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  1. 1. THAILANDBy:The Ferntastic Coffee
  2. 2. Population• Thailand’s population is about 61.5 million people which consists of mainly Buddists,Islam and Christians.A tiny but influential community of Sikhs in Thailand and some Hindus also live in the countrys cities, and are heavily engaged in retail commerce. There is also a small Jewish community in Thailand, dating back to the 17th century.
  3. 3. Flag• The flag of Thailand shows five horizontal stripes in the colours red, white, blue, white and red, with the middle blue stripe being twice as wide as each of the other four. The colours are said to stand for nation-religion- king, an unofficial motto of Thailand,red for the land and people, white for Theravada Buddhism and blue for the monarchy, as having been the auspicious colour of King Rama VI.
  4. 4. LanguageThai is the national and official language ofThailand and the native language of the Thaipeople, Thailands dominant ethnic group.Thaiis spoken in many parts of the world such asUSA,Canada,Cambodia and France.Here aresome Thai words translated to English.
  5. 5. Translations in Thai• :boy• :coffee• :lazy• :fern• :Pakistani
  6. 6. CuisineThai cuisine is famous for the blending of fourfundamental tastes:sweet,spicy,sour and salty.Most of the dishes in Thai cuisine try tocombine most, if not all, of these tastes. It isaccomplished by using a host of herbs, spicesand fruit, including: chilli, galangal, garlic, limeleaves, basil, sweetbasil, lime, lemongrass, coriander, pepper, turmeric, and shallot.
  7. 7. Sports• The most popular team sport in Thailand is football. Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is probably the most popular spectator sport in Thailand. The other main indigenous sport is takraw, which is similar to volleyball, but played with their feet and a light rattan ball. There is a Swan Boat circuit where the villages field teams compete. The international invitational race is usually in November.
  8. 8. Tourist Attractions Thailand offers a great variety of attractions. Theseinclude diving sites, sandy beaches, hundreds oftropical islands, varied night-life, archaeologicalsites, museums, hill tribes, exceptional flora and birdlife, palaces, a huge amount of Buddhist temples andseveral World Heritage sites. Many tourists followcourses during their stay in Thailand. Popular areclasses in Thai cooking, Buddhism and traditionalThai massage.
  9. 9. Tourist AttractionsOnly the most austere ascetics can resist shopping when inThailand. Bangkok is renowned for its main shopping mallsdown town, offering an astounding variety of internationaland local brands. Towards the north of the city, and easilyreached by skytrain or underground, is "ChatuchakWeekend Market". It is possibly the largest market in theworld, selling everything from household items to live, andsometimes endangered,animals. The "Pratuna Market"downtown, is nearly totally specialised in fabrics andclothing. The night markets in the Silom area and onKhaosan Road are mainly tourist orientated, selling itemssuch as T-shirts, handicrafts, counterfeit watches andsunglasses.
  10. 10. Thailand’s national animal Deeply rooted in Thai culture, elephant training has traditionallybeen a familial heritage passed down through the generations.Before 1989, most domestic elephants were used for loggingbusiness and forest service to haul logs up mountains. This becameillegal as widespread destruction of Thailands forests resulted inworsening monsoons. Unlike the elephant populations of India andAfrica, 95% of Thailands elephants are domesticated workingelephants and privately owned. Today most work for mahouts is inthe tourist business, since elephant rides are popular amongtravellers to Thailand. In Thailand, tame elephants are regarded as a type of livestock andare not covered under Thailands Conservation Act of 1992. Iflegally owned, there is minimal protection or welfare for themunder Thai law.
  11. 11. Thank You