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Are you confused by all the social media marketing lingo and terms? You are not alone! SO! What? SOcial introduces the complete glossary of social media terms for those interested in social media marketing. Master these terms and you'll be a social media know-it-all in no time guaranteed!

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SOcial Media Marketing Terms

  1. 1. SOcial Media Marketing Terms © SO! What? SOcial
  2. 2. (A) API – Application Programming Interface,commonly used by developers – it is code that is intended to be used by other software components to communicate with one other. Avatar – graphical images that represent people. They can be a logo, image, or photo. © SO! What? SOcial
  3. 3. (B)B2B – Business to Business, commonly used to describe the type of customers a company sells their products to.B2C – Business to Consumer, commonly used to describe the type of customers a company sells their products to. Blog – short for the word Weblog, it’s a web page that is similar to a journal or diary, although many companies now use them for business news, tips and tricks. Blogroll – is a list of blogs usually located in the sidebar ofanother blog indicating who that blogger reads on a regular basis. © SO! What? SOcial
  4. 4. (C) Crowdsourcing - a term used to harnessknowledge and skills of a group of peopleto solve a problem or contribute content. CTA – Call-to-action, commonly used in email or marketing campaigns and signifies what you want a person to do once they see your campaign or ad. © SO! What? SOcial
  5. 5. (F) Feeds - are ways in which you can read or listento items from blogs, podcasts, or other RSS feedswithout going to the actual websites. You can set up the feed to be delivered to you via email or you can go to the feed site.Freemium – a type of business model that offersyou some of the product for free and then allows you to upgrade and add additional options for a premium price. © SO! What? SOcial
  6. 6. (H)Hashtag – is the pound sign (#) that is putin front of keywords or phrases and used on Twitter so that people can track and follow those conversations easily © SO! What? SOcial
  7. 7. (I)iOS - is a mobile operating system developed by Apple. © SO! What? SOcial
  8. 8. (M) Metatags - are keywords that are embedded in your HTML of your website that provideinformation about the site’s content and allow search engines to categorize your site. Microblogging - the act of posting short messages to a website. For example, Twitter is a microblogging site. © SO! What? SOcial
  9. 9. (N) News feed – is a feed full of news that you want to receive or have subscribedto. For example, for Twitter it is all of thetweets from the people you are following comprise your news feed. For Facebook,all of your “friends” posts are considered your news feed. © SO! What? SOcial
  10. 10. (O)OS – stands for Operating System andis a program loaded onto a computer or mobile device that performs common basic tasks such as sending output to the display screen. © SO! What? SOcial
  11. 11. (P)Permalink - A web address (URL) of a particular post within a blog or websitePlugin – is a software component that adds functionality to a websiteor blog. For example, social sharing buttons are usually packaged as a plugin so that it allows people to share from your website or blog.Podcast – video or audio content that can be subscribed to and then downloaded from a website so that you can view or listen offline.Post – text that you type in a box on a web page to educate or inform others of news or information you wish to share on the internet to an audience © SO! What? SOcial
  12. 12. (R) ROI – an acronym that stands for return oninvestment and refers to what you will get inreturn for the amount of time or money you are investing in something.RSS – stands for really simple syndication and it allows you to subscribe to blogs or othermedia and have it delivered to you through a feed. © SO! What? SOcial
  13. 13. (S) SEO – Search Engine Optimization, used when talking about keywords that increase your search rank on web search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Status update – commonly used to refer to a post on Facebook, it is text you type into a web page to educate or inform an audience on the interenet. SMO – Social media (or marketing) optimization, is the measure of social activity that attracts users to website content.Social bookmarking – is the act of adding a link to a website that canbe organized and tagged by the user. Examples of social bookmarking sites are Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Delicious. © SO! What? SOcial
  14. 14. (W) Widget – is a chunk of code that allows you to add functionality to your website without you having to write any codeyourself. It usually displays static content, although sometimes they are derived from plugins and can be someone dynamic with rotating text for example. © SO! What? SOcial
  15. 15. SO! What? A SOcial MediaCompany. Engage. Connect. SOcialize Located in Vancouver More information? Connect with us! © SO! What? SOcial