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The Steadman Philippon Research Institute 2004 Annual Report
The area of regenerative medicine is an excit- ing one. There are many new and innovative techniques under investigation by scientists around the world. In 2004 we focused our efforts almost exclusively on regeneration of an improved tissue for resurfacing of articular cartilage (chondral) defects that typically lead to degenerative osteoarthritis. We have been working in the promising area of gene therapy in collaboration with Drs. Wayne McIlwraith and David Frisbie at Colorado State University. The following provides some background information and a summary of our most recent findings. This work is ongoing, and the encouraging results presented here will allow us to continue to focus on this work in the coming years.
Osteoarthritis is a debilitating, progres- sive disease characterized by the deterioration of articular cartilage and accompanied by changes in the bone and soft tissues of the joint. Traumatic injury to joints is also often associated with acute damage to the articular cartilage. Unfortunately, joint cartilage is a tissue with very poor healing potential. Once damaged, cartilage typically does not heal, or it may heal with fibrous tissue that serves no purpose. This tissue does not possess the
properties of the original cartilage, so the integrity of the articular surface and normal joint function are compromised. The result is often osteoarthritis.

2 The Year in Review 5 An Active Legacy
8 Governing Boards
9 Al Perkins
11 Scientific Advisory Board 13 Friends of the Foundation
23 Corporate and Institutional Friends
24 Basic Science Research (Gene Therapy)
28 Clinical Research (Joint Restoration)
36 Biomechanics Research Laboratory (Osteoarthritis Research)
44 Education
48 Presentations and Publications
57 Recognition
58 Media
60 Development 63 Associates
65 Independent Accountants’ Report
66 Statements of Financial Position
67 Statements of Activities
69 Statements of Cash Flow
70 Statements of Functional Expenses

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Gene Therapy | Joint Restoration | Osteoarthritis Research

  1. 1. S T E A D M A N ◆ H AW K I N SR E S E A R C H F O U N D AT I O NAnnual Report 2004
  2. 2. Contents Mission2 The Year in Review5 An Active Legacy8 Governing Boards The Steadman◆Hawkins Research9 Al Perkins11 Scientific Advisory Board Foundation is dedicated to keeping13 Friends of the Foundation23 Corporate and Institutional Friends24 Basic Science Research people of all ages physically active28 Clinical Research36 Biomechanics Research Laboratory through orthopaedic research and44 Education48 Presentations and Publications57 Recognition education in the areas of arthritis,58 Media60 Development healing, rehabilitation, and injury63 Associates65 Independent Accountants’ Report66 Statements of Financial Position prevention.67 Statements of Activities69 Statements of Cash Flow70 Statements of Functional Expenses72 Notes to Financial Statements History ‘ ounded in 1988 by orthopaedic F surgeon Dr. J. Richard Steadman, theThe Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation wishes to Foundation is an independent, tax-exemptexpress deep appreciation to John P. Kelly, who donatedmany of the stock photos in this year’s Annual Report and (IRS code 501(c)(3)) charitable organization.contributed his time to photograph the many Foundation and Known throughout the world for its researchoperating room subjects. into the causes, prevention, and treatmentKelly is a renowned sports and stock photographer whoapproaches every photo shoot like a commando. His sense of of orthopaedic disorders, the Steadman◆motion combines with his obvious love of natural light to pro-duce vibrant graphic images. He shoots extensively for a Hawkins Research Foundation is committedvariety of prominent manufacturers in the sports and recre-ation industry; and his experience includes numerous assign- to solving orthopaedic problems that limitments at the Olympics, Wimbledon, U.S. Open Golf, and World an individual’s ability to maintain an activeCup Skiing. When Robert Redford needed a poster thatreflected the spirit of his movie “A River Runs Through It,” he life. In 1990, Dr. Steadman was joined bycalled Kelly. More recently, Redford employed Kelly’s photo-graphic talents during the making of the “Horse Whisperer.” renowned shoulder surgeon Dr. Richard J.Whether covering the Olympics or trekking in the Himalayas, Hawkins.Together, they brought theKelly is always ready for his next photographic adventure. Foundation’s research production in knee and shoulder studies to a new level.
  3. 3. The Foundation has influenced the practice of T H E F O U N DAT I O N ’ S P R I M A RY A R E A S O F R E S E A R C H A N D E D U C AT I O N A R E :orthopaedics — from diagnosis to rehabilitation. Recognizingthat the body’s innate healing powers can be harnessed and • Basic Science Research – Undertakes studies to investigate themanipulated to improve the healing process has led to exciting mysteries of degenerative arthritis, cartilage regeneration, and arthritic changes in the knee and shoulder.advances in surgical techniques that are used today by • Clinical Research – Conducts “process” and “outcomes”orthopaedists in many practices.The microfracture technique, orthopaedic research that aids both physicians and patients in makingfor example, is now accepted as a treatment that may make it better-informed treatment decisions.possible to postpone or even eliminate the need for knee • Biomechanics Research Laboratory – Performs knee and shoulder computer modeling and related studies in an effort toreplacement surgery. reduce the need for surgical repair. One of the largest independent orthopaedic research • Education and Fellowship Program – Administers andinstitutes in the world, the Steadman◆Hawkins Research coordinates the physicians-in-residence Fellowship Program, hostsFoundation has become one of the most productive and conferences and international medical meetings, and produces and distributes publications and videotapes.innovative foundations in orthopaedic research and education.Philanthropic gifts are used to advance scientific research and S I N C E I T S I N C E P T I O N , T H E F O U N DAT I O N H A Sto support scholarly academic programs that train physicians H E L P E D P E O P L E O F A L L AG E S R E M A I N P H YS I C A L LY AC T I V E T H RO U G H O RT H O PA E D I C R E S E A R C H A N Dfor the future.Through its Fellowship Program, the Foundation E D U C AT I O N . I T C O N T I N U E S TO P U R S U E I T Shas now built a network of 130 Fellows and associates world- G OA L S O F :wide who share the advanced ideas and communicate the • Understanding and enlisting the body’s innate ability to heal.concepts they learned in Vail. • Designing and validating surgical and rehabilitation techniques, as well as non-operative treatments for arthritis. • Producing and publishing scientifically validated research in leading medical and scientific journals. 1
  4. 4. The Year in ReviewDear Friends:In this 2004 Annual Report you will read about the work and achievements of our dedicated staff. Youwill learn of the discoveries of Dr.William G. Rodkey, Director of Basic Science Research and a leadingcontributor to the universal success of microfracture, a procedure to grow repair cartilage. In 2004,Dr. Rodkey’s Basic Science Research team continued to work on improving microfracture and cartilagehealing. For the first time, they were able to demonstrate that an experimental model of cartilagehealing using gene therapy can be used to successfully enhance the growth and repair of cartilage. In the Clinical Research Department, Karen Briggs, M.P.H., M.B.A., has maintained the largest database of surgical details and outcomesin the world, with comprehensive records of more than 12,000 knee and nearly 3,000 shoulder surgeries. The information stored in thedatabase has been the source for numerous peer-reviewed publications written by the Foundation. More importantly, the work of Ms. Briggshas allowed researchers to identify risk factors for arthritis and has led to significant discoveries that will help prevent this leading cause ofdisability worldwide. Dr. Michael R. Torry and his team in the Biomechanics Research Laboratory are successfully mapping joints and creating three-dimensional models that mimic natural movements and pressures. Using computer technology, they are determining how muscles, tendons, andligaments are stressed during various activities. Knowing how and why injury and disease occur can be the first step in successful preventionand treatment. Though still in its infancy, three-dimensional modeling is giving physicians and researchers incredible views and increasedunderstanding of why less-invasive surgical treatments are effective in restoring normal load bearing in joints. This understanding will allowphysicians to select procedures that are most appropriate for the individual patient. The development of a virtual shoulder model has been atop priority for the laboratory and in 2004 the work continued to scientifically validate the model. Once in use, this technology will help usunderstand how the shoulder moves and which muscles and ligaments are involved. Academic medicine continues to take notice of our research. The number of publications in medical journals is a primary considerationin assessing the strength of an academic department or organization. The three major medical journals in orthopaedic sports medicine arethe Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, the American Journal of Sports Medicine, and Arthroscopy. The Foundation tracked its number ofpublications in these journals from 2002 to 2004 and compared the results to four other top academic programs. The Steadman◆HawkinsResearch Foundation ranked first in number of publications in these three journals. This is important to us because we want to be sure thatour research findings are disseminated to the broader world of orthopaedics for the benefit of mankind. But publications would be just basicresearch reports without practical application. In this report you will meet Al Perkins and learn of his 25-year journey to remain active sohe could continue to participate in his son’s activities. His search allowed him to benefit from the Foundation’s development of jointpreservation techniques. For 16 years, we’ve helped people such as Al perform at their highest level possible, but the name “Sports Medicine” implies that weonly treat athletes. In reality, our research has benefited people from all walks of life. And thanks to our many donors and supporters, theFoundation is a world leader in orthopaedic research. Because of this, we changed our name to the Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation. 2
  5. 5. We’re giving credit where credit is due. This Foundation was created for thepurpose of keeping people active for life—elite athletes, weekend warriors, highschool heroes, mid-lifers, and even those of us who hung up our skis, cleats, andbaseball gloves many years ago. We all benefit from the work of the Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation, and the Foundation benefits tremendously fromyou. Since 1990, the Foundation has spent $25 million on research, education, andsupport programs. We could not have done this without the commitment, dollars,and concerns of many individuals. The desire of each of us to lead a full, active life has been the driving forcefor the groundbreaking treatment protocols pioneered by the Foundation and itsunique philosophy of treating and helping prevent degenerative arthritis. Becausewe believe that the body’s own tissue is the optimum restorative medium, we’refocused on how the body heals itself and on developing leading-edge research andtreatment techniques to harness and accelerate that ability. But our commitment does not end here. We’re also dedicated to sharingwhat we learn through our world-renowned Fellowship Program, thousands ofscientific research papers and presentations, and a clinical database. Of course,there’s a great deal more to be done and we need continued support to do it. Our core values haven’t changed, and our dedication will never waiver. It’san exciting time at the Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation—one we hope toshare with you.Sincerely yours,J. Richard Steadman, M.D.Chairman of the BoardNorm Waite, Jr.President and Chief Executive Officer 3
  6. 6. An Active Legacy Dr. Richard Steadman wants to be known for far more than surgically salvaging the careers of superstar athletes.By David O.Williams Microfracture, which regenerates cartilage in joints by using small incisions, was used only by about one percent ofEditor’s note:This article first appeared in the holiday 2004 edition of orthopaedic surgeons worldwide in 1994.Ten years later, thatVail Beaver Creek magazine. statistic is up to 85 percent, and while his Clinic has blazed the trail in performing the revolutionary technique, it was theDr. Richard Steadman’s skills with a scalpel have earned Foundation that painstakingly validated its effectiveness andOlympic medals, NFL sack records, Super Bowl rings and shared it with the world. “(Steadman) is willing to push the envelope,” says three-countless world championships, but the “surgeon of the time overall World Cup champion Phil Mahre, whose ankle was rebuilt by Steadman less than a year before he won a silverstars” would much rather be remembered for something medal at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. “They’reother than salvaging or prolonging the careers of skiers willing to try new things and do new things, and it just furthers everybody’s careers and everybody’s athletic experience,such as Phil Mahre, Picabo Street, and Bode Miller and whether you’re a competitive athlete or just an average Joefootball greats such as Joe Montana, John Elway, and Bruce who wants to be competitive on weekends.” Mahre, who went on to win a gold medal at the 1984Smith. “Steady,” as a bevy of hall-of-fame athletes call him, Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, has benefited from Steadman’s expertise both as an elite athlete and as a backyard ballplayer.would rather be known as the doc who kept millions of Mahre’s second Steadman surgery was a healing responseweekend warriors out on the links or on the slopes late 10 years after the man who is arguably America’s greatest ski racer of all time had retired. He had torn his ACL playinginto life. flag football. Degenerative arthritis, the debilitating deterioration of “I’d much prefer to be known for figuring out a proce- joint cartilage, impacts one in three adults and more than halfdure that helps people with arthritis, or gets people back in of everyone over the age of 65. And his office may be plasteredaction that have had cartilage injuries, or an easier way to with tributes from his three decades of operating on world-recover from an ACL surgery,” says Steadman. “I’d rather be class athletes, but the soft-spoken and unassuming Steadmanknown for that than the fact that I’ve treated some famous seems sincere when he says it’s the millions of lives touched byathletes. I’m proud to have treated them, and I’m honored that the acceptance and spread of microfracture surgery that bringthey came to me, but if I wanted to be known for something, him the most joy.I’d rather be known for these things that affect everybody, “It’s always fun to treat an elite athlete, but there’s onlyme included.” about a thousand of them in the world, so there’s no way you One of the key factors that led Steadman to relocate his can treat all of them anyway, and there are millions of peoplepractice to Vail, Colorado, from the Lake Tahoe area in 1990 who want to be athletic, so that’s really our Foundation’swas the degree to which the community embraced his non- focus,” Steadman says.profit scientific research and education efforts.The Steadman◆ “That’s where we’re really going with this Foundation,Hawkins Research Foundation has tracked more than 12,000 to help that person, and I’m honored that high-profile peopleknee surgeries — one of the largest orthopaedic databases in come see me, but if I’m going to be remembered for some-the world — and has meticulously conducted research validat- thing, I’d rather it be more on the side of the things that theing a slew of successful breakthrough surgical techniques. Foundation is doing than being somebody’s doctor.” One of them, “healing response,” got Miller back on skis The concept of a charitable research and educationand in double silver-medal-winning form at the 2002 Winter foundation was born in 1988 while Steadman was still basedOlympics in Salt Lake City less than a year after completely in Tahoe. It started as a mechanism for taking the guessworktearing his ACL at the 2001 World Alpine Championships in out of his practice by studying, tracking, and validating variousAustria. Healing response, an arthroscopic technique that surgical techniques.Very early on, Steadman decided none ofinvolves making holes in the bone so a blood clot forms and the data the Foundation uncovered should be privileged.reattaches the anterior cruciate ligament, is an offshoot of “We’ve taken the path that if we come up with a goodmicrofracture surgery, which Steadman also pioneered. idea proven at the Foundation, then we provide that to physi- cians worldwide,” Steadman says. “So frequently we adopt a 5
  7. 7. “THAT’S WHERE WE’RE REALLY GOING WITH THIS FOUNDATION, TO HELP THAT PERSON, AND I’M HONORED THATHIGH-PROFILE PEOPLE COME SEE ME, BUT IF I’M GOING TO BE REMEMBERED FOR SOMETHING, I’D RATHER IT BE MORE ON THE SIDE OF THE THINGS THAT THE FOUNDATION IS DOING THAN BEING SOMEBODY’S DOCTOR.”technique and it helps people around the world instead of just the Clinic and the Foundation, the nonprofit organizationhelping us in our practice. receives funds from past patients who are indoctrinated in the “So I think that’s the thing that distinguishes us from role the Foundation plays in substantiating and improving the business. If IBM comes up with an idea, they put a screen surgical and rehabilitation techniques.around it, whereas if we come up with an idea that’s good, and Then there are the special events such as the Coloradowe’ve actually come up with some ideas that are good, it Classic, a weekend of dinners, wine tastings and golf at thebecomes an honor for us to have other people accept our Sonnenalp Golf Club in August that raises about five percentideas in areas that we work on.” of the foundation’s annual operating budget. The Foundation is one of the most highly regarded in “At an event like this the money raised is going directlythe orthopaedic community, frequently publishing influential to the Foundation—not straight into the hands of Drs.papers and attracting top surgeons from around the world to Steadman and Hawkins at the Clinic,” says Foundation boardits fellowship program. Ask people from far-flung places what member and 11-time Steadman patient Cindy Nelson. She wasthey know about Vail, and the first thing they’ll say is it’s a great the first American to win a World Cup downhill (1974) and aplace to ski, but then, surprisingly, many will mention that bronze medalist at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck,famous clinic where all the athletes go to be repaired after Austria. “In fact, the doctors are some of the biggest contribu-career-threatening injuries. tors to the Foundation.” Steadman and his shoulder-and-arm-specialist partner Nelson was Steadman’s first elite athlete patient in 1972Dr. Richard “Hawk” Hawkins are perhaps victims of their own and was later working as the director of skiing at Vail whenwild success when it comes to their public image. Surgical con- Steadman was considering relocating from Tahoe. Nelson andsultants for the Denver Broncos, Steadman and Hawkins have the owner of Vail at the time, George Gillett, were instrumen-also operated on everyone including Monica Seles right after tal in persuading the surgeon to head east. But as a Foundationshe was stabbed by a deranged fan. board member and former superstar patient, Nelson perhaps So it should come as no surprise that the media tend to better than anyone understands the challenges of differentiat-fixate on the famous and that reporters’ eyes glaze over when ing the work of the Foundation from the high-profile successesthe topic turns to cutting-edge biomechanics research or the of the Clinic.latest peer-reviewed article in a leading medical journal. It’s “Because they’ve become so famous and so expert attough then for the general public to make the distinction what they do, they’ve created their own recognition.That’s abetween the famous for-profit Clinic and a charity-funded good thing because it has a ring of quality to it, but it some-Foundation that relies primarily on the largess of donors. times has a negative impact in that people think we’re talking “I think some people just misunderstand the Clinic and Clinic when we’re really talking Foundation.We wrestle with itthe Foundation,” says Steadman. “Although they work hand-in- on the board all the time,” Nelson says.hand, the physicians don’t have any income from the “We have a need for people to understand that theFoundation—none—and we Foundation is not the Clinic,actually provide a lot of the and that the Foundation actuallyfinancing for the projects in the supports the work of doctorsFoundation. So we’re being in the Steadman-Hawkins Clinicphilanthropic, but we’re also as well as worldwide.”the people who are coming up Despite her extensivewith a lot of the ideas that can surgical history, Nelson contin-improve people’s athletic ues to live an incredibly activelifestyles.” lifestyle, and she attributes it to In addition to long-stand- the work of Steadman, throughing contributions from corporate both the Clinic and thebenefactors, organizations able Foundation. “Here I am, 11 sur-to make the distinction between geries later, I’m very active. I had 6
  8. 8. some bad injuries and I’m really in the to go out to try and break a hundred onmiddle of my life and I want to continue to the local links.stay active. I don’t want these injuries tobecome so arthritic that I become lame or A Lasting LegacyI can’t do things pain-free,” Nelson says. “Ibelieve that the work that has been done In some respects, it’s too late.Theby this Foundation will have a great Steadman-Hawkins name will always beenough impact on the medical profession associated with greatness.When youthat, in my future, I can be as active as I want to be for as long resurrect or prolong the careers of such legendary athletes asas I want to be.That is great. I feel a sense of relief.” tennis greats Martina Navratilova, Billy Jean King, and Lindsay But Nelson is a rarity—an athlete who gets it when it Davenport, golf superstar Greg Norman, NFL Hall-of-Famercomes to the Foundation. She thinks it’s critical to educate ath- Dan Marino, singer/songwriter Judy Collins, and countlessletes on the role of the Foundation so they can become de stars in every sport from skiing to baseball to hockey, it’sfacto spokespersons for its invaluable research and education bound to cement your reputation as the surgeons of the richwork. That tireless analysis led to microfracture surgery and and famous.its groundbreaking technique of tapping into the body’s own Internationally, Steadman-Hawkins has becomestem cells to regenerate cartilage, but most athletes — and synonymous with soccer, or football as it’s known outsidethe general public for that matter — don’t realize the depth of our borders, for the Clinic’s work on such global sensationsthe Foundation’s critical contributions. Miller, for example, likely as Ronaldo, Alessandro Del Piero, Oliver Kahn, and Lothardoes not fully grasp how the Foundation helped develop and Matthaus. Hardly household names in the States, but only avalidate healing response. He only knows that it helped get him visit by David Beckham would garner more worldwide mediaback on skis in time for the Olympics. attention than that quartet. “He got a great benefit from the Foundation,” Steadman But for all the glitz and glam of slicing and dicing celebs,says. “Ten years from now he might be able to focus on it, but the serious side of Steadman-Hawkins always finds its way toright now he’s focused on his career.” Indeed, with age comes the forefront.Take, for example, a former Foundation fellowwisdom. Phil Mahre’s brother, Steve, who finished with a silver stationed at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Maj.medal right behind his sibling at the 1984 Winter Olympics, John Tokish, M.D. He used his knowledge obtained atclearly understands the importance of the work going on at Steadman-Hawkins while commanding a Mobile Forwardthe Foundation. Also an 11-time Steadman patient, he has had Surgical Team in Afghanistan, treating U.S. Special Forces troopsfour microfracture surgeries. shortly after the invasion. “For me, what the Foundation is doing is studying physi- Soldiers, civilians, elite athletes, or weekend warriors,cal well-being, trying to focus more on prevention and that everyone wants to stay mobile and active after injuries,side of things and get the message out to people that this is Steadman says. Helping people realize that dream is what hewhat you have to do to prolong the joint’s health to make it wants as his lasting longer for you down the road,” Steve Mahre says. “Also, “The more people realize that it’s not just the famousthey’re trying to learn what is causing some of the injuries and people, the better,” Dr. Steadman concludes. “I think there’show you can try to prevent them from happening.” just as much satisfaction getting somebody back who has had It’s definitely not as sexy as patching up John Elway’s not a career-ending, but a recreation- or athletics-endingshoulder in time for him to finally win two Super Bowl rings injury. A high-profile athlete can find 20 doctors who will takelate in his career. It’s not as career-prolonging as getting All-Pro care of him, and fortunately for me, a lot of them come here.defensive lineman Bruce Smith back on the field for another But the standard person who just wants to stay active, he orfive years so he could set the all-time quarterback-sack record. she doesn’t have that access, so what we’re trying to do isBut it’s important work nonetheless, particularly if you’re a create that access.”weekend duffer who can’t stand the thought of not being able 7
  9. 9. Governing BoardsBOARD OF DIRECTORS John G. McMillian OFFICERS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (retired)H.M. King Juan Carlos I of Spain Allegheny & Western Energy Corporation J. Richard Steadman, M.D.Honorary Trustee Coral Gables, Fla. ChairmanAdam Aron Betsy Nagelsen-McCormack Norm Waite, Jr.Chairman of the Board and Professional Tennis Player President Chief Executive Officer Orlando, Fla.Vail Resorts, Inc. Richard J. Hawkins, M.D.Vail, Colo. Cynthia L. Nelson Vice President Cindy Nelson LTDHarris Barton Vail, Colo. John G. McMurtryManaging Member Secretary/TreasurerHRJ Capital Mary K. NoyesWoodside, Calif. Director of Special Services Aircast, Inc. COLORADO COUNCILHoward Berkowitz Freeport, Me. The Colorado Council was established as anChairman and Chief Executive OfficerBlackRock HPB Al Perkins auxiliary board of prominent Colorado citi- ChairmanNew York, N.Y. zens who serve as ambassadors for the Darwin PartnersJulie Esrey Wakefield, Mass. Foundation within the state.Board of TrusteesDuke University Cynthia S. Piper Bruce BensonSanta Barbara, Calif. Trustee Benson Mineral Group, Inc. Metropolitan State University Foundation DenverJack Ferguson of MinneapolisFounder and President Hamel, Minn. Joan BirklandJack Ferguson Associates Executive DirectorWashington, D.C. Steven Read Sports Women of Colorado Co-Chairman DenverGeorge Gillett Read InvestmentsChairman Orinda, Calif. Robert CraigBooth Creek Management Corporation Founder and President EmeritusVail, Colo. Damaris Skouras Senior Advisor The Keystone CenterEarl G. Graves Morgan Stanley, Inc. KeystonePublisher and Chief Executive Officer New York, N.Y. Dave GraebelBlack Enterprise MagazineScarsdale, N.Y. Gay L. Steadman Founder Steadman-Hawkins Clinic Graebel Van LinesTed Hartley Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation DenverChairman and Chief Executive Officer Vail, Colo.RKO Pictures, Inc. John McBrideLos Angeles, Calif. J. Richard Steadman, M.D. Aspen Business Center Foundation Steadman-Hawkins Clinic AspenRichard J. Hawkins, M.D. Steadman◆Hawkins Research FoundationSteadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas Vail, Colo. Charlie MeyersSpartanburg, S.C. Outdoor Editor William I. Sterett, M.D. The Denver PostSusan Hawkins Steadman-Hawkins Clinic DenverSteadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas Steadman◆Hawkins Research FoundationSpartanburg, S.C. Vail, Colo. Tage Pederson Co-FounderThe Honorable Jack Kemp John C. Tolleson Aspen Club Fitness and Research InstituteDirector and Co-Founder Chairman and Chief Executive Officer AspenEmpower America Tolleson Wealth ManagementWashington, D.C. Dallas, Texas Warren Sheridan Alpine Land Associates, Ltd.David Maher Stewart Turley DenverDMM Enterprises, LLP Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (retired)Beverly, Mass. Jack Eckerd Drugs Vernon Taylor, Jr. Bellaire, Fla. The Ruth and Vernon Taylor FoundationArch J. McGill DenverPresident (retired) Norm Waite, Jr.AIS American Bell Vice President William TuttScottsdale, Ariz. Booth Creek Management Corporation Tutco, LLC Vail, Colo. Colorado Springs 8
  10. 10. Al Perkins: From Patient to AdvocateBy Jim Brown, Ph.D. eventually had reconstructive knee surgery. After the surgery,Editor’s Note: Jim Brown is the Executive Editor of the Sports Performance I was looking at a life that would have been vastly diminishedJournal, a publication of Athletes’ Performance in Phoenix, and a contribut- by severe arthritis.Within the next decade I was told to stoping writer to The Arthritis Advisor and Health News. running and playing basketball, and to limit skiing. Bicycling and walking a golf course caused unbearable pain and swelling.TheHe knew it was a serious injury the moment it happened. prognosis was bleak. After having been involved in sports allAl Perkins, a 215-pound defensive back at the University of my life, the thought of having a knee replacement at the age of 36 was depressing and unacceptable.of New Hampshire, took a hit to the side of his left knee. “By the 1990s, my activity was even more limited,” saysIt caused an anterior cruciate ligament tear and the loss Perkins. “This was particularly disappointing because my sonof a piece of cartilage nearly the size of a quarter. was becoming increasingly involved in skiing, soccer, and base- ball. All I could do was hope that science would delay my need What Perkins didn’t know was that the injury would be for a knee replacement and allow me to be active enough tothe beginning of a 25-year journey that led him to be a share a few experiences with him.”Steadman-Hawkins patient, then a member of the Steadman◆ While the condition of Al’s knee was going downhill, theHawkins Research Foundation Board of Directors, and now direction of his business career took off in a decidedly upwardco-chairman of the Foundation’s Development Committee. direction. In 1987, less than ten years out of college, he found- “After the injury, we just let it sit for a few months,” ed Darwin Partners, an information technology company basedremembers Perkins. “Back then, treatment was based as much in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Darwin developed a national clienton a gut feeling as anything else. I went through the usual phys- base that included Nextel, Bank of America, Pfizer, Unisys, andical therapy routines, but there was just too much pain and I AT&T Wireless, and his company surpassed the $100,000,000 9
  11. 11. “I EVENTUALLY FLEW TO COLORADO AND MET WITH DR. STEADMAN. HE SAID SIMPLY, ‘I THINK WE CAN HELP YOU.’ I GOT GOOSE BUMPS OVER THE POSSIBILITIES.YOU CAN’T IMAGINE THE RELIEF I FELT AFTER BEING TOLD SO MANY TIMES BY DOCTORS ON THE EAST COAST THAT THERE WASN’T MUCH THAT COULD BE DONE ABOUT MY CONDITION.”revenue mark. In 1992, Perkins founded provided by the Foundation. Great things areEdgewater Technology, an IT outsourcing firm coming out of its work, but more people needthat generated $20,000,000 in revenue within its to know about it.The doctors are too modestfirst few years of operation.The company was to talk about it and too busy to promote it.sold in 1999, delivering significant value to its Their time needs to be spent treating patientsshareholders.Today, Perkins serves as chairman of and supervising research that continues to pro-Darwin Partners. duce medical breakthroughs, not in trying to raise money.”The Steadman-Hawkins Connection As co-chairman of the Development Committee (with Earl Graves, founder of Black Enterprise magazine), raising Things began to change for Perkins’ bad knee in the early money for the Foundation’s projects is one of Perkins’ respon-‘90s. “I knew a member of the U.S. Ski Team who told me sibilities. “People who support the Foundation can specify thatabout a Dr. Richard Steadman in Colorado. Patients were being their contributions go to one or more of several programs. Ittreated by Dr. Steadman for knee injuries similar to mine with just depends on their particular interests. Money is needed fora procedure called microfracture, an arthroscopic technique the Steadman-Hawkins Fellowship Program, to continue theused to repair cartilage through small incisions.” To Perkins, development of the microfracture technique and the ‘healingthe results seemed almost too good to be true. Athletes with response’ — an alternative to full ACL reconstruction, to findpotentially career-ending knee injuries were returning to ways to treat or prevent osteoarthritis, and to support thecompete at the highest levels in their sports. Foundation’s Basic Science, Biomechanics, and Clinical Research “I eventually flew to Colorado and met with Dr. departments.There is a laundry list of programs from which toSteadman. He said simply, ‘I think we can help you.’ I got goose choose.”bumps over the possibilities.You can’t imagine the relief Ifelt after being told so many times by doctors on the East Lessons LearnedCoast that there wasn’t much that could be done about mycondition.” Perkins’ contributions of time, money, and energy have The microfracture surgery was performed in 1996. “I’m not been a one-way street. He is quick to tell you about thenever going to have a young knee again, but I am relatively pain valuable lessons learned in the non-profit environment of thefree and I can ski with my son, play doubles in tennis, ride a Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation that he has takenbike, and do lots of things that never would have been possible back to his world of highly competitive business. “The biggestwithout Dr. Steadman’s help. His emphasis was not on joint thing I’ve learned is compassion. An experience like this makesreplacement, but on joint preservation. I was so grateful, I just you step back, realize how lucky you are, and understand thatwanted to sit down and write a check to support the work there are things in life other than being successful in business.being done in Vail.” My professional success wouldn’t have happened without the healthy lifestyle the Foundation’s research provided me.A Different Idea “There are many projects worthy of supporting,” concludes Perkins, “but this is one you can put your hands on.The But the Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation had a Foundation’s programs are changing people’s lives in a way thatdifferent role in mind for Perkins. Five years ago, he was asked will affect generations to come. I’ve been fortunate enough toto serve on its Board of Directors. “I think they asked me see it have a direct impact on my life, and I want others to bebecause I bring an unbridled enthusiasm for spreading the able to share the same experience.”message of research, service, and education that is being 10
  12. 12. Scientific Advisory BoardThe Scientific Advisory Board consists of distinguished Congratulations, Distinguished Graduateresearch scientists who represent the Foundation and Steadman-Hawkinsserve as advisors in our research and education efforts, Scientific Advisory Board member and Emeritus Professorto our Fellowship Program, and to our professional staff. of Orthopaedics at Duke University, John A. Feagin,Steven P. Arnoczky, D.V.M. Marcus Pandy, Ph.D. M.D., was honoredDirector Chair, Mechanical and Biomedical in May of 2004 byLaboratory for Comparative Engineering the Association of Graduates at West Orthopaedic Research Department of Mechanical Engineering Point with the Distinguished GraduateMichigan State University University of Melbourne Award. Dr. Feagin graduated from WestEast Lansing, Mich. Melbourne, Australia Point in 1955. Nominated by the gradu- ates in his class, Dr. Feagin has lived a lifetime of significant service to theJohn A. Feagin, M.D. William G. Rodkey, D.V.M. nation. He is the first physician to receiveEmeritus Professor of Orthopaedics Director of Basic Science Research the award and was joined on the dais byDuke University Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation four, four-star generals. In October 2004,Durham, N.C. Vail, Colo. Dr. Feagin was again honored by West Point with the establishment of the JohnRichard J. Hawkins, M.D. Juan J. Rodrigo, M.D. Feagin West Point Sports MedicineSteadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas Steadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas Fellowship Program. Dr. Feagin, oftenSpartanburg, S.C. Spartanburg, S.C. referred to as the father of modern sports medicine, helped establish theCharles Ho, M.D., Ph.D. Theodore Schlegel, M.D. sports medicine program at WestNational Orthopaedic Imaging Associates Steadman-Hawkins Clinic Point.The two-year fellowship programSand Hill Imaging Center Denver, Colo. specializing in joint and soft-tissue trauma includes one year of basic scienceMenlo Park, Calif. extremity trauma research at Brooke J. Richard Steadman, M.D. Army Medical Center in San Antonio,Mininder Kocher, M.D., M.P.H. Steadman-Hawkins Clinic Texas, and one year of clinical practice atAssistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Vail, Colo. West Point. Harvard Medical School, Harvard School Dr. Feagin authored and edited The of Public Health; Children’s Hospital, William I. Sterett, M.D. Crucial Ligaments, a medical text now in Boston, Department of Orthopaedic Steadman-Hawkins Clinic its third printing.This book has been Surgery Vail, Colo. characterized by reviewers as “a must forBoston, Mass. orthopaedic surgeons” and “a major Savio Lau-Yuen Woo, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Hon.) contribution to the subjects of cruciateC. Wayne McIlwraith, D.V.M., Ph.D. Ferguson Professor and Director anatomy, biomechanics, and principles ofDirector of the Orthopaedic Research Musculoskeletal Research Center repair and reconstruction.” Laboratory University of PittsburghColorado State University Pittsburgh, Pa.Fort Collins, Colo. 11
  13. 13. 12
  14. 14. Friends of the Foundation I n 2004, we received contributions and grants from 838 individuals and foundations.This combined support, including special events, amounted to more than $1.4 million. The Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation is grateful for this support and to those who have entrusted us with their charitable giving. We are especially pleased to honor the following individuals, foundations and corporations that have provided this support. Their gifts and partnership demon- strate a commitment to keep people active through innovative programs in medical research and education. Without this support, our work could not take place. 13
  15. 15. NFL Charities Awards $89,000 Grant forOrthopaedic Shoulder ResearchFor the twelfth year, NFL Charities, the charitable foundationof the National Football League, has awarded a substantialresearch grant to the Steadman◆Hawkins Research H A L L O F FA M EFoundation for new and continuing work on the causes, treat- The Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation is grateful to the follow-ments, and prevention of sports-related injuries.The research ing individuals, corporations, and foundations for their support ofproject is titled “Three-Dimensional Analysis of In VivoShoulder Motion.” the Foundation in 2004 at a level of $50,000 or more. Their vision One of the most significant problems plaguing shoulder ensures the advancement of medical research, science, and care, asbiomechanics research lies in the difficulty in tracking the well as the education of physicians for the future. We extend ourmotions of the upper arm, collarbone, and scapula.These gratitude to these individuals for their generous support:motions are complex, three-dimensional, take place beneaththe skin, and are difficult to quantify. The objective of this Mr. Herb Allen - Allen & National Football Leagueresearch is to measure the three-dimensional motion of the Company Charitiesshoulder joint. EBI Medical Systems, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Glen D. Nelson The study will provide valuable information that can later Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Graves Pepsi Colabe utilized in a sophisticated model of the upper extremity to Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin Smith & Nephew Endoscopyquantify and explain the roles of the individual muscles of the Innovation Sports Dr. and Mrs. J. Richardshoulder and elbow in standard motions. The immediate benefits of the study’s findings will Mr. James Kennedy Steadmanprovide the scientific knowledge to cause a paradigm shift in James M. Cox, Jr. Foundation Vail Valley Medical Centerthe manner in which shoulder rehabilitation is approached.The new information provided by this study will offer change GOLD MEDAL CONTRIBUTORSin the health care provided to the shoulder patient, allowing We are grateful to the following individuals, foundations, and corpora-better outcomes, as well as increasing quality of life in these tions that contributed $20,000-$49,999 to the Foundation in 2004.patients. Their continued generosity and commitment helps fund research such as gene therapy. This potentially innovative treatment will helpThe principal investigators are Michael R.Torry, Ph.D., preserve the body’s own joints and tissues by leading to improvedDirector of the Foundation’s Biomechanics Research quality and quantity of “repair” cartilage produced by the microfrac-Laboratory; Kevin Shelburne, Ph.D., Assistant Director; and ture technique, a procedure impacting multitudes worldwide.Staff Scientists Takashi Yanagawa, M.S., and Erik Giphart, Ph.D. American Express Mr. Warren Hellman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jordan II Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Kellogg Center Pulse Ortho Supply Inc. Arie and Ida Crown Memorial Pfizer, Inc. Mr. Douglas N. Daft RE/MAX International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Flinn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Read Mr. Nic Frangos Seabourn Cruise Line Frito Lay, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. William I. Sterett Mr. and Mrs. George N. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Turley Gillett, Jr. Mr. Norm Waite, Jr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Grosfeld Jackie Hurlbutt Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hawkins Wyeth Pharmaceuticals 14
  16. 16. The Founders’ Legacy Society Friends of the Foundation Over the years, the Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation has been privileged to receive generous and thoughtful gifts fromSILVER MEDAL CONTRIBUTORS friends and supporters who remembered the Foundation in theirSilver Medal donors contribute $5,000-$19,999 annually to the estate plans. In fact, many of our friends—strong believers and supporters of our work today—want to continue their supportFoundation. Their support makes it possible to fund research to deter- after their lifetimes.mine the effectiveness of training programs to prevent arthritis, identify Through the creation of bequests, charitable trusts and otherthose who are most at risk for arthritis, and provide a basic foundation creative gifts that benefit both our donors and the Foundation,to improve post-surgical rehabilitation programs, thus improving our supporters have become visible partners with us in ourthe long-term success of surgical procedures. We extend our deep mission to keep people physically active through orthopaedicappreciation to the following individuals for their generous support research and education in arthritis, healing, rehabilitation, andin 2004: injury prevention. To honor and thank these friends, the Founders’ LegacyAnonymous (1) Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ladd Society was created to recognize those individuals who haveMr. and Mrs. Don Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Levine invested not only in our tomorrow, but in the health and vitalityAmerican Airlines Mr. and Mrs. Kent Logan of tomorrow’s generations.Mr. and Mrs. John Angelo Mr. Buck Lyon and Mrs. Laura Our future in accomplishing great strides—from understand- ing degenerative joint disease, joint biomechanics, and osteoarthri-Applejack Wine & Spirits Lee Lyon tis, to providing education and training programs—is assuredMr. and Mrs. Adam Aron Mr. Douglas Mackenzie by the vision and forethought of friends and supporters whoMr. and Mrs. Paul Baker Mr. Charles McAdam include us in their estate plans.The Foundation’s planned givingMr. and Mrs. Herbert Bank Mrs. Betsy McCormack program was established to help donors explore a variety ofBC Natural Merrill Lynch ways to remember the Foundation.We are most grateful to theseMr. and Mrs. Erik Borgen Mr. and Mrs. Brian Noyes individuals for their support in becoming members of theMr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bourne Mr. Edward D. O’Brien Founders’ Legacy Society:Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brausch Mr. and Mrs. Paul OrefficeButterfield & Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. FisherCBIZ The Perot Foundation Ms. Margo GarmsChâteau Angélus Perry Golf Mr. Albert HartnagleChâteau Cos d’Estournel Dr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Plancher Mr. and Mrs. John McMurtry Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. OsmersChâteau Latour Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Precourt Mr. Al PerkinsChâteau Pinchon-Longueville- Mr. and Mrs. Paul Raether Mr. Robert E. Repp Comtesse de Lalande ReGen BiologicsMr. Jim Cimino Mr. George RobertsCoca-Cola Company Mr. and Mrs. Arthur RockMr. and Mrs. James Daggs Dr. William RodkeyMr. Norris Darrell, Jr. Mr. Peter SallersonMr. and Mrs. Edward L. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schmidt Diefenthal Mr. and Mrs. Charles SchwabMr. Joe Ellis Steadman-Hawkins ClinicEncore Steadman◆Hawkins ResearchFaegre & Benson FoundationMr. and Mrs. James Gaither Swift & CompanyMs. Leah G. Halmi and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Tang Toby Dawson Mr. and Mrs. William R. TimkenMr. and Mrs. Mitch Hart TLH Heliskiing LtdMrs. Martha Head Mr. and Mrs. John TollesonMr. and Mrs. Walter Hewlett Vail ResortsHighline Sports & Entertainment Vail Valley FoundationHilliard Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Randolph M.Mr. and Mrs. David Hoff WatkinsMr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Ms. Lucinda Watson Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Wayne WenzelKey Bank WestStar Bank 15
  17. 17. Chairs SupportFoundation WorkThe education of orthopaedicsurgeons is a critically importantmission of the Steadman◆ B RO N Z E M E DA L C O N T R I BU TO R S Mr. Jack BoyleHawkins Research Foundation. Medical research and education programs are supported by gifts to Mr. Edward Bradley andAcademic Chairs provide the the Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation’s annual fund. Thecontinuity of funding necessary Mrs. Patricia Blachetto train physicians for the future, Bronze Medal level was created to recognize those patients and their families, trustees, staff, and foundations who contribute $10 - $4,999 Mr. Michael J. Bradleythus ensuring the continued annually to the Foundation. Donors at this level support many pro- Mr. and Mrs. David R. Braunadvancement of medical research.Currently, more than 130 grams, including the Foundation’s research to validate the success of Ms. Marka BrennerSteadman-Hawkins Fellows prac- new treatments for degenerative arthritis and identify factors that Mr. Robert S. Brickentice around the world.We wish influence success. We thank the following for their support in 2004: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard express our gratitude andappreciation to the following Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. William Bridgewater, Jr.individuals and foundations that Mr. and Mrs. John O. Baldaccini Mrs. Karen Briggs and Mr.have made a five-year $125,000 Daryn Miller Abramson Mr. and Mrs. John Barkercommitment to the FellowshipProgram to support medical Mr. Gary Aday Ms. Cynthia K. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Brillresearch and education. In 2004, Mr. Joseph Adeeb III Mr. Carl A. Barrs Mr. and Mrs. James H. Brittonfive chairs provided important Mrs. Meredith Brokaw Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ager Mrs. Edith Bassfunding for the Foundation’s Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo A. Ms. Ruth M. Baughman Ms. Joan Brookshireresearch and educational mission.We are most grateful for the Aguilar Mr. and Mrs. Jack Beal Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Brownsupport from the following: Aircast, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Bechtle Mr. and Mrs. C. Willing Mr. and Mrs. John Alfond Mr. Quinn H. Becker Browne IIIMr. and Mrs. Harold AndersonMr. and Mrs. Lawrence Flinn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Allen Mr. James Z. Bedford Mr. John BryngelsonMr. and Mrs. Jay Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Been Ms. Marge BurdickMr. and Mrs. Peter Kellogg Mr. Nestor Burgener Mr. Jos Althuyzen Mr. Harry F. Bell, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Steven Read Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Benchley Mr. Kurt Burghardt Ms. Patricia Andrews Mr. Brent Berge Mr. Wavell Bush Mr. Irving Andrzejewski Mr. and Mrs. Dick Beselin Ms. Reute Butler Mr. Rehan Anwar and Ms. Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bilstein Mr. and Mrs. Dave E. Butner Aliya Hasan Ms. Ella F. Bindley Ms. Mary J. Butterly Mr. Larry S. Arbuthnot and Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Butters Ms. Ann Crammond Biondi, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rodger W. Bybee Mr. Dan Armour Mr. and Mrs. David Birdsall Mrs. Nancy Byers Ms. Gloria Arnold Mr. Jim M. Birschbach Mr. Ron Byrne Ms. Wendy Arnold Mr. Robert A. Bissegger Mr. Jack Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Paul Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Blitt Ms. Julia Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Ms. Margo A. Blumenthal Mrs. Nancy J. Calkins Austin Mr. and Mrs. John A. Boll Ms. Mary G. Campbell Ms. Mary Jane Avil Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Boren Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mr. W. T. Bacon Ms. Renata Borsetti Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Badar Mr. and Mrs. Cory D. Boss Mr. and Mrs. J. Marc Mr. and Mrs. John A. Baghott Dr. and Mrs. Martin Boublik Carpenter Mr. J. S. Bainbridge Dennis D. Bowman, D.D.S. Mr. Daniel Carroll Ms. Elizabeth Baker Ms. Traci Boyer Mr. Robert Carson 16
  18. 18. Friends of the FoundationMr. Anthony Carter Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dawkins Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Dr. Richard GardnerMr. Nelson Case Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dayton Farthing Mr. and Mrs. Ken GartMr. Pedro E. Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dee Dr. John A. Feagin Mr. and Mrs. Samuel GaryMr. and Mrs. Pedro Cerisola Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. DeNuccio Mr. Harold B. Federman Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. GazaMr. Manning Cha Mr. Jack Devine Mr. Herbert Feinzig and Dr. K.W. Ms. Pamela G. GeenenMs. Judith B. Chain Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Dewolf McGinniss-Feinzig Mr. Jay C. GentryChappellet Winery Mr. Frederick A. Dick Ms. Carol M. Ferguson Mr. Egon GersonMr. Dax Chenevert Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Mr. Jack Ferguson and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley GhentDr. Teresa Cherry Dickens Veronica Slajerer Mr. Jack GillespieMr. Joe Chess Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Laurence B. Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. GillespieMr. Martin D. Chitwood Digiannantonio Finegold Ms. Nancy GireDr. Wesley S. Chodos Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Dillman Mr. Dow Finsterwald Mr. and Mrs. Milton GoheenMr. Stuart A. Clark Mr. Bob Dorr Mr. Roland Fischer Dr. and Mrs. David GoldsteinMs. Caryn Clayman Ms. Catherine Douglas Ms. Sistie Fischer Ms. Julie A. GoldsteinMr. Ned C. Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Duke Julian M. Fitch, Esq. Ms. Lynda GoldsteinMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Coe Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dunning Mr. Herbert Fitz Ms. Lari GoodeMr. and Mrs. Rex Coffman Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Duvoisin Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Mr. and Mrs. William A.Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Dysart Fitzgerald GoodsonMr. Bruce R. Cohn Ms. Bonnie M. Earl Ms. Holly Flanders Ms. Patricia GorackeMr. Frederick Cohn Dr. and Mrs. Jack Eck Mr. Dennis D. Flatness Gore Creek FlyfishermanMs. Joanne Couey Ms. Lisa Efraimson Mr. and Mrs. Walter Florimont Mr. John H. GormanMr. Jamie B. Coulter Mr. and Mrs. John Egan Dr. and Mrs. Jason W. Folk Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. GossCountry Club of the Rockies Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. President and Mrs. Gerald R. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. GottliebMr. Archibald Cox, Jr. Eggleston Ford Mr. and Mrs. Michael GottwalsMr. Robert W. Craig Mr. Burton M. Eisenberg Dr. William R. Ford Mr. George T. GraffMs. Patricia Craus Mr. Phillip Elder Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Ms. Jean GrahamDr. and Mrs. Kevin Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Elkind Foster II Mr. and Mrs. PepiMr. Chester Creutzburg Mr. and Mrs. Buck Elliott Mr. Richard L. Foster GramshammerMr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Crotty Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ellis Mr. John M. Fox Mr. Wallace H. GrantDr. Dennis Cuendet Dr. and Mrs. Steve Ellstrom Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Francis Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. GravesMr. Franco D’Agostino and Mr. and Mrs. Heinz Engel Ms. Anita Fray Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Green Ms. Alicia Ziegert Ms. Slavica Esnault-Pelterie Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frazer Mr. Gary G. GreenfieldMr. and Mrs. Daniel Dall’Olmo Mr. and Mrs. William T. Esrey Mr. and Mrs. Olin Friant Ms. Linda GreggMr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Daly Mr. Paul Esserman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Fricke Ms. Beatrice C. GriffinMr. and Mrs. Oleh Danyluk Mr. Horst Essl and Ms. Jean Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Fritch Mr. and Mrs. William Griffith, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Darwin R. Richmond Mr. and Mrs. David I. Fuente Mr. and Mrs. Neal C. Groff Datwyler Ms. Gretchen Evans Mr. and Mrs. James H. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Robert GrootersMr. Glenn Davis Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Ewald Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fulstone Mr. Michael GumportMr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Davis Far Niente Winery Ms. Barbara Gameroff Mr. Kim Gustafson 17
  19. 19. FellowshipBenefactorsFellowship Benefactors fund theresearch of one Fellow for oneyear at a level of $10,000.This is a Mr. and Mrs. Steve Haber Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ms. Mary H. Jaffefully tax-deductible contribution Dr. and Mrs. Topper Hagerman Herrington Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Jagelsthat provides an opportunity for Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hahn Mr. Gerald Hertz and Mr. and Mrs. John V. Jaggersthe benefactor to participate in aphilanthropic endeavor by not Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Halbert Ms. Jessica Waldman Dr. Anil Jainonly making a financial contribu- Mr. and Mrs. Bo Hale Ms. Nancy J. Hertzfeld Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Jamesontion to the educational and Mr. and Mrs. Duane L. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Heuer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jellinek, Jr.research year but also to get to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hallin Dr. and Mrs. Louis S. Heuser Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Jenningsknow the designated Fellow. Each Mr. Tod Hamachek The William and Flora Hewlett Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jensenbenefactor is assigned a Fellow,who provides written reports Dr. and Mrs. Gaines Hammond Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ole T. Jensenand updates of his or her work. Handelsman Family Foundation Mr. James E. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold JeromeWe extend our gratitude to the Ms. Carole A. Hansen Ms. Carol Hiett Col. and Mrs. John Jeter, Jr.following individuals for their Mr. James E. Hanson II Ms. Blanche C. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Calvin R. Johnsongenerous support: Ms. Margret E. Hargreaves- Ms. Lyda Hill Mr. and Mrs. Charles JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Mitch Hart Allen Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hilty Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.The Fred and Elli Iselin Harlan Estate Mr. John Hire Johnson, Jr. Foundation Mr. Densmore Hart Mr. Charles Hirschler and Ms. Kim JohnsonMr. and Mrs. John W. Jordan Mr. Kevin P. Harte Ms. Marianne Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Howard J.Mr. S. Robert Levine Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hartley Dr. Charles Ho JohnstonMr. and Mrs. Kent LoganMr. Charles McAdam Mr. Ivan Hass Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Hodel Mr. Charles A. JonesMr. and Mrs. Jay Precourt Mr. Edward Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Mr. Dan JonesMr. and Mrs. Stewart Turley Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Hathaway Hollerbach Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jones Mr. and Mrs. Christian Haub Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Laurence R. Mr. R. Neil Hauser Ms. Jane Hood Jones, Jr. Mrs. Horace Havemeyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Preston Hotchkis Mr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Jordan Mrs. Marian Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. David G. Howard Mr. and Mrs. John Judkins, Jr. Ms. Beverly E. Hay De Chevrieux Howard Head Sports Medicine Dr. and Mrs. Jay Kaiser Ms. Elise Hayes Center Mr. and Mrs. Han M. Kang Mr. Frank E. Healey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huether Dr. George C. Kaplan HealthONE LLC Mr. Jay Huffard Ms. Peggy L. Karcher Mr. and Mrs. David Healy Mr. Sydney J. Huffines Mr. and Mrs. John Karoly Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Hearst Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hume Ms. Beth Kasser Ms. Lynne Heilbron Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Huzzard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kaufman Mr. John Heilmann and Ms. Laurie Z. Hyland Mr. and Mrs. Rob Kelly Ms. Karmyn Hall Mr. and Mrs. Dunning Idle IV Mrs. Rose Kelly Ms. Patti Held Mr. and Mrs. Michael Immel Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Kershaw Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Ingram Mr. Umesh Khimji Heninger Admiral and Mrs. Bobby Inman Mr. Herbert F. Kincey Mr. George Henschke Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Irgens Mr. and Mrs. David V. King Dr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Skip Kinsley, Jr. Hernandez Mr. Doak Jacoway Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kintsch 18
  20. 20. Winter Winemaker FestivalFriends of the Foundation Wine connoisseurs had an unparalleled opportunity to notSteven and Michele Kirsch Mr. George Lichter Ms. Leah V. McEachern only sample rare French wines but also to meet their winemak- Foundation Ms. Sally P. Lieberman Mr. Rick McGarrey ers and winery executives,Mr. and Mrs. Stewart C. Mr. and Mrs. William G. Mr. and Mrs. John W. McGee January 16-17, as the Steadman◆ Kissinger Lindsay, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arch McGill Hawkins Research FoundationMs. Phyllis Klawsky Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Litz Mr. and Mrs. Calvin McLachlan hosted “An ExtraordinaryMr. and Mrs. Ron Klein Mr. and Mrs. Arne Ljunghag Mr. Douglas McLaughlin Winemaker Evening” and “Evening in Bordeaux,” hosted byMs. Joanne P. Kleinstein Ms. Norma Loeser Ms. Norma Jean McLaughlin Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard SteadmanMr. Peter Kline Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dr. Jary McLean and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shpall.WeMr. and Mrs. Peter Knoop Loewenstern Mr. and Mrs. John McMillian wish to extend a special thanksMr. and Mrs. Walt Koelbel Mr. Sulejman Lolovic Mr. and Mrs. John G. McMurtry and appreciation to the followingMs. June Kolb Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Long Mr. and Mrs. Karl Mecklenburg wineries, winemakers, executives, chefs, and restaurants for creat-Ms. Brigitte E. Kopper Mr. and Mrs. Ian Long Mr. Richard H. Medland ing two very special evenings:Ms. Karen Korfanta Ms. Eileen Lordahl Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. MeekDr. and Mrs. Alex Kowblansky Mr. and Mrs. James Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Mehling Mr. Hubert de BoüardMr. Paul R. Krausch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Lupo Mr. and Mrs. Enver Château AngélusMr. and Mrs. Bob Krohn Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lynch Mehmedbasich Mr. Frédéric EngererMr. James Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Lynch Ms. Joy Melsen Château Latour Mr. Paul FerzaccaMr. and Mrs. Thomas Kyllo Mr. David S. MacIvor Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mercy, Jr. La Tour Restaurant,VailMr. Harvey Lamm Mr. Peter MacEchnie Mr. Ron Michaud Mr. Gildas d’OlloneMr. and Mrs. Marvin V. Mr. and Mrs. John Madden III Mr. and Mrs. George Middlemas Château Pichon-Longueville- Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Madero Mr. Dan Miller Comtesse de LalandeMr. Douglas Landin Ms. Nancy J. Madison General George Miller Mr. Jean-Guillaume Prats Château Cos d’EstournelMr. and Mrs. C. John Ms. Jane G. Madry Mr. Robert E. Miller Mr.Thomas Salamunovich Langley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Mahaffey Mr. Thomas Mines Larkspur RestaurantMrs. Madeleine Larson Mr. David Maher The Minneapolis Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jim ShpallMr. Chester A. Latcham Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Main Mr. Ike Misali Applejack Wine and SpiritsMr. and Mrs. Conrad R. Lattes Dr. and Mrs. Scott Mair Mr. and Mrs. Robert MondaviMs. Katherine Lawrence Dr. Neil Maki Mr. and Mrs. Brad MoodyMs. Alice Leahey Dr. Roger Mann Mr. Alan D. MooreMr. David Leety Mr. Stewart Marcus Mr. Jim MoranMr. and Mrs. Robert Lemos Ms. Adrienne K. Marks Mr. and Mrs. Jean-ClaudeMr. Thomas C. Leonhardt Mr. and Mrs. Mike Marsh MoritzMr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Less Mr. and Mrs. William Martin Mr. Sasha MoritzBrigadier General Samuel K. Ms. Patricia L. Marx Ms. Myra D. Mossman Lessey, Jr. Mr. Frank Mastriana Dr. and Mrs. Van C. MowDr. and Mrs. Andrew Levada Mr. Jason C. Matt Ms. Dorothy MoyerMr. Burton Levy Mr. and Mrs. Grant Maw Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence MuellerMr. Marvin B. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. May Ms. Jane MuhrckeMr. and Mrs. Greg Lewis Mr. and Mrs. John McBride Mr. and Mrs. WilliamMr. and Mrs. Joe Lewis Mr. Donald S. McCluskey Murphy, Jr. 19
  21. 21. Steadman-Hawkins Sanctuary GolfTournament, September 13The Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation was selected byRE/MAX International, a global real estate firm, to hold the firstSteadman-Hawkins Golf Classic at the Sanctuary, a premier golf Ms. Bonnie E. Murray Ms. DiAnn Pappresort located south of Denver. Proceeds from the tournament Mr. and Mrs. Robert Musser Mr. and Mrs. Preston Parishsupport the development of new procedures and methodology tobattle degenerative arthritis.The tournament was open to the Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Ms. Carol S. Parkspublic and included participants from the Denver Broncos and Myers Mr. and Mrs. William K.Colorado golf pros. Mr. and Mrs. Mike G. Myers Parsons The Steadman◆Hawkins Research Foundation is grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Trygve E. Myhren Mr. Richard PearlstoneDave and Gail Liniger, owners and co-founders of RE/MAX Mr. and Mrs. James Nadon Mr. and Mrs. Tage PedersenInternational, who created this unique opportunity for the Ms. Lynne Napolilli Ms. Pat PeeplesFoundation to develop and enhance relationships with those whosupport our mission. In addition, we wish to express our sincere Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Nardick Mr. and Mrs. Maurie Peltoappreciation to the following sponsors and participants: Dr. and Mrs. R. Deva Nathan Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pelton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neal Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. PendletonHole Sponsors, $7,500: Highline Sports andThe Coca Cola Company Entertainment Ms. Cindy Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Bob PenkhusHoward Head Sports Medicine Innovation Sports Mr. and Mrs. George Peter Hughes Diving, Inc. Center Marin Radiology, and Nelson, Jr. Ms. Virginia PfeifferThe Kline Werner Wealth Diversified Radiology Mr. R. A. Nelson Mr. Joseph Phelps Management Group, McDonald Financial Group/ Dr. Todd Neugent Mr. and Mrs. Brian Phillips Merrill Lynch Key BankReGen Biologics Sanctuary New Sheridan Hotel Mr. John B. PhillipsVail Resorts, Inc. Mr. J. Richard Steadman, M.D. New York New York Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pierce Mr.William I. Sterett, M.D. & Casino Mr. and Mrs. David PietenpolTeam Sponsors, $5,000: Swift & Company Mrs. Elizabeth Nickel Dr. and Mrs. Michael PietrzakBC Natural Mr.William Tutt Ms. Catherine Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. PlettBooth Creek Management Mr. Norm Waite, Jr.CBIZ Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Steven PopeColorado Orthopedic Individual Sponsors: Mr. Charles Norton, Jr. Mr. Douglas Powell Imaging Associates Mr. Dan Armour Ms. Colleen K. Nuese-Marine Mr. and Mrs. Graham PowersDarwin Partners Mr. Peter MacEchnie Mr. and Mrs. Denny O’Brien Mr. Stephen PriceMr.Toby Dawson Mr. Gary Loo Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Dwyer Mrs. Ashley H. PriddyDenver Broncos Football Club Mr.Tom Ray andFaegre & Benson Mr. Bob Christensen Mr. Walter T. O’Hara Mr. W. James ProwseMr. Richard J. Hawkins, M.D. Trauma Recovery Systems Mr. Larry O’Reilly Mr. Robert PuckettHealthONE Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Oehl Mr. John Quinlan Ms. Jeannette C. Ogilvy Mr. and Mrs. Merrill L. Quivey Mr. Edwin Olmsted Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Radamus Mr. Robert Olsen Mr. and Mrs. David Raff Mr. and Mrs. John Oltman Mr. and Mrs. David Rahn Mr. Donald R. Osborn Ms. Anne E. Rainey Mr. John Osterweis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rakich Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Owen Dr. Arun Ramappa Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Owens Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Oxford Rammrath Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Page Mr. Carl Rand Mr. Stephen Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Felix D. Rappaport 20