Proyecto i4ms cloudSME cloud based simulation platform for manufacturing


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Presentación proyecto CloudSME - Rubén Vallés, Instituto BIFI de la Universidad de Zaragoza (partner del proyecto), en la jornada celebrada en SPRI - Bilbao, el 21 de Noviembre 2013. La jornada ha estado dirigida a Pymes del sector TIC innovadoras en el entorno de fabricación y/o Pymes manufactureras dispuestas a ser usuarios tempranos de nuevas tecnologías TIC. Estas empresas participarán en un ecosistema de innovación que les permitirá una mejora significativa de sus actividades de I+D. Durante la Jornada se han expuesto los detalles de la iniciativa I4MS, sobre las convocatorias de experimentos, así como los proyectos que se están desarrollando en este marco.

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Proyecto i4ms cloudSME cloud based simulation platform for manufacturing

  1. 1. CloudSME Cloud based Simulation Platform for Manufacturing and Engineering Rubén Vallés I4MS Information Day, 21st November (Bilbao) This Project is funded by the European Union under grant agreement no: 608886
  2. 2. CloudSME details * Work Programme : FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FoF - Factories of the Future (FoF) * Challenge 7: ICT for the Enterprise and Manufacturing * Objective addressed : Objective FoF-ICT-2013.7.1 Application experiments for robotics and simulation * Coordinator Person: Dr Tamas Kiss (University of Westminster) * CloudSME: * * Cloud for Small and Medium size Enterprises * * Cloud-based Simulation platform for Manufacturing and Engineering ( official title ) Make me cloud CloudSME started 1st July 2013 and lasts for 30 Months
  3. 3. Background and motivations * * Simulation solutions are widely used in engineering and manufacturing, but… SMEs in particular face many hurdles to effectively utilise such advanced tools * * * * * purchase software licenses of the simulation software require qualified staff to use the simulation software purchase advanced hardware to run the simulations Require system engineering to setup and operate hardware, operating systems and the simulation software itself Cloud computing provides a solution here * * * characterized by on-demand self-service, internet access, resource pooling, elastic scalability and pay-per-use accounting cloud infrastructure services can only help to address the issue of the hardware capital expenditure, while the other issues still remain A one-stop-shop for the simulation software service is required to solve all these issues
  4. 4. Project objectives 1. Build a simulation platform that allows seamless access to multiple heterogeneous cloud resources and provides a high level of abstraction to users when accessing these resources for simulations in a one-stopshop solution. 2. 3. 4. Provide a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution 5. Enable SMEs in the manufacturing and engineering domain to access simulation services 6. Implement the CloudSME Simulation Platform in a way that is independent from the underlying cloud infrastructure Create a generic simulation platform for engineering and manufacturing. Enable simulation software providers to offer cloud-based SaaS simulation solutions
  5. 5. Project objectives 7. Provide seamless access to HPC resources in order to speed up the simulations on-demand 8. Illustrate the usability of the developed CloudSME Simulation Platform by implementing several use-cases for manufacturing/engineering SMEs 9. Operate a production quality cloud infrastructure 10. Disseminate the results of the project in the manufacturing/engineering domain and raise awareness of the CloudSME Simulation Platform 11. Lead and significantly contribute to the standardisation of cloud-based simulation services 12. Define generic and concrete business models for SMEs in the manufacturing/engineering sector to facilitate the take-up of cloud-based simulation solutions
  6. 6. Partnership Gateway provider Provide customised gateway as the basis for the PaaS solution: MTA-SZTAKI (H) Cloud Platform provider Provide seamless access to potentially heterogeneous cloud platforms: CloudBroker (CH), Scaletools (CH) Cloud infrastructure providers Academic and commercial clouds Commercial: CloudSigma (CH), Academic: SZTAKI (H), UoW (UK) and Unizar (E) Project coordination - UoW (UK) Utilise PaaS based on their software packages to build custom simulation solutions for end-users – Ascomp (CH), Simul8 (UK), INGECON (E), 2MoRO (F), ~3 new simulation software provider s Dissemination and Marketing - Unizar (E), Sanderwerbung (D) Simulation platforms providers Development of end-user case studies – Brunel University (UK), UoW (UK) End users Utilise SaaS solution based on the CloudSME Simulation Platform - Podoactiva (E), Saker Solutions (UK), Eurobios (F), Cutting Tools (UK), ~7 new end-users
  7. 7. The CloudSME Simulation Platform
  8. 8. The CloudSME Simulation Platform II Simulation Users Simulation Providers
  9. 9. Development of Industrial Cloud-based Simulation Software ad Applications * Porting simulation software products of current partners to the CloudSME platform * * Simul8 by Simul8 Corp. * Bfly by 2MoRO * * TransAT by Ascomp 3D Scan by Ingecon Implementing use-cases of current partners * Environmental fluid mechanics by Eurobios and Ascomp * Discreet event simulation by Saker and Simul8 * Aircraft maintenance by 2MoRO * 3D Scan insole design by Podoactiva and Ingecon * Use-case of a newcomer to simulation software - CTOOLS
  10. 10. Podoactiva + Ingecon use case
  11. 11. 2MORO use case * Aircrafts maintenance BFLY
  12. 12. Overview of the Open Call * Aim of the Open Call: * * To find 10 further SMEs representing at least 6 different use-cases to demonstrate the capabilities of the CloudSME Simulation platform Companies who are eligible to apply: * Manufacturing/engineering SMEs who are potential customers of current simulation software provider project partners * “New” simulation software providers with existing or potential clients in manufacturing/engineering * Manufacturing/engineering SMEs who are potential customers of simulation software providers applying for the call * Potential applicants: * individual SMEs applying as potential end-user of one of current simulation software (Simul8, Bfly, 3D Scan, TransAT) * group of SMEs including one “new” simulation software provider and one or more enduser of the provider’s product.
  13. 13. Open Call dates * * * * Publication of Open Call – M10.5 (mid May 2014) Close of the call – M12 (30 June 2014) Start of the new experiments – M18 (1 January 2015) The content of proposals (to be defined: DRAFT ) * * * Summary/abstract * General information about the consortium and/or individual proposers Industrial relevance, impact and exploitation plans Work-plan (implementation) and concept (scope of the work, level of support required from the core project partners, description of the proposed use-cases, the proposed simulation software to be used, the way the simulation software is planned to be applied)
  14. 14. Contact * Coordinator * Dr. Tamas Kiss Email: Phone/Fax: +44 79115000 ext 64526 * Administrative and Financial Coordinator * * Prof. Stephen Winter Email: Marketing * Andreas Ocklenburg Email: Phone: +49 (0) 203 - 99 3 77-64 URL:
  15. 15. * Thank you very much for your attention