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Southern River College

  1. 1. About us! • Hello! • Our names are Bree and Caitlin. • We have made this slideshow for you about our school and our country! • We are both in year 10. • Caitlin – Sports – Motorbike riding – Swimming – Beach • Bree – Enjoys the outdoors. – Travelling – Sports – Entertainment – Motorbike Riding – Beach
  2. 2. Uniform • Our uniform is very casual! • Boys usually just wear shorts, a shirt and in winter a jacket and some guys wear hoodies. • Girls usually wear either a shirt or blouse and pants or skirt and in winter either a jacket or hoodie. • We have a special phys ed uniform that we must change into before classes and out of after classes. • If you do not wear uniform to school you get a Blue Slip.
  3. 3. Behaviour • The behaviour at SRC is average. • If you miss behave in class, you get either: – A Blue Slip – Detention – Isolation – Sent either to the front office or another classroom A blue slip is a sort of slip you get when you be bad in class or not wear uniform or do not participate in certain group activities or just don’t do what your told. We also have a Good Standing Policy. If you keep your good standing up, at the end of each term, the teachers organise a rewards day. That’s a day where all students go out for the day and do a fun activity. Homework • We get homework every now and again depending on what subject we have. • We only usually get homework if we don’t finish the work in class.
  4. 4. Classes • We start at school at 8.45am every Monday to Friday. • Our first class starts at 9.00am and goes for 65 minutes. • Each class goes for 65 minutes. • We have 2 classes and then recess break and then another 2 classes and then our lunch break and then 1 class and then the end of the day. • We also have option classes. That is when we can choose what we want to do as extra classes. They include: Outdoor Education – Snorkelling, Canoeing, Orienteering etc… Dance Music Sports and Games Cooking Woodwork + Metalwork Childcare • We finish school at 3.00pm each day except Wednesdays. • Every Wednesday we finish at 2.30pm because of some reason! Classes on Wednesday are short, they go for an hour. We basically get 5 minutes off each class!
  5. 5. Flags Australian Flag Western Australian Flag
  6. 6. Australia • Australia is famous for a lot of things!! » Eyres Rock (Uluru) » Vegemite » Meat Pies » Heath Ledger » Nicole Kidman » Football (AFL) » The Beaches (Surfing) » Cricket » Coral Reef » Tourism Destinations » Hugh Jackman » Jessica Mauboy » Kangaroos » Ned Kelly » Beer » Olympic Games (Sydney 2000) » Gold » Iron Ore
  7. 7. Perth • Perth is where we live!
  8. 8. Popular Places in Perth • There are a lot of popular places here in Perth! • They include: » Westfield Carousel (Big named Shopping Centre) » Subiaco Oval ( Concerts, Sports Events) » Ferris Wheel » Convention Centre ( Fundraisers, Shows, Exhibitions) » Perth City ( Shopping) » Adventure World ( Water/Amusement Park) » Perth Zoo » Rottenest Island (Just off the Coast of Fremantle) » SciTech » Kings Park » Aqua (Underwater World) » Perth Mint (Gold Factory) » Perth Observatory (You can see the stars!) » Museums
  9. 9. Photos of Southern River College