Understanding and Implementing Governance for SharePoint 2010 by Bill English - SPTechCon


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Monday, March 4

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Understanding and Implementing Governance for SharePoint 2010 by Bill English - SPTechCon

  1. 1. Everybody Talks About It. Few Understand it.GOVERNANCE
  2. 2. We will start a 12Noon CST. You will not hear audio until a few minutesbefore we start.WELCOME!GOVERNANCE, RISK &COMPLIANCEMINDSHARP
  3. 3. About the Speaker Bill English, MVP  11 years as a SharePoint Server MVP  Author on 14 books (whew!)  Co-Owner of Mindsharp and the Best Practices Conference  Blog: sharepoint.mindsharpblogs.com/bill  Twitter: @minnesotabill  LinkedIn: Bill English  Email: bill@mindsharp.com  Current Position: CEO of Mindsharp  Hometown: Maple Grove, MN  Latitude: 45.129793; Longitude: -93.47391
  4. 4. Who is Mindsharp? Training Best Practices Industry ConferencesLeadership
  5. 5. What is Minnesota Known For?
  6. 6. July 6-12…
  7. 7. Let’s Define GovernanceDilbert is a great place to start!
  8. 8. What is “Governance”?Literature Review“the allocation of power among the board,management, and shareholders”Steinberg, Richard M. (2011-06-28). Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance: ItCant Happen to Us--Avoiding Corporate Disaster While Driving Success (p. 2). John Wileyand Sons.“We define corporate governance as the collectionof control mechanisms that an organizationadopts to prevent or dissuade potentially self-interested managers from engaging in activitiesdetrimental to the welfare of shareholders andstakeholders”Larcker, David; Tayan, Brian (2011-04-14). Corporate Governance Matters: ACloser Look at Organizational Choices and Their Consequences (KindleLocations 295-297). Pearson Education (US).
  9. 9. What is “Governance”?“Corporate governance involves a set ofrelationships between a company’s management,its board, its shareholders and other stakeholders .Corporate governance also provides the structurethrough which the objectives of the company areset, and the means of attaining those objectivesand monitoring performance aredetermined So…corporate governance isrelational…a means of monitoring performancetoward defined objectives…” - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  10. 10. What is Governance?“the system by which companies are directed andcontrolled" - Cadbury Committee, 1992“the framework by which the various stake-holderinterests are balanced” - Applied Corporate Governance“The relationships among the management, Boardof Directors, controlling shareholders, minorityshareholders and other stakeholders“ - International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group
  11. 11. What you mean by the word “Governance” and what senior corporateleadership means are two different things. Most of what the SharePointcommunity calls “Governance” should rightly be called “Management”.THESIS #1
  12. 12. Common ThemesWhat are the Common Themes in these definitions?
  13. 13. Common Themes Allocation of power Control mechanisms Set of relationships Context of attaining specific goals Balance competing interests between interested groups
  14. 14. ComparisonsCommon Themes… …Translate into: Allocation of power  Enforcement & Control mechanisms administrative functions Set of relationships  Surface collaboration relationships Context of attaining specific goals  Everyone must be working toward the same goals Balance competing interests between  Self interest is balanced interested groups with global interests
  15. 15. Why Do We Need Governance?It might seem obvious….but….let’s humorourselves…
  16. 16. Agency Costs & SharePointAgency Costs SharePoint separation exists between the  Separation exists between ownership of a company and ownership of information its management and process and the self-interested executives management of the have the opportunity to take information & process actions that benefit  Self-interested users themselves, with shareholders and manage information & stakeholders bearing the cost process to benefit of these actions. themselves to the detriment of the company
  17. 17. Governance, Risk &Compliance
  18. 18. Governance Bridges Risk andComplianceRisk Compliance Self-interested behavior that  Enforce compliance with injures the company governance standards Lack of regulatory compliance  Enforce industry & Lack of e-discovery government regulations preparedness  Build out e-discovery Lack of information process and policies architecture, design or  Build out information process architecture, design and Lack of putability & findability tools process
  19. 19. Who is affected by poor GRC? Shareholders Employees Management Vendors Contractors Partners Community Creditors Customer Not everyone’s interest is the same – Good GRC balances competing interests
  20. 20. Governance must be connectedto risk and compliance Compliance GovernanceRisk • What is the risk • What do we • Set of policies, if certain need to do to process and actions are ensure right procedures to taken or not actions are ensure taken? taken? recommended actions are followed
  21. 21. Most governance implementations that fail are due to a lack ofidentified risk factors and compliance demandsTHESIS #2
  22. 22. Business Model Dysfunction
  23. 23. Business Reference Architecture
  24. 24. Business Model The business model specifies how management expects to create long-term value for the company stakeholders It is the board’s responsibility to test and evaluate the business model
  25. 25. What Happens When? Lack of Core Values?  Standards of conduct are not enforced  Culture of accountability will be missing Lack of long-term vision?  Short-term plans change more easily  Short-term plans are disconnected from each other  People process lacks definition of the type of leaders the company will need
  26. 26. What Happens When? Short-term mission plan is missing or inadequately communicated or explained?  Departments reinterpret strategic plan in their own terms  Lack of non-financial metrics  Lack of quality performance appraisals – if they are done at all  ADD Leadership
  27. 27. SharePoint May Surface Gaps Turf issues between IT teams may be an indication of a lack of cohesion in either short- or long-term plans Disconnected point solutions may indicate lack of common goals at multiple layers in the organization Lack of CEO support may be normal or not
  28. 28. SharePoint is a Business Operations Platform. Due to SharePoint’s highvisibility, “touch and feel”, an implementation of this product willsurface gaps in the organization’s business model and/or culture, but theproblems surfaced will be seen as technology problems, not businessproblems.THESIS #3
  29. 29. Corporate governance is now an establishedinvestment criterion:How does corporate governance affect your investment decision?“Our investment group would never approve an investment in a company with badgovernance” U.S. investment manager, USD 20 billion private equity fund"Good governance" is a qualitative cut-off criterion" – Analyst, USD 62 bn, European Asset Manager“I simply would not buy a company with poor corporate governance" – CFO, USD 3 bn, European Private BankSource: McKinsey Global Investor Opinion Survey on Corporate Governance, 2002
  30. 30. Resources http://www.nacdonline.org/index.cfm http://blog.nacdonline.org/category/corporat e-governance/ http://www.ehow.com/list_6806985_corpora te-governance-associations.html www.ifc.org www.applied-corporate-governance.com http://www.issgovernance.com/ http://www.mckinsey.com/
  31. 31.  Classeval.mindsharp.com
  32. 32. QUESTIONS