SharePoint Saturday San Antonio: Workflow 2013


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Slide deck from SharePoint 2013 Workflow session presented by Sam Larko.

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  • - Sorry, but the demos are minimal. Lots of issues getting a fully functioning environment.- Will discuss my issues setting up insteadIf you were hoping for demos, feel free to bolt now – still a bunch of good info, though.Who’s tried WF 2013? Anything w/ 2013?Of those left – where are the admins? Devs? Business Users? Hecklers?
  • - I’ll have these slides up on my blogAIS blog will have a post mirroring this presentation, but with reference to 1st post projectHoping to come up with some type of video soon, too
  • Admittedly, just wrapped my first 2010 WF project 2 months ago.Don’t you love tokens? How many people have had broken WF and find out it’s just a bad token reference?Orange layer is where you lived. Everything else was wrapped up in a bow for the most part.
  • - Introducing WAW- 2013 begins to show MS’ move to cloud with offloaded servicesBusiness users will finally get loops
  • WAW is a separate installB2 hasn’t been friendly…at least to meBig improvement in scalability and re-use because of break from SP and farm envWF Events > WF Manager Client using Azure Service Bus – returns SP REST API back into SP --- Oauth authentication
  • Wait?? Azure?? Do I have to pay usage for WF?? NO!!Liam Cleary has had WF on DC – I almost succeeded, I think1 – I stupidly deleted a functioning 2-server VM env – don’t ask me why >>>>> .5, today’s demoMUST INSTALL/CONFIG as WF Service acct or you’ll get errorsI’ve had that, but still not perfect as acct
  • Yeah…no code – can’t even backdoor your way into the API class. It’s not public.So, coming from my 1st WF project that had a good chunk of custom logic, this is a huge mood killer- Dynamic Value: Basically it understands JSON. So when you call a WCF service with an HTTP activity, it returns an object of type DynamicValue. You then use another activity to pull data out of this variables of this data type using an XPATH like notation. (c/o AC)WCF devs can join the SP fun. Web Services is where custom code lives for WFSee more offloading of processingActivities to directly interact w/ said services – get and set data through these activities and your/SP/other servicesIf you haven’t heard, CSOM got a Barry Bonds sized shot of steroids (How many recognize that name? Jose Conseco? Ivan Drago?)Client-side interaction w/ WFSP Apps (NEW NEW NEW) driven/driving WF
  • SPD gets loops instead of hacksThose same HTTPGet/Post are available here tooDictionary (not quite DynamicValue, from my understanding, though)3 methods are availableCan still create 2010 WF, too
  • WAW Config – sort ofWas going to do code, but ran out of time and samples on MSDN are for B1R (TAP) , not B2 (Public)
  • SharePoint Saturday San Antonio: Workflow 2013

    1. 1. Workflow 2013Forget What You Thought You Knew
    2. 2. Who is this guy?• Software Engineer at Applied Information Sciences• Year 6 of 10-Life with SharePoint• @SPSamL•••
    3. 3. Agenda• Look back at Workflow 2010• Intro to 2013 changes• IT Pros wake up here• Let’s talk code• Demo• Important Resources• Q&A
    4. 4. SharePoint 2010 Workflow• Built into SharePoint install• Added layer on top of WF• All workflows ran within the context of a SharePoint process• SPD Workflows became useful
    5. 5. SharePoint 2013 Changes• New Architecture• SharePoint ditches control• Declarative development• SPD Loops!
    6. 6. Wake up, Infrastructure Junkies!• Windows Azure Workflow • New Service to host workflow • Farm environment • Not SharePoint specific• Interacts with SharePoint via Web Services• Unloads SharePoint of processing
    7. 7. Hosting and Installing• Despite name, On Prem install • Engine in O365 Preview• Not supported on Domain Controller • Can be done• Should be fairly painless…Should be • I’m 1.5/6• Install/Config as WAWAdmin
    8. 8. Fellow Dev Nerds, stop playing Words with Friends• So, you love coded Workflows? Keep tears to a minimum, please. • Declarative Workflow – even Custom Actions • DynamicValue object• What’s the point if there’s no custom logic? • Web Services! • HTTPGet & HTTPPost objects• CSOM Integration • Workflow in SP Apps
    9. 9. Business Users, I didn’t forget you • Designer has loops! • Web Service interactions • Dictionaries • Array of objects • Build, Count, Get Item
    10. 10. Config Demo
    11. 11. Resources• Andrew Connell’s Config Tips - workflow-ndash-getting-around-installation-issues-creating-amp.aspx• Liam Cleary’s Install on DC - aaf4-e1d122d57174&ID=95&Web=8fe3252e-9495-44f1-b2e4-dbd7b201440b• MSFT’s Install Guide - us/library/jj658588(v=office.15)
    12. 12. Questions
    13. 13. Text Feedback to 22333Please rate my presentation by sending twotext messages from your phone to thenumber 223331) Chose a rating between 1 and5 and add it to my speaker shortcode (SLA5)2) Send a comment after mylong code to the same number(slarko is a genius)
    14. 14. Thanks Gold Sponsors! And thanks Silver Sponsors!