Recent research in montessori
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Recent research in montessori



The recent researches in Montessori Education. There is always a need to know what is

The recent researches in Montessori Education. There is always a need to know what is



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Recent research in montessori Recent research in montessori Presentation Transcript

    • Education is a “preparation for life”
    • Children learn more by “actual doing”
    • Executive Director of North American Montessori Teachers' Association
    • A Leading implementer of Montessori adolescent projects.
    • 1996: Montessori and Optimal Experience
    • Research: Toward building a
    • comprehensive Education Reform
    • 2005: NAMTA Montessori School
    • Salary Survey
    • An Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Consumer Studies at the University of Utah.
    • His research is focused on adolescent development in the family.
    • 2001 : Montessori Education and Optimal
    • Experience: A framework for New Research
    • 2003 : A comparison of Montessori and
    • traditional middle schools:
    • Motivation, Quality of Experience and
    • Social Context
  • “ Flow” or “optimal experience” is a mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus , full involvement , and success in the process of the activity. It is a positive psychology concept which has been widely referenced across a variety of fields.
    • Montessori adolescents were able to pay “undivided interest” in whatever they do. This is a combination of playfulness and seriousness correspond to the balance between freedom and discipline. The Montessori adolescents have a deep and satisfying community life which increases as they live.
    • The Montessori economy is expanding both tuition fees and salaried. Professional development is limited
    • Montessori schools provide a real-life laboratory for practicing, developing and observing the experiential principles in action.
    • Montessori approach is relevant at this time.
    • Optimal experience theory and Montessori education share the attribute that neither one represents mainstream thinking in the fields of human development and education.
    • Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia
    • Evaluating the social and academic impact of Montessori education.
    • Preschool Children’s Development in Classic Montessori, Supplemented Montessori and Conventional Programs
    • The research was concluded that except for Picture Vocabulary, Classic Montessori Children scored higher and showed significantly larger gains
  • Thank you S Rekha Reddy Vidyanjali Montessori Training Institute Bangalore 08023544891