of collaboration, the with dvd player marketing manager stated: “Some of your first sketches four years ago is now state-of-artKiss your black box design. If only we have followed your advice, we would now have aIn 2000 I read an article in the much stronger Brand”.newspaper where Kiss technology In 2004 Kiss technology was soldwas mentioned as a danish to linksys which is owned by theproducer of dvd player. american company cisco.I thought the journalist got itwrong and I phoned Kiss.threee days later I wasassigned to develop a designlinefor the new dvd. Plasma TVDP1000 DP500 & DP1500 vod video-on-demand X-Stream DP600
  • 5. Payment terminal designed to resist vandalism i its easier to get ridof your moneyWith a product that is a part ofmore than 2 million danish credit the FLEXI payment terminal fromcards, 737 million transactions and sagem deliver top security, is ucm - controle moduleannual turnover of 36,2 billion euro, userfriendly and will fit any shop- Invisible for the end-user.functionality and ergomics are vital interior and enviroment. the design is however importentfactors for succes. when you from a sales point of models in foam and cardboard is view, want to distinct from the one step towards the final result competitors. and makes communication with the team easier and precise. Payment terminal at the Copenhagen Metro computer aided design shorten the time of development. In this “Integrated unit” it is used to check the requirements of security and ergonomics. securing the investment, Rapid Prototyping is a final step before you go into 0-series and production.
  • 6. Beocom 5000return on Investment Previously ascom calculated with 24 month for development. theIn 1993 I came to ascom, a swiss design team introduced Integratedcompany with more than 12.000 design and we shortend the time Samba this cordless telephone samba isemployees and numerous of development to 12 month. third generation design.products and services. With a team varying from 10-30 the circuits and other componentthe Industrial design group was experts, savings was substantial. was used for swiss telecom,merely 3 people. each one of us I was introduced to the software sinus 51 and Beocom 5000.was responsible for individual Proengineer and worked hard all designs got a IF award.project and the collegues served to integrate cad which reducedas consultants, a brilliant set-up. development from 12 to 9 month and later from 9 to 6 month, truely a great experience.telephones are wonderfull, thepuzzle of engineering, design andmarketing meets in one solution. Sinus 51 like other designs, the model of cordless telephone Xenia, with integrated answering maschine was tested by end-users. to me this was a breakthrough, every detail, small or big, was revealed, appearence, shape, colors, weight, edges and corners. Xenia Xenia was evaluated as best choise cad-cam models in Pom and it won a IF award in 1996.
  • 7. Prisma rain of awards on ascom. answering machine. From 1994 to 1996 ascom achieved 10 IF awards.AvenaIsdn telephone system. delays can be seriously expensive. the project for this Switch dect telephone If the powernet should fail was closed after you have 10 minutes extra power investments of to save the documents on your Pc.Glissando 25 million cHF. ticket vending machine for swisstelephone for deutsche telekom this was before Railroad, SBB. Easy to find at thesuitable for placing at a table as Integrated design train station, logical and quick towell as for mounting on the wall. was introduced. operate, also for wheelchair users. computer aided design shorten Barryvox the time of development, here it is electronic life saving device for a design study for gsm telephone. mountaineering and diving. Human life is dependant on simple and effective user-interface.
  • 8. the best way to extract full aroma from tea leaves, is to prepare it with cold water. this Ice tea Jug do precisely that.all round experienceFrom 1990 to 1993 i was employed at bodum I worked with all theby Bodum in switzerland. crucial factors for realizing a design: styling, tooling, rapid prototyping, modelling, photo- graphy, packaging, state-of-art graphic and 2d cad software, interiors for shops, stands for service designed to be low cost fairs, visual merchanising, and with a simple and functional It was exciting and a great appearence. instructive experience. small details - great effect. By replacing the two narrow, metal-hoops of the handle with a simple idea resulted in the one, only one screw was then reduction of costs of production needed. assembly became far and sale of the bodum coffee- easier, simpler and much faster. maker by 20%! even small cuts in production costs can lead to significant cost savings. Bistro Bistro Nouveau
  • 9. Interior for the reception at the Stands for fairs Danish Bodum office. the design must support the Brand and reflect the quality and design philosphy. autocad 2d drawing and 1:1 scale models was the tools for communi- cation and desicions for all Bodum design. simple and functional cutlery. serie of Storage glasses with lids in wood, plastic and steel. Keep your coffee and tea hot. Rechaud made of glas, steel and function with a tea light. With the water purifier Neptun you can change the content of the filter, which gave competetive and enviromental advan- tages. The filter for Neptun was my first experience withTeafilter rapid Prototyping.sometimes simplicity in design isdifficult to produce. Details andchoise of material is vital to achivethe result wanted. sketch for a scale
  • 10. software skills: Proengineer Photoshop Indesign acrobat dreamweaver D E S I G N corel Painter 3d max MS Officethe Aër chair is an experiment with In 2007 I was contacted by eyeD In 2008 I was hired by eyed asmaterials and a play of appearence. Innovation which offer design senior design manager and re-the outline of the chair is also the and product development and are sponsible for business develop-icon of a chair, which futhermore spezialized in medical devices. ment and export sales.perform the construction. Our first project was a tool forI designed and developed for the easy inserting stents for prostataDuPond Corian stand at the patientsFurniture Fair in stockholm 2007. MC lock which is intended for easy and safe carrying and it is not possible incidently to start the bike when locked. made for a inventive and devoted mc enthusiast. collapsible garden furniture for easy storage. concept for Lister/Sunwood 2002. From 1997 to 2000 I made various concepts for LEGO and PrImo. PrImo is the brand for the youngest children. PRIMOSIC is intended to play and learn from sound and different instruments
  • 11. From 1984 to 1988 I studieddesign at the Danish School ofAtrs, Craft and Design.a wonderfull time with a lot ofexperimenting and learning.this Coffee- and Tea Service ismy final project. teaching and lecturing at the In 1989 I worked for designer In the late 1930´s the founder of Danish Design School from Jochen Hoffmann with design Kircodan had an idea for a Deck- 1997 to 2000 was exciting and it and modelling of furnitures for chair. the grandson contacted me gave me greater insight and ex- Italian company Bonaldo. in 1988 to improve the design and perience with the design process, appearence of the original. guidence and communication. Essey is a start-up company in After finishing the School of Arts, 2004 with only a few products. craft and desígn in copenhagen I served as a design consultant 1988, Spielhoff Design in defining the design philosophy for germany was a nice opportunity future products; You must seeto learn more. I did the modelling the function in the appearence. for these spots for ansorg. We started with the paperbasket BinBin Abson was a reseller company which wanted their own Brand and products 2004. Here a Rack for tools and Tele Switches. sketch for a detail which reduce the number of assemblying parts. Mondena, 2000.1999 i was hired by Alto to design and style a cold- and Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner. I developed a design language tostand out and to compete with the german market leader. Futhermore ergonomics and handling was improved with various innovative solutions.
  • 12. D E S I G Nlundtoftegårdsvej 19, 2. tvdK - 2800 Kgs. lyngbydenmarktel. +45 21 75 67 39mail@onoe-design.dkwww.onoe-design.dk1988 - 2009 © copyright and all rights reserved, onø design