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Sponsored Session: Driving the business case and user adoption for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 by Joe Giegerich - SPTechCon
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Sponsored Session: Driving the business case and user adoption for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 by Joe Giegerich - SPTechCon


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Sponsored Session: …

Sponsored Session:

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  • Process automation is a stand out in making the business case for SP’s development and investment. Clear ROI can be determined in streaming processes and the ability to capture task duration and bottle knecks are also clear and easy to make the case for the value of adoption through forensic analysisForms automation to remove paper driven tasksUnify process across depts. Visibility and reporting of task duration
  • BI for everyoneBI, most importantly for the CXO’s . This both drives the business and adoption, who are obviously key to long term success and continued development
  • As part of planning and taxonomy, the development of formal content types allows organizations to truly mange content. Of major business concerns is retention/destruction policies. Without establishing content types, this feature simply doesn’t work and when done right, greatly increases the value of search. In terms of the business case, the establishment of content management offers some key benefits:Destruction policies protect the business from e-discovery and other regulatory investigations by limiting the reach of these inquiries to ONLY to the strictest retention periodsSearch, increasingly the number one way people find information. With out proper content management polices and definitions in place, refiners and the ability to sift through content is hamstringedIn this screenshot, you see the left hand navigation is dynamically provided by the metadata contained in the documents. By categorizing documents you automatically create the navigation map.New In 2013Versions create delta’s, not full binaries
  • With the Term Store you can set up the list of managed terms (metadata) for your organization. Users can pick terms from a list when categorizing documents. Users can type ahead to move quickly through the list of terms. Using managed metadata keeps terms consistent, eliminating misspellings and slight variations (such as “Microsoft” and “Microsoft Corp”).
  • New In 2013You will be able to drag and drop files from your desktop into a 2013 document library, making uploading smoother, quicker and easier.
  • Jumping ahead slightly, but tying back to my comments as to the six pillars – the sum of the parts greater then the whole and the need to plan – Content management also ties back to Governance and Security. With the establishment of formal CMS/content types we can accomplish the above and continue to drive the business case for SP’s adoption and greater deployment and useHere we see some screen shots from SharePoint 2013. New Features include:Setting retention policies for an entire siteProject closure/expirationeDiscovery – Portal for conducting searches, place holds, export content
  • General value propositions, quick bullet summaryNintex- is the world's leading SharePoint workflow company and delivers innovative software and cloud services that empower organizations to automate business processes, quickly and easily.BrightWork- enables any organization to instantly deploy an affordable amount of project, portfolio and everyday work management, delivering immediate visibility and control.KnowledgeLake- is the market leader in Microsoft SharePoint ECM products and solutions. KnowledgeLake is a three-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner and is recognized as the founder of the SharePoint document imaging marketplace in 2003IGC- provides high quality viewing, annotation, redaction and publishing software.Intelledox- Infiniti™ is a sophisticated rules engine for managing data input (e-forms), data transformation (xml rules engine) and data output (documents, PDF, emails, data, XML).Infiniti is used by over 300 organizations around the world for document generation, business process improvements (BPM), e-forms and customer-centric engagement. CADtoWIN- extends the Microsoft® SharePoint® functionality inside of AutoCAD® by supporting common file operations like open, save and much more to SharePoint web sites in intranet or cloud environments. Colligo- is your complete solution for mobile collaboration and email management in SharePoint via Outlook, Increase productivity, streamline collaboration and improve complianceAxceler- enforces SharePoint governance with ease, both on premise and in the cloud — including SharePoint Online for Office 365 and 2013,Enable better collaboration with dashboards that show you what you need, the way you want to see it,Knock down the admin obstacles that block SharePoint's value,Drive up end-user adoption; drive down the demand on your support teamMetalogix- provides innovative content lifecycle management solutions to optimize SharePoint content and is an industry standard for upgrading, consolidating, reorganizing or transforming SharePoint environments, whether on-premises or in the Cloud.FpWeb- SharePoint Hosting products are designed to provide a world-class, managed SharePoint infrastructure that is backed by over a decade of SharePoint hosting experience and expertise. SharePoint Server 2013 boasts dramatic improvements to Web Content Management (WCM), Enterprise Social Collaboration, Mobile Device Optimization, Modern User Experiences, andIncreased Scalability.HiSoftware’s- content-aware compliance and security suite,complement the platform’s powerful content publishing and collaboration features by continuously auditing data and documents for compliance requirements such as privacy, information security, accessibility, site quality and brand integrity. Newsgator- delivers a full-featured, trusted social networking solution at enterprise scale with successful deployments to over four million paid users. We’re also the fastest path to social on SharePoint 2013.Webtrends- unified analytics dashboard that shows you customer activity across every digital channel,justify the ROI of digital investments, get measurable data, and the ability to analyze it in a way that helps you create great experiences for customers in your digital channels.
  • A very common issue over the last few years that manifests routinely is the topic of governance. As SP is proposed and adopted a major concern that comes to the fore is the topic of Governance and Security. An essential part of the planning process is to establish governance and security polices out of the gate. SP sometimes has the reputation of being unmanageable and will grow out of control. One the key benefits of the platform is self service, but that quality isn’t a negative and doesn't have to become a problem if governance and security is addressed up front What should be managed is:Information ArchitectureIT Service hosting SharePoint ServerCustomizationsBrandingTrainingSecurity Another aspect of information management is who has access to content – how are you making the content available internally and externally and to whom? Be sure to consider access to content when you design a solution and sites. This overlaps with IT Governance as you consider the entire environment. Ask the following questions:Permissions and Audiences How do I structure permissions in a site? How do I target content to specific audiences?AccessHow do I make this content accessible to internal users?How do I make this content accessible to external users
  • Applying permissions has been streamlined and made easier for the end-user.Here the user can set the permission level (read, edit, delete, etc) and require a user sign-in right from the document menu.Sharing documents is easier than ever before. You can provide external partners and vendors secure access to SharePoint sites or documents without violating the data governance and protection policies set by IT.You can enforce sign-in and set permissions at the document or site level to ensure you can work togehter with anyone securely.
  • Another benefit of this committee, is now you have a wider audience to vet priorities, build buy in and make the case for SP’s use throughout the organization.
  • Example: Product Manager
  • Example: Product ManagerInformation architecture in SharePoint Server is the organization of information in an enterprise — its documents, lists, Web sites, and Web pages — to maximize the information’s usability and manageability. The following factors contribute to the successful implementation of information architecture:How easy it is to find informationHow information is stored and retrievedHow users navigate to informationHow redundant or overlapping information isWhat metadata is available for each type of informationWhat templates are used for creating informationHow well the information architecture is governedHow My Sites fit into the information architecture
  • The Home page can make or break adoption and is the first place usabilityA well theme home page with useful elements for the whole company will drive adoption
  • The Home page can make or break adoption and is the first place usabilityA well themed home page with useful elements for the whole company will drive adoptionOn the right - we have an example of a simple customization we roll out that makes the OOTB calendar appear and work like a traditional date planner with up coming events highlighted and “clickable” This makes it easy for company wide events to roll up and be easily accessed by the whole company.
  • Site design & branding using the technologies web developers already know & love (HTML, CSS, JS) – using their preferred design tools.Variations & Content TranslationSearch Engine OptimizationCross Site PublishingVideo & EmbeddingImage renditionsClean UrlsMetadata navigation
  • Team sites have a built an intuitive wizard to guide you through setting permissions, inviting people, creating lists and libraries and adding a custom theme to your site. Through tight integration with OneNote they’re also introducing team notebooks to help capture and track team meeting notes.Mobile Device support for BITouch-based data exploration and visualization capabilities in a browser on iOS, Android and Microsoft platformsExcel Services 2013PerformancePoint 2013Reporting Service 2012
  • New 2013New Search architecture with one unified searchPersonalized search results based on search historyRich contextual previewsHTML 5 for previewing documents and the ability to thumb through a document. Earlier search previews were too small and difficult to work with, A real and usable search preview is huge for making end users happyRefiners - Note interactive Graphical Refiner (left, bottom) “Modified” showing time periods with greatest # of results. You can click on one of the bars, or move the sliders to narrow the timeframe of results. Much more intuitive, flexible, easier and faster to get the results you want.Thumbnail PreviewsThe new Office Web Apps is the engine for thumbnail previews in SharePoint 15The BIG WIN HERE – you can now browse through the entire document in the previewSee all pages, see animations, zoom in, scroll through the entire documentThe point of this is to allow users to find the exact item they’re looking for right in search results – no more clicking a result, hitting the back button, and on and on until they find the one they’re looking forIt also addresses the two major shortcomings of thumbnails in SharePoint 2010: It could only be used with FAST SearchIt did NOT work with claims authentication Since there’s only one search engine in SharePoint 15 you get document previews out of the boxIn a different twist, previews only work with claims authentication – it will not work with classic Windows authentication
  • Train the trainerUse videosGet rid of the out of the box help and replace with your own customIf folks don’t know how to use the solution and can refer to help easily, adoption will simply be crushed
  • The unification of LOB’s both drives adoption and makes for a compelling business case for SP’s adoption.This is accomplished in a number of ways.BCS can introduce valuable metadata that is an authoritative single version of the truth, feeding lists and forms throughout your IntranetWeb services can further create interoperability to create and manage data between SP and other systemsInstitutions typically have a myriad of legacy applications which, while the maintain valuable historical data and business logic present usability challengesUI is old and deprecatedEnd users have to enter data into multiple input pointsApplications can be resurfaced and even more, have data point UI’s unified so that single entry point can feed any number of backend systemsAs part of your planning efforts and as an ongoing strategy, SP represents a platform to develop and obsolesce the myriad of ASP applications that litter the enterprise
  • Three day work shop
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presented by: Joe Giegerich Managing Partner
    • 2. • About Gig Werks • Six Pillars of SharePoint • Evaluating the business needs and priorities • Governance and security • Driving adoption • Bringing together disparate line of business systems • Q&
    • 3. • Company began in 2002 • Gold Partner Since 2002 • Field managed since 2004 • Microsoft Best Partner in 2010, 2011, 2012 • Various other Microsoft Awards and Tech Forum Award Winner 2008 • Invited into the Partner Evidence Program for SharePoint 2010 & 2013 • Market Focus • From 100 seats to 150,000 • Headquartered in New York, with clients across the United
    • 4. The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the
    • 5. • Invest in formal planning upfront • Roadmap • Long term goals • Short terms goals • Use Case Development • Interview key stakeholders and SME’s • Develop stories, agnostic of technology • Taxonomy and Information Architecture • Due diligence research on potential ISV’s • ROI and performance impact evaluation • Focus on three key areas of SP’s ability • Process automation • Business • Content Management
    • 6.
    • 7.
    • 8. • Content
    • 9. • Content
    • 10. • Content
    • 11. Site-level retention policies Compliance levels extended to sites Policies include: Retention policy for sites and Team Mailbox associated with site Project closure and expiration policy Discovery Center Designed for managing discovery cases and holds Establishes a portal through which you can access discovery cases to conduct searches, place content on hold, and export
    • 12. ECM Search Tech Technology Solutions Business Business SolutionsBPIO Search Solutions SolutionsECM Interop Document Taxonomy Backup & Restore Security Application Dev. Construction &•OpenText Assembly Management •AvePoint •Trend Micro •Corasworks Engineering•EMC-Documentum •Business Integrity •Concept Searching •CommVault •Symantec •Bamboo •AutoDesk•IBM-FileNet •Xinnovation •Interse •Symantec – Veritas •Bentley•Oracle-Stellent •Content •SchemaLogic Translation eLearning •Dassualt•SAP Technologies •Synaptica •PTC Services •IntraLearn •MarkLogic •UGS Replication •Idiom •IceFire CRMRecords Mgmt Physical Records Query •NSI Enhancements •Syntergy •Relavis Manufacturing•HP-Trim Mgmt •Infonic (iOra) Accessibility •Portrait Software Visibility•CA •BA-Insight •OmniRim•Unique World •Sinequa •Repli-web •HiSoftware •Invensys •Iron Mountain •Q-Go •Neverfail HR •Epicor •Productiv •Expert System •Nakisa •OSIsoftTransactional Governance •ICONICSContent Mgt. Administration •Workshare Content Migration•KnowledgeLake •Quest •Mimosa Project •Casahl Multimedia•Informative •echoTechnology •CA •Tzunami •Coveo Management Healthcare Graphics •Data Assist •Securent •Metalogix •Broadpeak Corporation •Quest •ClusterSeven •BrightWork Offline (IGC) BDC Connectors •Colligo Event/Response•BlueThread •BA-Insight •Infonic (iOra) WAN Optimization Legal Management•Hyland •Handshake •Digi-Link •BlueCoat •XMLAW Archiving Software •E-Sponder•Image SourceDigital Asset (Packeteer) •Workshare•Clearview •Commvault •ESRIManagement •Cisco •EMC-Centera Workflow •Certeon•Telestream •Hitachi Data•Artesia Systems Protocol Handlers •Nintex •Citrix Utilities Real Estate•Equilibrium •Syntergy •Network Appliance •Vorsite •Flexnova •Accruent •Allen Systems •HandshakeForms •Mimosa Software Retail FinServ•Tec-IT •xmLaw Mobile •Red Prairie •Portrait Software•Kayentis Social Computing •Formotus •Cactus Commerce •FiServ•Texcel •NewsGator •TrueContext •RPM Car •Telligent •Wincor Nixdorf iFilters •ConnectBeam •Transpara Contract MgmtLOB Integration •Citeknet •Atlassian •C-Lutions•Sitrion (SAP) •IFilterShop •Corridor Consulting•ERP-Link
    • 13.
    • 14. • Information Management • Who Should Determine Governance? • What Should be Governed? • Governing Information Architecture • Goals and Implementation • Governing Content • Rules and Policies • Governing Information Access • The Governance Team •
    • 15.
    • 16. • Executive Stakeholders • Information Architects or • Financial Stakeholders Taxonomists • IT Leaders • Development Leaders • Business Division Leaders • Information Workers • Compliance Officers •
    • 17. Ask the following questions: • Permissions and Audiences • How do I structure permissions in a site? • How do I target content to specific audiences? • Access • How do I make this content accessible to internal users? • How do I make this content accessible to external users?
    • 18. Important Governance doesnt work without user adoption and compliance. End-user training and education, in addition to good content and search, is key to user
    • 19. Information Architecture organizes information to maximize usability and manageability. IA helps… • Make information easier to find • Users navigate to information intuitively • Users store and retrieve information conveniently • Eliminate redundant information • Categorize information with metadata • Create content quickly with templates • Govern information securely and
    • 20. • Usability • Home Page • Something for everyone • Dept. Sites • Something for CXO’s • Search • Templates • Employee Training • Administrative • End
    • 21.
    • 22.
    • 23.
    • 24.
    • 25. • Train the trainer • Use videos • Get rid of the out of the box help and replace with your own custom • Training should be on going and is an essential component of your governance
    • 26. • Single point of entry for users in the enterprise • Resurfacing existing legacy application • Ending the silos of ASP
    • 27. black and white solutions for a grey world