SRTD @ MENA Technology Transfer Seminar


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SRTD @ MENA Technology Transfer Seminar

  1. 1. Support to Research and Technological Development and Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan (SRTD) MENA Technology Transfer Seminar 11 April 2010 SRTD is an EU funded programme
  2. 2. Project Overview • Funded by EU: €4m over 3 years (2008-2010) • Co-financed by – Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) – Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JE) • Programme Management Office at HCST – 13 staff • Technical Assistance from EU – 2 full-time + short term • Aim: Bridging Science and Business
  3. 3. Bridging Science and Business Commercialisation IPCO Link Intellectual Property Link to EU Commercialisation Office to EU Tech Transfer Tech Transfer SMEs Uni. Research/Uni. Industry Research/ SME/ Uni. Focal Industry Points Link Link Focal points to Jo to Jo SMEs Uni. Science Business
  4. 4. SRTD Project Activities Commercialisation (TTC / IPR) Research Start-ups (Focal Points) (JICs) Grants contracts finance monitoring IT visibility training
  5. 5. Research Focal Points: Universities / RCs University Name Liaison Officer Sector Al al-Bayt University Husam El-Nasser Al-Balqa' Applied University Ghandi Anfoka Al-Hussein Bin Talal University Abdel Rahman Al-Tawaha German Jordanian University Salem Al Agtash Jordan University for Science & Technology Nezar Samarah Mu'tah University Mohammad Abbadi Tafila Technical University Abdallah Mahasneh The Hashemite University Saadi Abdel Jawad University of Jordan Abeer Albawab Yarmouk University Hanan Malkawi Al-Ahliyya Amman University Kenza Mansour Al-Isra Private University Ghanem El Hasawi Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies Mustafa Abu AlShaikh Applied Science Private University Isam abu saleem Jadara University Belal Zaqaibeh Jerash Private University Ahmad Hawamdeh Middle East University for Graduate Studies Nidal Shilbaeh Arab Open University Nidal Mousa Philadelphia University Ayman Issa Princes Sumaya University for Technology Abdullah Zoubi University of Petra Ali Maqousi Zarqa Private University Emad Eddin Abuelrub Irbid Private University Research Centre Name Liaison Officer Sector Jordan Applied University College of Hospitality &Tourism Education Ms. Ghada Ajour Tourism / Humanities Jordan Badia Research and Development Center Ms. Rima Ras Environment Jordan Center for Public Policy Research & Dialogue Dr. Khalid Abu Hdaib Humanities National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension Dr. Muien Qaryouti Environment / KBBE National Energy Research Center Eng. Muhieddin Tawalbeh Energy National Information Technology Center Ms. Laila abu alhaija ICT Natural Resources Authority Dr. Tawfiq Yazjeen Environment / Energy Natural Resources Authority Dr. Walid AbdelHafez Royal Scientific Society Eng. Abeer Arafat Energy
  6. 6. Research Focal Points: SMEs / Incubators SMEs Name Liaison Officer Sector Design Jordan Mr. Sofian Tallal Graphic Designing Jordan Chamber of Industry Anas Khasawneh All Sectors Jordan Chamber of Industry Dr. Zaki Ayoubi - Jordan Company for Monoclonal Antibody Protection (MONOJO) Ms. Iman Hassan Health Optimiza Company Ms. Razan Bashiti Palco Control Eng. Shams Mahmoud ICT, Energy Allied for Chemical Mfg Company Eng. Manar Hamid Health, NMP Terravertis Eng. Haroon Qteishat Environment Ciapple Hussein T. Al-Natsheh ICT Gazelle Dr. Walid Taybeh Agriculture Triumpharma Tariq Saleem Health Smart Earth Solutions Musab T. Al Hour Environment King Hussien Institution for Biotechnology and Cancer Lama Saleh Health KADDB Dr. Bashar El-Khasawneh Energy, ICT, Transport King Hussein Cancer Center Dr. Luna Zaru Health JIC Name Liaison Officer Sector JIC at Al Hassan Industrial Esate Sharaf Obidat JIC at Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II Industrial Estate Eng. Ohoud Al Dmour JIC at the Philadelphia University Eng. Talal Ghaleb Al Jazi Agroindustries Business Incubator (Jordan Uni) Dr. Ayed Amro (Director) Environment / KBBE Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women Ms.Rania Al Khatib (Director) General iPark Technology Incubator Dr. Wissam Al Rabadi ICT The JIC for Engineers & Industrial Enterprises at the RSS Eng. Nizar Halasah
  7. 7. Start-ups Jordan Innovation Centres • Jordan Innovation Centres (incubators) – RSS – Engineering – University of Jordan – Agro-Industry – iPARK - ICT – Al Urdinia Lil Ebda (Irbid and Karak) – ICT + other – Philadelphia University – engineering – Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women - mixed • JIC process based on European model – • JIC Network managed by Jordan Enterprise • 60 days of consultancy support to incubatees
  8. 8. Grants – Supporting Individuals Call Start-up: Start-up: Research: Research: Proposals received Grants awarded Proposals received Grants awarded 1 24 8 40 19 2 16 5 24 4 3 13 5 18 2 4 17 4 10 1 5 41 8 32 4 Total 111 30 124 30 • Each grant: • a maximum of JD15,000 in total • a maximum of 80% of the project value • a maximum of €10,000 from EU • balance from HCST and Jordan Enterprise
  9. 9. Commercialisation • Support a National Technology Transfer Programme that brings in all existing players • Define a Steering Committee of organisations from research and industry • Support the establishment of an Intellectual Property Commercialisation Office (IPCO) • Support the establishment of a network of Technology Transfer Branch Offices (TTBO) across Jordan in universities, research centres and business-oriented organisations
  10. 10. Organisation Structure Steering Committee Intellectual Property Commercialisation Office (hosted at the El Hassan Science City) Including common support activities Jordan Jerash JUST JEDCO AULE JIEC Uni Uni Yarmouk Mut’ah NCARE ACI KADDB Uni Uni TTBO network
  11. 11. The Steering Committee (TBC) El Hassan Science City JEDCO JIEC ACI - HSCT, RSS • Hosting IPCO • Industrial • Access to • Access to policy real real • National research policy SMEs SMEs • Commer- • Research funding with real with real cialisation needs needs • Overall research guidance support via JIC • TTBO • TTBO • Support with TT policy Network • Support with legal work etc • TTBO Supply Enabling Demand
  12. 12. IPCO • Responsible for: – TT policy development – Identifying TTBOs and agreeing their participation – Signing MOUs with TTBO hosts (initially also with SRTD) – Hiring TTBO staff in conjunction with host – Organisation of funding for commercialisation process – Managing common commercialisation support activities • Reports to Steering Committee: – For policy approval – On TT progress
  13. 13. TT Branch Offices • Allocate (full-time) staff member to work within the host community based on whether coming from research or business • Research Oriented TTBO • Business Oriented TTBO – Understand research activity – Understand business activity within TTBO’s area within TTBO’s area – Work with Researchers to – Work with SMEs to define understand the research weaknesses where R&D may activity – define the SUPPLY help – define the DEMAND side side – Liaise with IPCO to identify – Liaise with IPCO to identify SMEs where existing research research activities relevant to could add value the demand • Jointly with IPCO, arrange for researchers to meet businesses and negotiate activities that could lead to application of the research
  14. 14. Activities • Throughout 2010 SRTD is supporting the new TT Officers through: – Up to 8 weeks of training in Jordan by European experts – One week of internship in Europe visiting successful technology transfer offices in a variety of environments – Presence at relevant conferences and workshops eg ASTP in May – Continuous support from SRTD and IPCO staff during the initial stages of commercialisation
  15. 15. Thank you SRTD is an EU funded programme