Europa 2020. I+D+i. Oportunidades y Experiencias en Europa. Jose Miguel Erdozain IK4


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Presentación "Oportunidades y experiencias en Europa". Jose Miguel Erdozain de IK4 en la jornada celebrada el día 12 de Noviembre en Bilbao: European opportunities and experiences. The future of R&D&I explained by the European Comissioner for Research, Innovation and Science.


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Europa 2020. I+D+i. Oportunidades y Experiencias en Europa. Jose Miguel Erdozain IK4

  1. 1. General Presentation Bilbao, 12th November 2013
  2. 2. What is IK4? We are a Private Alliance of 9 Research Centers from the
  3. 3. Federal Organization close to Industry BASQUE COUNTRY
  4. 4. Hallmarks Private non-profit research organizations. Organized according to specialization in technologies. Strongly linked to companies: • Over 50% private funding. • Stable collaborations with driving-force companies and SMEs. • R&D Projects with over 800 companies in 2012. Scientific and Technological Excellence: • A close University - IK4 Research Alliance relationship. • Presence in global knowledge networks.
  5. 5. Vision To be a benchmark in knowledge within its technologies, and in the transformation of knowledge into value for companies. To be recognized in the research sector as an organization generating added value for business. Focus on results To line up our scientific and technological development paths with the main European Union’s Science, Technology and Innovation Plans. This model encourages results: Excellence. Specialization. The involvement of industry and institutions in
  6. 6. Source: Tech. Centers 2012 oficial data
  7. 7. Business Impact Total income: Turnover from Private Companies: Patents submitted: Patents obtained (2012) / (Total): Spin-offs (2012) / (Total): 108.2 M€ 62.2 % 36 12 / 86 6 / 82 Private Clients: 883 People transf. Businesses: 154 Scientific-Technological Excellence Publications-Communications: 540 ISI Articles: 176 Congress communications: 287 Intern. Congresses organized: 2 Books published on international publishing companies: 36 Doctoral theses related to projects: 39 Source: Tech. Centers 2012 oficial data
  8. 8. IK4 Research Alliance’s Strategic Areas Energy Smart Manufacturing Health Transport & Mobility
  9. 9. IK4’s goals in Framework Programme • • • • Networking. Collaborative Research with Research Centers from European Union. Active participation in ERA. Pull & Assist companies in their participation in FP. (both drivingforce companies and Specially SMEs) Contrast & Compare the own level of the excellence with benchmark research centers in EU. Viable funding model: 50% private – 50% public. Support the funding of own specialization.
  10. 10. UE Projects (VII FP) IK4 Economic Return 82,1 M€ Number of projects 222 Number of led projects 63 % UE funding regard to IK4’s R&D
  11. 11. Areas Energy 6% Transport 10% Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Producton Technologies 46% Informaton and Communicaton Technologies 22%
  12. 12. Pull companies in their participation in FP UE Projects Number of projects Number of led projects 222 63 Number of Basque companies in IK4’s H2020 Projects: 185
  13. 13. IK4’s positioning in H2020’s Strategic Initiatives • • • • The participation of IK4 on 7th FP and projects have been very successful. IK4 tries to boost the structuring and participation in initiatives to define the medium-long term research topics. IK4 promotes to take into account the own needs and the needs of the Basque companies in the topics of the EU’s programs. IK4 is participating in the main EU’s organizations that structure the research and innovation activity.
  14. 14. H2020 Perspective SET (Strategic Energy Technology) Plan KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Communities) JTIs (Joint Technology Initiatives) EIP (European Innovation Partnerships) ETP (European Technology Platform) EIT (European Institute Technology) PPPs (Public Private Partnership)
  15. 15. Presence in European initiatives European initiatives Specific initatves IK4 initiatives JP Energy Storage, JP Concentrated Solar Power, SET Plan EERA (Strategic Energy Technology) (European Energy Research Area) JP Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies (FCs&H2), JP Smart Grids. JP wind
  16. 16. Presence in European initiatives European initiatives Specific initatves EPoSS IK4 initiatives Steering Committee. (European Platform on Smart Systems Integration) ETPs (European Technology Platforms) NANOfutures EUMAT Active member. Participation in the Roadmap NANOfutures and European proposal NANOfutures NMP led "European Union - Latin America Cooperation in Nanotechnologies". Active Member.
  17. 17. Presence in European initiatives European initiatives Specific initatves IK4 initiatives IMI2 (Innovative Medicines Initiatives) CLEAN SKY2 SHIFT TO RAIL Joining process. Signed MoU ARTEMIS (ECSEL) Presidium (Artemis) JTIs (Joint Technology Initatves) EMIRI (Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative) Bio based Industries Promoting the process of definition Promoting the process of definition
  18. 18. Presence in European initiatives European initiatives Specific initatves IK4 initiatives Green Vehicles/EGVIA E2B (Energy Efficient Buildings) (Public Private Partnerships) Active Member EFFRA y Manufuture PPPs Active Member of European Green Vehicles Initiative. Active Member EuRobotics Member of Board of Directors. SPIRE (SUSTAINABLE PROCESS INDUSTRY European Industrial Competitiveness through Resource & Energy Efficiency) Future Internet
  19. 19. Presence in European initiatives European initiatives Specific initatves Smart Manufacturing IK4 initiatives KIC Added Value Manufacturing promotion: wave 2016 KICs (Knowledge & Innovaton Communites) AHA (Active Living & Healthy Ageing) KIC Active Living and Healthy Ageing promotion: wave 2014
  20. 20. Presence in European initiatives European initiatives Specific initatves IK4 initiatives Fall prevention (A2), Prevention of functional decline and frailty (A3) AHA (Active Living & Healthy Ageing) EIPs (European Innovaton Partnerships) Integrated care (B3), Independent living (C2), Prescription and adherence to treatment (A1), Innovation for Age-friendly building,cities and environments (D4). Smart Cities Raw materials Smart Cities and Communities Initiative
  21. 21. Muchas Gracias Eskerrik asko Thank you