SPN Ogilvy DI Audi A1 Sportback Case


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Audi A1 Sportback launch in digital. MORE THAN YOU EXPECT

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SPN Ogilvy DI Audi A1 Sportback Case

  1. 1. Audi A1 Sportback launch in digitalMORE THAN YOU EXPECT
  2. 2. Project background Audi is viewed as a luxury brand, the name synonymous with quality automobiles.The A1 Sportback has introducedan entirely new group of customersto the Audi brand as young urbanprofessionals, young families and as asecond vehicle for the family.More then you can expect…We have to convince consumers thatsmall car has a lot of power, and idealcar for citizens. It is the car for youngurban and trendy audience.
  3. 3. Project goals Draw attention through opinion-leaders to urban vehicle with a dynamic heart that well-suited to everyday driving EXAMPLE Project GoalsEncourage people EXAMPLE EXAMPLEto come take a Experience that A1test drive in the Sportback is morenew A1 Sportback than you expect
  4. 4. Where is our target audience? Trunk Shows atExhibitions Concerts concept stores Parties Movie premiers
  5. 5. Why we consider them the chosen ones? Trendsetters in lifestyle is a new generation that is the soul of every event, build brand loyalty and drive sales.Thanks to social media they can set trends to biggest audience!Opinion leaders help persuade people to act. Seeing somebody they know and trust talk about the issue can close the deal. The remarkable sporty Audi A1 Sportback could now be even more affordable than you expect. MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE ... But how people will believe in it?
  6. 6. Big Idea!Our main idea was to select relevantopinion leaders for our target audienceand create environment for them to testand share their experience of brand newAudi A1 Sportback. 6
  7. 7. Overall Description of Project Creating on Facebook Every trendsetter got application w/ 2 Tabs: branded car for 1 week and published 5-7 posts with 1. Test drive application information about the new 2. Video and photo diaries of audi pilots, car decription. Audi A1 Sportback. Every message was with call to action to experience it on your own by special tab on Facebook for test- We have chosen the most popular people drives in the city – DJs, musicians, owners of restaurants, TV-hosts, designers – who are trendsetters in their area and with strongBranded 3 cars with original accounts on Facebook ( +4000 friends)design *- AdverMap
  8. 8. Communication channel:Opinion leadersCommunication message:Audi A1 Sportback is more than you expect!
  9. 9. Communication concept To give target audience an opportunity to experience Audi A1 Sportback we have combined engagement with trendsetters with media relations, viral video and photo buzz to influence on audience through social networks As a result trendsetters become our strong brand ambassadors and are loyal to the Audi brand till now.
  10. 10. Communication workflow Facebook Media support (banners advertising atTrendsetters announcements Mainpeople/ Look At + application Me)
  11. 11. Work with trendsetters Top case• 6 photo sessions of trendsetters with A1Sportback• filming 30 videos for «Drivers Diaries»• 122 publications in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram) • DJ Burzuy• DJ Zlata• Daniil Grachev,13 editor of lifestyle site • Dima Borisov, owner of restaurants main • Yulia Nelson, singer «Mainpeople» • Tomato Jaws, musicians• Mike Tsvetaev, pr-manager of restaurants • Kseniia Marchenko, designer• DJ Artem Neba • Svetlana Bovkun, senior pr manager of• Dennis Dovgopoliy, organizer of Startup EURO 2012 and Venture Capital Data Base • Maxim Nekrasov, Quintessentially Ukraine
  12. 12. Tomato Jaws, music band
  13. 13. Yulia Nelson, singer
  14. 14. Dima Borisov, restaurator
  15. 15. Mike Tsvetaev, pr-manager
  16. 16. Video Diaries on YouTube 516
  17. 17. Facebook ApplicationsApp #1. Video & Photo diaries App #2. Test drive order
  18. 18. Results• 12 opinion-leaders from different areas (business, fashion, art, music, TV) in Ukraine became pilots of Audi A1 Sportback and shared their experiences with others on their Facebook pages by uploading photos- and video-diaries• 122 publications from opinion-leaders during April-May. Message take out for opinion-leaders posts was «More Then You Expect»• 20 722 views on YouTube of Video Diaries from test drive• Audi Facebook community grew on 2 171% (+ 4 322 new fans from different Ukrainian cities).• This made Audi Ukraine Facebook community on the top of all automobile branded groups and pages in Ukraine by brand involvement in May-July by AdverMap
  19. 19. 144 people from all over Ukrainecompleted test drives ofAudi A1 Sportback 19
  20. 20. Thank YouMORE THAN YOU EXPECT