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Sponsored Session: Better Document Management Using SharePoint by Roland Simonis -…
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Sponsored Session: Better Document Management Using SharePoint by Roland Simonis -…


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  • 1. Better DocumentManagement usingRoland SimonisDirector of Technology, Kodak Document ImagingMarch 4, 2013
  • 2. Document Management in SharePoint• Onboarding Documents – Adding content to SharePoint (libraries) = “Capture” in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)• Organizing Documents – Provide routing, access and governance • Permission, policy, location • Taxonomy, associated metadata• Managing Documents – Make content actionable – Solve business processes (workflow) associated with content: i.e. HR onboarding, Invoice approval, … 2
  • 3. Organizing with Content Types• SharePoint Content Types is “the” essential feature for organizing and managing your Documents – Associate metadata / Columns to a document – Associate a Workflow to a document• Overview of Site Admin main configuration steps: 1. Create the relevant Content Types (prerequisite: taxonomy planning) i.e. Invoice, Resume, … 2. Associate relevant Metadata to the Content Types: i.e. Invoice Metadata Column: InvoiceNumber, InvoiceDate, VendorID, … 3. Enable Content Types use in Library 4. Associate a Workflow with a Content Type 3
  • 4. Step 1: creating Content TypesSite Settings > Site Content Type  Create 4
  • 5. Step 2: associating ColumnAssociate Columns to Content Types: either existing one orCreate new site Columns (select Column data type) 5
  • 6. Step 3: enable Content Types in Library• Content Types management is disabled by default Library > Library Settings > Advanced Settings 6
  • 7. Step 4: associate a Workflow 7
  • 8. Creating Business Process Workflows• Native (OOTB) SharePoint is limited – Adequate for simple approval – Limited workflow logic, unless using code (2013 is better) – Basic creation tools: SP Designer, Visio• Add-on solution: Kodak Info Activate Solution Workflow – Graphical designer tool, to be used by Business – Easy to design, test, deploy, monitor, modify, manage – Inside SharePoint 8
  • 9. Onboarding documents• Native SharePoint: Library > File > Upload document – hard to enforce consistent onboarding• Add-on: Kodak Info Activate Solution – Governance: Admin configures a Job for each doc types, assuring a consistent onboarding i.e. Invoices, Resumes, • defines destination library, content type (Metadata, WF) • for paper documents, defines scanner settings – Knowledge worker: ease-of-use / fault-proof steps • simply select the Job (Tile) and enter the metadata 9
  • 10. Demo #1: Live Demo• John Danner, Kodak SharePoint Architect – Solve a Business Process with Kodak Info Activate Solution Workflow – Onboard documents (e-Docs, Paper docs) with Kodak Info Activate Solution 10
  • 11. Demo #2: Info Activate Limited Edition• Available 2/28/13 in SharePoint 2013 App Store• Simple App to add paper docs in SharePoint 2013 Libraries (O365 or OnPrem) - For small groups - No IT! 11
  • 12. More Info? Visit Kodak Booth• Talk to our specialists, see an in-depth demo of Kodak Info Activate Solution• Win a prize everyday! 14
  • 13. More? Kollabria-Kodak seminar series Automating Business Document Processes with SharePoint Free Solution Workshop & Tutorial held at Microsoft Offices Sessions will start at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM in each location. Houston, TX - March 11 Philadelphia, PA - March 20 Austin, TX - March 12 Reston, VA - March 21 Phoenix, AZ - March 14 Durham, NC - April 16 Iselin, NJ - March 19 Nashville, TN - April 17 15
  • 14. Thank you! @RolandSim @JohnDSTL16