2014: The Year of Dell™ Spotlight™ on SQL Server Enterprise


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2014: The Year of Dell™ Spotlight™ on SQL Server Enterprise

  1. 1. 2014: The Year of Dell™ Spotlight™ on SQL Server Enterprise
  2. 2. Intro It’s that time again – a fresh start to a new year. It’s an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and figure out ways to do things better, faster and smarter. Spotlight™ on SQL Server provides in-depth physical, cloud and virtual SQL diagnostics. DBAs get a full overview on enterprise health and performance, along with automated alerts and actions. Best of all, Spotlight supports the mobile DBA, allowing you to monitor your environment anywhere, anytime on your mobile device with the free Spotlight mobile tool. So pull out a pen and start your New Year’s Resolutions list. We’re pretty confident that Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise will make its way into your future plans. Happy 2014! 2 Room for text Global Marketing
  3. 3. Resolution #1: Spend More Time At Home or Away Go Mobile Monitor your environment anywhere, anytime on your mobile device with the free Spotlight mobile tool. If you get a non critical alarm on your mobile device in the middle of the game – just snooze it! When you get back to the office use the Spotlight Playback feature to reconstitute all of your dashboards and diagnostic drill downs exactly as they were when the issue occurred. Now you can solve problems on your own terms and on your own schedule. 3 Room for text Global Marketing
  4. 4. Resolution #2: Watch My Health Free Spotlight Health Check Tool Gain insight into the health of your SQL Server environment with the free Health Check tool and compare your experience with other users. 4 Room for text Global Marketing
  5. 5. Resolution #3: Get My Priorities Right! Where Do I Start with Hundreds of Instances to Manage? Use the Heatmap to hone in on the most critical issues at a glance. Use the free performance analysis tools in SpotlightEssentials.com to monitor performance trends and focus on the instances that most need your help. Use the Spotlight™ Essentials tool to start with the highest priority health issues. 5 Room for text Global Marketing
  6. 6. Resolution #4: Add More Value Spend Your Time on High Value-add Activity Spend less time writing and maintaining low value-add monitoring and diagnostics scripts. Let Spotlight do it for you; along with the ability to customize to your heart’s content, you’ll receive: • Over 50 standard metrics being monitored • Diagnostic drilldowns to focus on any troubleshooting challenge • Nearly 30 out of box reports • All the performance data you could wish for 6 Room for text Global Marketing
  7. 7. Resolution #5: Stop Worrying High-Availability Support Limit the risk by using SQL Server’s most advanced high-availability features with the reassurance that Spotlight is monitoring it 24/7 to make sure it is ready to react in a heartbeat to any of life’s little disasters. Spotlight monitors SQL Server clusters, replication, database mirroring and log-shipping activities and environments with dedicated dashboards to make it easy. LiteSpeed for SQL Server Integration Dell Spotlight® now integrates with the Dell LiteSpeed backup and recovery tool, watching over lightening fast backups with smaller storage requirements. . 7 Room for text Global Marketing
  8. 8. Resolution #6: Respond Faster Diagnostics Drilldowns Use the prioritization tools to zero-in on critical instances as they occur. Use Spotlight’s home page to find the problem area. By your third click, you are using Spotlight’s Diagnostic Drilldowns customized to best solve the specific type of problem in hand. 8 Room for text Global Marketing
  9. 9. Resolution #7: Work on Your Terms Spotlight Customization You can build a monitoring infrastructure that best reflects any particular infrastructure and needs. Add custom-counters to monitor your own specific checks and balances. Customize thresholds for any counter alert to a level that makes most sense for you. Define customized actions that go way beyond just sending an email – use Powershell scripts to instantly solve known issues. 9 Room for text Global Marketing
  10. 10. Resolution #8: Tell Your Boss How Good You Are Use “Manager Friendly” Communication Tools Give your boss access to the browser based heat map to show how the red boxes are going green over time. Use the Spotlight® Essentials Health Check to show how your health is improving. Use Spotlight Essentials Performance trends to show how you are improving and how you benchmark against your peers. 10 Room for text Global Marketing
  11. 11. Resolution #9: Get Fit! Get the Fitness Check and put the plan in place Identify problems before they occur within Spotlight and Spotlight Essentials. Benchmark and investigate indexing strategies through integration with SQL Optimizer for SQL Server (comes with Spotlight on SQL Server Xpert Edition.) 11 Room for text Global Marketing
  12. 12. Resolution #10: Learn From Your Friends Leverage the Collective Intelligence of Thousands of Instances Take the subjectivity out of the conversation on Spotlight Essentials by ranking the performance of your instance against the billions of statistics collected across the community. Participate in our SQL Server community of 3M database professionals across all platforms and with SQL Server MVPs to solve your problems. 12 Room for text Global Marketing