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Twc2 Final Ppt Twc2 Final Ppt Presentation Transcript

  • SPARKS With URex, You Relax! 1
  • Video of Advertisement 2
  • Content Competitive Landscape Original, Creative & Innovative Final Idea Market Research Prototype Business Plan How it solves the problem With URex, You Relax! 3 View slide
  • Competitive Landscape What do you use to clear hair/unwanted particles from the shower drains? Water Bare Hands Clippers Plastic gloves/bags With URex, You Relax! 4 View slide
  • Final Idea: URex Version 4.0 Retractable Handle With URex, You Relax! 5
  • Prototype With URex, You Relax! 6
  • Packaging With URex, You Relax! 7
  • Packaging With URex, You Relax! 8
  • How URex solves the pain? Do not need to clear the dirty particles and hair every day Do not need to get in direct contact with the dirty particles With URex, You Relax! 9
  • Original? Creative? Innovative? Original Improvisation done on the lid Can be lifted Creative Uses sieve instead of holes Retractable handle With URex, You Relax! 10
  • Original? Creative? Innovative? Innovative Adaption from available product in the market Simple mechanism With URex, You Relax! 11
  • Finances Cost of 1 URex (Bulk Price) Items Cost Materials: Sieve S$1.50 Handle S$0.10 Sub-total S$1.60 Packaging: Plastic Ziplock S$0.20 Manual S$0.10 Cover S$0.80 Sub-total S$1.10 Total S$2.70 With URex, You Relax! 12
  • Finances Cost of 50 URex Items Cost Materials: Sieve(S$1.50 x 50) S$75.00 Handle(S$0.10 x 50) S$5.00 Sub-total S$80.00 Packaging: Plastic Ziplock(S$0.20 x 50) S$10.00 Manual(S$0.10 x 50) S$5.00 Cover(S$0.80 x 50) S$40.00 Sub-total S$55.00 Total S$135.00 With URex, You Relax! 13
  • Market Research Do you think our selling price of S$4.90 is reasonable? Yes No With URex, You Relax! 14
  • Finances Selling Price: S$4.90 Breakeven Point = 135/4.90 = 28 URex With URex, You Relax! 15
  • Sales & Marketing Advertisement Direct sales With URex, You Relax! 16
  • Sales & Marketing Contacted NTUC With URex, You Relax! 17
  • Sales & Marketing Video of Mocca 18
  • Sales & Marketing Post Advertisements on Mocca 19
  • Satisfied Customers Not only 1! With URex, You Relax! 20
  • Satisfied Customers We have 50! With URex, You Relax! 21
  • Finances Sparks’ Pte Ltd Profit & Loss Statement Account $ Revenue 50 x S$4.90 S$245.00 Less Expenses 50 x S$2.70 S$135.00 Profits S$110.00 With URex, You Relax! 22
  • Market Research We conducted a follow-up survey with buyers after usage of URex. With URex, You Relax! 23
  • Market Research Do you feel that URex is useful? % of respondents With URex, You Relax! 24
  • Market Research Would you recommend this product to others? % of respondents With URex, You Relax! 25
  • Market Research What improvements you want to see? Detachable handle Colours and Sizes With URex, You Relax! 26
  • THE END! With URex, You Relax! 27