Is managing your business a nightmare


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Is managing your business a nightmare

  1. 1. Let’s put in the missing piece… By: SMESOFT INC.
  2. 2. Agenda or Summary Layout The The Realities Realities The Truth Is “I thought managing a business would be easier.”• The Realities The The Problems Problems Houston we have a problem! “What are your Challenges?”• The Problems The The Solution Solution The Fixes• The Solution “Let’s Solve It, Together We Can.” Why choose eBMS? What Is It?• Why Choose Ebms Why choose eBMS? eBMS? “Automation in Style”• Why Choose SSI Why choose SSI?SSI? Why choose SMESOft Inc. …. A primer “Are we any Better?”• Q&A Q &Q & A A You have Questions? We have Answers. “Questions? Anyone? 
  3. 3. THE REALITIES Almost everyone wants to own a business. After laboriously saving up for some capital over years of being employed, finally you have yours. Small for start maybe• The Realities or maybe inherited from someone, still managing your business is not as always easy.• The Problems• The Solution On top of your job and/or other priorities, understanding the basics of business management plus• Why Choose Ebms the monitoring of every aspects of it becomes a nightmare for many business owners.• Why Choose SSI• Q&A
  4. 4. THE PROBLEMS • Customer Management – customers is the bloodline of every business, unsatisfied customers means dead business. How will you manage them to keep business• The Realities with them? How do you track their buying habits? How do you make them happy? These are just a few of the• The Problems struggles of an average business person.• The Solution • Sales Management – this is your money, this is why you• Why Choose Ebms are in business. Primarily, how do you monitor your sales? How much money are you really earning? How• Why Choose SSI do you understand the sales trending of your business? Sales management when left out, spells disaster for your• Q&A business.
  5. 5. THE PROBLEMS • Product Management – what you provide your customers; this is basically what earns you money. How do you monitor your products? How do you keep track of• The Realities ‘em? These are equally important aspects of an excellent business management.• The Problems • Inventory Management – your business runs with this, supplies inventory to produce your products or products• The Solution inventory itself to support your business. Proper• Why Choose Ebms inventory management is yet another critical part of your business success.• Why Choose SSI • Expense Management – equally important to sales and other business aspects is proper spending. That is why• Q&A expenses should be tracked and never left out incurring unnecessary interests which cuts off your earnings.
  6. 6. THE PROBLEMS • Accounting – balancing all money matters, monitoring receivables (money that should come in), keeping updated with payables (dues that needs to be paid) are just some of the• The Realities tedious items a business owner needs to understand to run the business effectively. On top of these are the standard cash• The Problems flow, income statements, and balance sheets. Not to mention the equity (capital) monitoring which is often left out by many• The Solution business owners leaving them uncertain about how much do their business is really worth.• Why Choose Ebms • Personnel Management – your business will not run• Why Choose SSI without human resources, unless you yourself do everything and we mean everything which is not likely. Keeping personnel• Q&A records alone is often left out by many business owners, timekeeping is another, salaries and cash advance are also oftentimes neglected.
  7. 7. THE PROBLEMS • Doing all these things manually, all at the same time for your business is what makes it a nightmare for neophytes and as well as seasoned business person.• The Realities Worse, it takes much of their time which their family or other business interests would surely appreciate.• The Problems• The Solution• Why Choose Ebms• Why Choose SSI• Q&A
  8. 8. THE SOLUTION Automation is the solution. Automation decreases human involvement and mental requirements in executing repeatable tasks that can be handled by• The Realities properly defined system.• The Problems SMESOFT Inc. have crafted eBMS or Electronic• The Solution Business Management Suite. This system automates the tedious tasks that a business owner would normally do• Why Choose Ebms on a daily basis. The system encapsulates common business management factors into a single system that• Why Choose SSI aids business owners with what is called business intelligence helping them be more proactive and make• Q&A better business decisions based on factual data of their business.
  9. 9. WHY CHOOSE eBMS? eBMS is a product of years of extensive understanding of business concepts tied with technology. It provides graphical representation of business data together with historical and• The Realities forecasting capability at a very affordable offering. Also, the system is fully customizable for peculiar needs of your business• The Problems that comes in an affordable package. Based on your preference, we have various versions• The Solution that will provide you access to your business data either on-site• Why Choose eBMS or off your business site. eBMS will save you valuable time spent on managing• Why Choose SSI and monitoring your business. Time that you can spend for yourself or your family, a vacation or even another business• Q&A venture if you will. As we put it “manage your business in just a click”.
  10. 10. WHY CHOOSE SSI? SSI is SMESoft Inc., a company dedicated to technology needs of Small to Medium Enterprises. As we pioneer this technology innovation for SME’s, we offer product innovation• The Realities for every business category (e.g. retail, services, etc.).S• The Problems SI offers competitive customer support; we always take• The Solution the extra mile to provide support as needed.• Why Choose eBMS We are flexible, we put in mind that every business may have a peculiar need for their business. Thus, we are• Why Choose SSI open to necessary customizations at a very affordable cost.• Q&A
  11. 11. WHY CHOOSE SSI? Our pricing differs us from the competition. Understanding the financial factors of SME’s, we offer cost-effective solutions for your business.• The Realities Your business is the realization of your dream and• The Problems should not be a nightmare for you, working for you and not• The Solution against you. Join our growing number of satisfied clients as they• Why Choose eBMS discover the benefits of technology for their business. You have put in countless hours and efforts savings• Why Choose SSI money, putting up your business, building your market, and now LET’S PUT IN THE MISSING PIECE TO YOUR SUCCESS!• Q&A Visit our website at
  12. 12. For questions, you may contact us at:(02) 545 – 24850918.926.49350917.391.08760933.150.4772or you may visit our websiteor you may send your email at