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  • As the largest grass-roots fundraiser and public awareness vehicle for Special Olympics, the LETR raised over $42.1 million in 2011. Fundraising is only part of what the officers involved with the initiative give to the movement. Our athletes say law enforcement officers are truly supportive of the cause – extending to them friendship, acceptance and encouragement. The Law Enforcement Torch Run® for Special Olympics (LETR) began in 1981, when Wichita, Kansas (USA) Police Chief Richard LaMunyon saw an urgent need to increase awareness of Special Olympics. He also saw it as an ideal way to get local law enforcement personnel involved with the Special Olympics community. The LETR was quickly adopted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), now recognized as the founding organization of the Special Olympics Law enforcement Torch Run®. What started as a flicker, thirty-two years ago, has grown into a roaring flame of support and stability for Special Olympics athletes worldwide.At its most basic level, the LETR is a running event in which officers and athletes carry the Flame of Hope® to the Opening Ceremony of Special Olympics local competitions, state and provincial Games, and National Summer or Winter Games. In addition, every two years, law enforcement officers from around the world gather to carry the Flame of Hope® in a Final Leg torch run in honor of the Special Olympics World Summer or World Winter Games. Overall, the LETR initiative encompasses a variety of fundraising vehicles. These include T-shirt and merchandise sales, donations and pledges for runners who participate in the LETR, corporate partnerships, and special events such as Polar Plunge®, Tip-A-Cop®, World’s Largest Truck Convoy ®, Cops on Top®, golf tournaments and other events that have extensive local appeal.
  • Jack
  • Check everyone’s titles
  • Next level of leadership.Talk about the roles and expectations of each.
  • Highlight vacancies and see if anyone is interested or has someone in mind to fill empty positions.How does the EC want accept new people? Application process?
  • So we covered the leadership structure and how we envision information passing from the EC or SOVT to different areas of the state. Talk about financial structure of SOVT and the role of local programs fundraising for themselvesHere are the components of LETR in Vermont:
  • Should this be $13k or the net?Justin
  • Talk about athletes joining along the way.
  • Bill / Derrick
  • Explain event and opportunity to replicate this event in other parts of the state/other stores.
  • Talk about the whole Irving relationshipBill
  • Ben
  • Jack
  • List all other competition opportunities (13)Justin and Bri - CA
  • Idaho – JackIowa - JackNebraska - JackChina - DerekGreece – Niki YandowTalk about opportunities to participate in the run for USA Games in 2014
  • Advance quality sports: competition events, athlete training, coaches training.Building communities: SOVT families, YAP, ALPS, become an athlete lead movementConnect fans and funds: Raise $Develop movement leadership: Culture of one SOVT, health athletesEstablish sustainable capabilities: Technology, composting.
  • LETR 2013 conference presentation

    1. 1. Law Enforcement Torch Run A global movement in our local community Vermont 1
    2. 2. Guardians of the Flame of Hope for Special Olympics Vermont 2
    3. 3. LETR Goals and Mission Vermont 3
    4. 4. Goals and Mission The mission of the Law Enforcement Torch Run® (LETR) for Special Olympics is to increase awareness and raise funds for the Special Olympics movement. Since its inception in 1981, LETR has grown extensively worldwide with over 142,000 volunteers spanning 48 countries, and raising more than $414 million for the Special Olympics movement. Goals: • Fundraising for Special Olympics • Involving local law enforcement personnel with the Special Olympics community, extending to them friendship, acceptance and encouragement. 4
    5. 5. What is LETR? 5
    6. 6. LETR Leadership Structure in Vermont Vermont 6
    7. 7. LETR Leadership Structure Executive Council Regional Directors Regional Coordinators County Coordinators SOVT Program Coordinators 7 Guardians of the flame carry the Torch during the 2010 National Games in Nebraska
    8. 8. LETR Executive Council SMSgt. Bill Cunningham, USAF ANG Sgt. Justin Huizenga, Williston PD Director: Chief Jack Harris, Lyndonville PD Officer Brianne Williamson, South Burlington PD Officer Ben Hollwedel, Williston PD Lloyd Goodrow, retired National Guard Athlete Representative (TBD) 8
    9. 9. LETR Regional Directors & Coordinators Champlain Valley Region Director: Chief Trevor Whipple, South Burlington PD Regional Coordinator: Sgt. Justin Huizenga, Williston PD 9 Southern Region Director: Chief Robbie Blish, Woodstock PD Regional Coordinator: Lt. Lloyd Dean, XXXX Northeast Kingdom Region Director: Chief Donald Hull, Stowe PD Regional Coordinator: Lt. Bruce Merriam, Stowe PD Central Vermont Region Director: Chief Michael Stevens, Barre Town PD Regional Coordinator: ____________________
    10. 10. LETR County Coordinators Chittenden County Franklin County States Attorney Jim Hughes Addison County Officer Randy Crowe, Bristol PD Grand Isle County Bennington County Chief Steve Crawford, Bennington Fire Department Windsor County Officer Fred Peyton, XXX Windham County Retired Officer John Frechette & Sheriff Brett Gaylord Rutland County Trooper Rene Klementowski, VSP Rutland Caledonia County Essex & Orleans Counties Lamoille County Orange County Washington County 10 Trooper Callie Field, VSP Derby
    11. 11. Overview of LETR Opportunities Vermont 11
    12. 12. Torch Run & T-Shirt Sales Law enforcement and SOVT athletes run the Final Leg of the Torch Run into the opening ceremonies of the 2013 Summer Games In 2013, Torch Run t-shirt sales raised $13,000 for SOVT! 12
    13. 13. 2013 Torch Run Routes Southeast leg: Brattleboro to South Burlington 13 / Special Olympics Program Name Southwest leg: Bennington to South Burlington
    14. 14. 2013 Torch Run Routes Northeast leg: Derby Line to South Burlington 14 Northwest leg: St. Albans to South Burlington
    15. 15. Tip-A-Cop In 2013, Law Enforcement will host 3 Tip-A-Cop events raising an estimated $3,500 for SOVT 15
    16. 16. Cop-On-Top The 2013 Cop-OnTop event at Wilkins Harley-Davidson raised $3,800 for SOVT! 16
    17. 17. To Serve and Protect Day Athletes and local law enforcement team up with an Irving/CircleK station to pump gas, wash windows, and greet patrons. Athletes collect tips for their work that directly supports their delegation and teammates. In 2013, 9 programs raised $3,300. Law Enforcement volunteered at 7 of the events. 17
    18. 18. To Serve & Protect Day in Hartford, VT 18
    19. 19. Dream Ride 19 / Special Olympics Program Name
    20. 20. Medal Draping 20 / Special Olympics Program Name
    21. 21. 21
    22. 22. Regional/National/International Opportunities • Regional and International LETR conferences • 2010 – Long Beach, CA • 2011 – Calgary, Alberta Canada • 2012 – Indianapolis, Indiana • 2013 – Orlando, FL • 2014 – New Orleans, LA • 2015 - Bahamas • SOVT Summer and Winter Games • University of Vermont • Woodstock / Suicide Six 22
    23. 23. Regional/National/International Opportunities • USA Games – every four years, alternating summer and winter sports • 2006 - Iowa • 2010 – Nebraska • 2014 – New Jersey • World Games – every other year, alternating summer and winter sports • 1981 – Vermont hosts the second SO World Winter Games at Smugglers Notch and Stowe • 2007 – Shanghai, China (summer) • 2009 – Boise, Idaho (winter) • 2011 – Athens, Greece (summer) • 2013 – PyeongChang, Republic of Korea (winter) • 2015 – Los Angeles, CA (summer) • 2017 – Austria (winter) • 2019 – Australia, Germany, or South Africa (summer) 23
    24. 24. 2010 USA National Games Torch Run Final Leg Who’s this guy!? 24
    25. 25. Thank you. Vermont 25
    26. 26. Discovering Growth Opportunities in Vermont Vermont 26
    27. 27. Strategic Planning What is it? An organization’s process of defining its strategy and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. Understand the current position and opportunities. Why do it? To develop a collective understanding of where the organization is going and resources and actions need to get there. 27 / Special Olympics Program Name
    28. 28. Strategic Planning Aligned with SOI Strategic Plan and movement priorities 5 Key Pillars: • Advance Quality Sports and Competitions • Build Communities • Connect Fans & Funds • Develop Movement Leadership • Establish Sustainable Capabilities 28Special Olympics Vermont