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Piloting with SharePoint—Learn to FLY by Eric Riz - SPTechCon
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Piloting with SharePoint—Learn to FLY by Eric Riz - SPTechCon


Published on

Technical Class: …

Technical Class:
Wednesday, March 6
11:15 AM - 12:30 PM

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  • 1. @rizinsights | #SPTechCon| #learntofly
  • 2. Surface Information Connect Teams Improve Performance• Right information to right people • Increase employee connectedness • Increase business velocity• Secure data management with and interactivity • Decrease business risk with built-in controls • Workspace and mobile connectivity informed decisions• Customizable dashboards • Collaboration • Reduce cost by using a single platform
  • 3. A. Small (50 employees)B. Medium business (500 employees)C. Large/Enterprise (more than 500 employees)A. SharePoint 2003B. SharePoint 2007C. SharePoint 2010D. SharePoint 2013
  • 4. Developer End User IT Pro SharePoint Project Analyst Manager Other?
  • 5. • Intranet/Portal• Document Management• Search• Simple UI• Records Retention• Enterprise Taxonomy• Calendars, Tasks, Data
  • 6. Draw to the Draw to theleft why are right howwe doing Why How are wethis? doing this? What you are trying to do?
  • 7. Money Emotional-Increased revenue -Improved employee morale-Eliminated tools -Elimination of unpopular tasks-Increased productivity -Reduced user confusion-Lowered overhead per sale -Happier customersTime Evolution of work-Streamlined business processes -Ability to focus on higher-value tasks-Just-in-time (JIT) information -More automation, fewer mistakes-Less rework -Simplify the “hairball”-Faster time-to-market -Reduce employee turnover
  • 8. over over over over That is, while there is value in the items onthe right, we value the items on the left more.
  • 9. It’s a balancing act
  • 10. What are your goals?
  • 11. 1. Instrument Rating + Commercial Certificate 1. 250 additional hours
  • 12. • People, Technology, Knowledge• Task Durations, Dependencies, Critical Path• Budgets, Costs, Contingencies• Project Size, Goals, Requirements
  • 13. Dynamic Workplace IW Capability Lifecycle Model User focus SP as a Service (SPaaS)EA/CollaborationStrategy SP Strategy and Social Computing SP as a Dev Envisioning Strategy Platform (SPaaDP) SP CMM SP Governance Architecture and StrategyEnterprise Information Workshops Management (EIM) Information Capability Models Architecture (IA) Capability Maturity Models SharePoint Information Strategy/Roadmaps SharePoint Architecture Usage Scenarios ECM Cataloging
  • 14. How do we manage risk?
  • 15. Managing Risk
  • 16. • Measure – If it’s not measured, it’s not done• Involve – Stakeholders to End Users• Manage – Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan• Empower – Pilot to your Project Team• Control – Governance; Who Will Access What?
  • 17. Discover Define Develop Deliver Help generateObserve and Interpret findings, Evaluate prototypes concepts and inputengage with user, in rationalize and verify with users to verify ergonomicscontext, to identify user requirements. and refine design expertise. Early andtacit and latent Input to proposition solution and control re-iterate userneeds and new and design brief compromises evaluation to informopportunities design decisions
  • 18. CEO VP Ops PM BA End User
  • 19. Know Your Limits
  • 20. Soar to Great Heights With Your Project
  • 21. Summary
  • 22. Q&A
  • 23. SharePoint Saturday – Philly, February 22SPTechCon 2013 – San Francisco, March 3-6SharePoint Fest – Denver, March 18-20Document Strategy Forum – CT, April 30-May 2SharePoint Summit – Toronto, May 12-15SharePoint Saturday – Toronto, July 20SharePoint Saturday – New York, July 27SPTechCon 2013 – Boston, August 12-15