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SORALUCE Milling Boring Machines

  2. 2. 21962· Foundation of Talleres Soraluce1962 >>1970· Production of radial drilling machines1966 >> 1988· Production of specialmachines – transfer machines196619621971 >> 1988· Production ofboring machines19711984 >> 1988· Manufacture ofmachining centres19841988· Production of firstmilling machines19881983· Constitution of Debako –regional industrial group(later DANOBATGROUP)19831986· Foundation of IK4-Idekoresearch and developmentcentre19861989· Design and production of firstSORALUCE milling machine1989
  3. 3. 3INDEX DANOBATGROUP AND MONDRAGON06SORALUCE, MILLING AND BORING SPECIALISTS04OUR VALUES08SORALUCE MILLING-BORING HEADS14IK-4 IDEKO AND GOIMEK07SETTING NEW STANDARDS INMILLING-BORING TECHNOLOGY10T, S, F AND F-MT RANGE18REFERENCES32WORLDWIDE PRESENCE34ORIENTED TO CUSTOMER SECTORS26SORALUCE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS33MILLING AND BORING HEAD AND QUILL RANGE161991· Constitution of MONDRAGON Corporation· BIMATEC-SORALUCE is founded1999· SORALUCE FRANCEis founded2007· LAKBERis founded2011· DANOBATGROUP RUSSIAis founded1993· DANOBATGROUP CHINAis founded1998· SORALUCE ITALIAis founded2010· DANOBATGROUP INDIAis founded1991 1999 2010 20111993 2001 2010Half a century on, SORALUCE not only continues to grow against the physical backdrop of the banks of the DebaRiver, but also continues to transcend its geographical limits through the joint effort of the founders and those whocontinue their work, turning this local reality into a globalised success. The SORALUCE brand name, through a widenetwork of alliances and subsidiaries, is today present in all five continents and is a world reference point in thedesign and production of milling-boring machines.THESATISFACTIONOF A DREAMCOME TRUE
  4. 4. 4SORALUCE, MILLINGand BORING SPECIALISTSFounded in 1962, SORALUCE is one of the global leadersin the design and manufacture of advanced technologyand high performance Milling Machines, Milling-BoringMachines and Machining Centres.In a world where products are ephemeral and technologiesare continually being outdated, SORALUCE has amarked technological vocation and pursues precisionand robustness in its machines above all else. A smartcombination of intelligence and creativity built up overthe last 50 years allows SORALUCE to offer competitivesolutions to customers in their respective sectors.Its commercial activity on the world’s most important andmost demanding Milling-Boring markets such as Germany,China, Italy, Brazil, India and Russia, is concentrated onsectors including Railways, Energy (Wind Power, Nuclear,Gas), Shipbuilding, Construction Machinery and CapitalGoods.With a staff of 270 people all around the world, SORALUCEhas a turnover of some 100 million euros and almost allits production is destined to export.4TURNOVER (1996-2011)01020304050607010080110901201996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012(estimate)PAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  5. 5. 5The company’s success is based on quality, service,technological differentiation and its marked internationalcharacter.SORALUCE currently has four assembly plants in Bergara(Spain) and one Technology Centre in Limburg (Germany).A brand distinguished by its great reliability, high performanceand advanced technology, SORALUCE offers its customerssolutions geared to productivity and efficiency. More than2500 milling and boring machines installed around theworld are proof of its commitment to its customers’ results.SORALUCE is present in 37 countries, through ownedsubsidiaries, portfolio companies and local dealers.5Workshop Plant no. 4 Workshop Plant no. 3 Workshop Plant no. 2
  6. 6. 6DANOBATGROUPand MONDRAGONSORALUCE forms part of DANOBATGROUP, the Machine Tool division of MONDRAGON Corporation, one of the most importantEuropean holding companies. Its production represents 40% of the total Spanish machine tooling market.The Group´s range of products also includes Grinding machines, Turning machines, Sawing & Drilling machines, Compositeparts and Punching machines.These wide ranges of products are marketed under two world renowned brands: DANOBAT (Multi Technological Solutionsspecialists) and SORALUCE (Milling & Boring specialists).The DANOBATGROUP employs around 1050 specialists and has an annual turnover of 220 million euros, 85% of which isattributable to foreign exports.The DANOBATGROUP owns ten first class production plants in Spain, Germany, the UK and India and commercial offices allaround the world.TURNOVER MILLION € - MONDRAGON (2010) WORKFORCE - MONDRAGON (2010)2,73042,2601,030TOTAL: 83,859INDUSTRIALFINANCEDISTRIBUTIONKNOWLEDGE37,839INDUSTRIALTURNOVERFINANCECredit from Caja LaboralDISTRIBUTIONTURNOVER16.4868.2775.712TOTAL: 15,526DANOBATGROUP Headquarters MONDRAGON Corporation HeadquartersPAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  7. 7. 7IK4-IDEKOand GOIMEKIK4-IdekoConscious of the need to develop and innovate its products if it is to remain a market leader for Boring-Milling Machines, SORALUCEis backed by IK4-Ideko, the only Spanish Research and Development Centre dedicated exclusively to Machine Tools, which belongsto DANOBATGROUP.SORALUCE subjects all its components and machines to constant development at the IK4-Ideko Technology Centre. This ensures thatthe design of its products and productivity can be continually improved and adapted to the latest technological innovations.GOIMEKGOIMEK is DANOBATGROUP’s high-precision machining workshop, mainly dedicated to machining the group’s large-sized keycomponents.The workshop, located in the vicinity of the assembly plants, has state-of-the-art machining facilities: gantry milling machines, travellingcolumn milling machines, double column surface grinding machines with tangential and universal wheelheads, measuring machinesin air-conditioned areas, painting cabinets, etc. It guarantees high precision supply of assembly components to the companies in theGroup.IK4-Ideko facilitiesGoimek facilitiesUltra-precision laboratory at IK4-IdekoWorkshop at Goimek
  8. 8. 8ReliabilitySORALUCE milling and boring machines are distinguished by their high reliability, provided by:· Ultra-precision and modern, highly productive resources.· Assembly process defined and verified with absolute rigor by highly skilled operators.· Total inspection: All the machines’ structural, head and key components are internally verified.· Functionality test.· Running test: machine running during for 125 hours (48 non-stop).· Continuous improvement process.and certified by:· More than 2500 machines installed around the world.· Fidelity of our clients with repeat purchases > 61%.· High capacity up-to-date spare part warehouse uptime guaranteed.PrecisionHighest precision of the different elements (heads, machine structural elements, commercial elements, etc) and finalproduct guaranteed by:· R&D focused on improvements to the high precision of our machines: Accura Head, Ram Balance, etc.· High precision manufacturing and measuring machinery.· Critical components manufactured and verified in-house (bed, column, ram, gears, head bodies, etc).· Inspection of 100% of the elements assembled in the machine.· Supplier certification system.· Assembly elements required with 50% below standard tolerance.· In-process verification during assembly process protocol.· In-house manufactured ultra-precision heads.and certified by:· Machine tolerances to ISO standards are achieved mechanically (with no electronic compensation).· Long lasting precision during machine life.CompetitivenessHighly efficient milling-boring machines qualified by:· Highly qualified service engineers.· Minimal downtime during the machine’s working life.· 70 spare heads available for our customers.· Productivity levels optimized by Soraluce custom cycles.· Multi-technological R&D at customer´s service.· Experiences Aplication Department, ready to implement high productivity solutions for different industrial sectors.and certified by:· Assistance in 40 countries.· Assistance in 24-48 hours.· Machine availability > 95%-98%.OUR VALUESPAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. 10Setting NEW STANDARDSin MILLING-BORINGTechnologySORALUCE has an in-house R+D+I team that materializesthe new developments in milling-boring machines andmilling-boring heads defined together with the customers forgreater market intelligence; real technological innovation atthe service of the customers.Additionally, for these type of developments and medium-and long-term research and development, SORALUCE hasthe support and knowledge of IK4-Ideko, the only SpanishResearch and Development Centre dedicated exclusively toMachine Tools.In a world of constant innovation in milling-boring technology,SORALUCE constantly seeks an optimum win-win relationshipwith its customers. To this regard, SORALUCE providestechnologically advanced solutions, previously tested andtotally guaranteed.SORALUCE reinvests more than 7% of its net sales inresearch and development; technologies and innovationsthat differentiate SORALUCE from its competitors. The latesttechnologies are utilized to achieve the highest precision andreliability.RAM BALANCEIMPROVED PRECISION IN LARGE WORKING VOLUMESThe Dynamic CNC Ram Balance System, patented by SORALUCE, basically takes care of the geometricalaccuracy –straightness and parallelism- of the ram traverse over the Y and Z axis travels, and is speciallysuitable for machines equipped with extensive traverses and a head changing system.CNC CONTROLLEDThe system is driven by a numerically controlledservomotor. Drive action is measured using adirect-measuring scale that checks actual systemresponse. The system is 100% controlled at anytime and in any position and with any head.DYNAMICConfigurable compensation values. Tables can bepositioned anywhere in the work area. Works forany position. Different tables created for differentheads. Real time customised compensation.BALANCE SYSTEMThe system works in both positive andnegative directions. This means that optimumcompensation can be achieved for a wide varietyof head weights.RAMBALANCEMODULARQUILLADAPTIVECONTROLACCURAHEADSCUSTOMCYCLESEASYTOOLSECODESIGNServomotorVertical AxisSaddleDampingSystemFixed rollerbearingsLoose roller bearings(one DOF)PlanetaryreductorPlanetaryroller screwMeasuringsystemPAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  11. 11. 11ADAPTIVE CONTROLOPTIMUM PERFORMANCE UNDER CONTROLThe current production scenario, unattended machining is becoming more and moreimportant to continue with the tendency of increasingly cost efficient processes.SORALUCE Adaptive Control consists of an automatic adjustment of the definedcutting parameters depending on the real machining situation that is permanentlymonitored by the Adaptive Control Algorithm integrated into the CNC of the machine.This way, when the real working load on the spindle is less than programmed(less material than expected), the machine can speed up the feed, shortening themachining time. By contrast, when the working load is higher than programmed(more material than expected), the machine automatically slows down the feed toprotect the machine and the workpiece.MODULAR QUILLMILLING & BORING: FINALLY BOTH CONCEPTS IN A SINGLE MACHINE IS 100% REALSORALUCE has redefined the concept of Milling & Boring thanks to its new patent,unique on the market, for a Quill changing system that helps combine the benefits oftraditional boring machines with the advantages of modern milling machines, all inone single machine.The system interchanges the modular quill spindle with the rest of the heads totallyautomatically, thus allowing different quill spindles with different diameters andlengths (Ø 130 - 180 mm / W: 700 - 1000 mm) to be available together with all thenecessary heads to machine any component.RAMBALANCEMODULARQUILLADAPTIVECONTROLACCURAHEADSCUSTOMCYCLESEASYTOOLSECODESIGNRAMBALANCEMODULARQUILLADAPTIVECONTROLACCURAHEADSCUSTOMCYCLESEASYTOOLSECODESIGNTRADITIONAL SOLUTION SORALUCE SOLUTIONLong distance from the column to thespindle nose in automatic heads.That means:Short distance between the automatic head and the column.That means:Less than 32 kW for the indexing heads.Most stable solution: up to 46 kW @ S1 with Automatic /Orthogonal heads; up to 60 kW @ S1 with angular heads.Need to move the component tomachine one component on 5 faces.Compact solution: the spindle axis of the indexing head is at thesame distance as the spindle nose of the boring bar.Machine stopped during quill repairs andrevisions.Non-stop machining. The machine keeps on running all the time,even when checking the quill.Different quill diameters / lengths can be combined in the samemachine.Full interchangeability with standard heads.Maximum flexibility thanks to the full Automatic Head & QuillChanging System.Spindle signal:AC controler output:Limit (set)Machining:OvermaxOvermin100%>>>>
  12. 12. 12CUSTOM CYCLESCUSTOM MADE USER CYCLESThanks to its accumulated knowledge of customers’ real needs, SORALUCEdevelops and provides specific Custom Made User Cycles to facilitateprogramming of repetitive machining operations to be performed on complexcomponents.This Custom Cycles pack includes cycles such as:· Pecking cycles drilling.· Tapmatic tapping.· Spiral milling by interpolation.· Conical milling by interpolation.· Radius milling by interpolation.· Chamfer milling by interpolation.Additionally, SORALUCE incorporates cycles to guarantee the precision ofrotary-travelling tables:· Compensation of the rotary axis of the table.· Compensation of the tilting axis of the table.RAMBALANCEMODULARQUILLADAPTIVECONTROLACCURAHEADSCUSTOMCYCLESEASYTOOLSECODESIGNACCURA HEADSMORE ACCURACY IN THE WORKING AREAThanks to the specific SORALUCE developments, head articulationpositioning deviations have been reduced to a minimum. These allow forthe compensation of head kinematic values and orthogonal position offsets(M10 functions), for any position in the work area.Some advantages of the system developed by SORALUCE:· Calibration for any type of head.· Calibration for any position in the work area.· Calibration for any angle, not just orthogonal.· Offset error compensation due to thermal expansion.· Distance between different head spindle noses is measured (machines withautomatic head changing system).· Easy-to-use interface, 100% integrated with HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 HSCIand SIEMENS 840D SL.RAMBALANCEMODULARQUILLADAPTIVECONTROLACCURAHEADSCUSTOMCYCLESEASYTOOLSECODESIGNPAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  13. 13. 13ECO-DESIGNTOWARDS THE GREEN MACHINESORALUCE has become the first company in the Machine Tool sector to gaincertification for its Product Design and Development Process ManagementSystem (Eco-Design) in accordance with the ISO 14006 standard. Thisstandard specifies the requirements to be applied during the design anddevelopment process for improvement of an organisation’s products andservices through an environmental management system.SORALUCE obtained this Certificate with the re-design of the TR millingmachine model that led to an overall environmental impact reduction of over18%:· 11% reduction of consumption during the manufacturing process.· 16% reduction in electricity consumption during use.· 21% reduction in lubricant consumption during use.EASY TOOLSTHE BEST INTEGRATION IN 21ST CENTURY PRODUCTION WORKSHOPSIncreasingly high productivity requirements are demanding the creation of newtools that maximize machine running time.This Complete Tool Pack by SORALUCE has been developed to respond tothis requirement with one aim in mind: to make life easier for ProductionManagers, Programmers, Maintenance Teams and Machine Operators.The pack, which runs in a external PC connected by ethernet to the machine,consists of the following software modules:· INDEXMILL - Calculates the positioning of each joint to optimize the tool’sorientation.· PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - Machine maintenance plan management.· ALARM MODULE - Real time checking of the alarm status.RAMBALANCEMODULARQUILLADAPTIVECONTROLACCURAHEADSCUSTOMCYCLESEASYTOOLSECODESIGNRAMBALANCEMODULARQUILLADAPTIVECONTROLACCURAHEADSCUSTOMCYCLESEASYTOOLSECODESIGN
  14. 14. 14Design01 02 03 04AssemblyManufacturing VerificationSORALUCE heads are designed in-house by an experienced team ofengineers, prioritizing reliability andprecision with respect to other features.Additionally, Soraluce has its own R&Dhead department, for enhanced finalproduct design. Our own Researchand Development Centre IK4-Idekoparticipates in the development of newhead models, calculating rigidity, torqueand permissible power values.Design and production of heads arefully integrated; the design departmentresponds immediately to any questionsarising during production.Continuous improvement methodologyis applied in order to continuallymaintain the highest standards.The manufacturing process isconducted in-house, in a state-of-theart workshop with temperature andhumidity control.SORALUCE uses ultra-precisionmachining centres to achieveextremely tight tolerances.Strict in-process quality control of100% of the components assembledon the heads.Soraluce has MMC verification unitsin order to guarantee the requiredprecision values.Assembly of SORALUCE heads byhighly skilled assembly engineers intemperature- and humidity-controlledassembly shops.Assembly and intermediate and finalverification processes are strictlydefined and rigorously followed.SORALUCEMILLING-BORING HEADSPAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  15. 15. 1505Running-inThe heads undergo 72 hours of non-stop testing on specifically designedtest benches to certify the highestquality standards for the most criticalcomponent of the machine. Thesebenches are used for testing jointprecision, leak prevention, checking thetemperature of the heads at differentspeeds, etc.An additional 125 hours of running-in is carried out with the head on themachine, in order to certify the mostreliable head performance.06FinalproductSORALUCE milling-boring heads areacknowledged as being in a class of their ownthanks to their high reliability.The broad range of SORALUCE heads(Universal, Orthogonal, Horizontal, ModularQuill, Angular, Special, etc) are distinguishedby their precision and high performance,enabling complex milling, boring, drilling,reaming and taping operations to beperformed with great accuracy.
  16. 16. 16MILLING and BORINGHEAD and QUILL RANGEUniversal head37 / 46 kW2.5º x 2.5º / 1º x 2.5º / 0.001º x 0.001º3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000 rpmOrthogonal head37 / 46 kW1º x 1º / 1º x 0.001º4000 / 6000 rpmAutomatic angular rotary headwith manual tool changeFixed horizontal boring head37 / 46 / 60 kW3000 / 4000 / 5000 rpmModular Quill spindle· Ø 130 mm, W=700 mm, 46 kW,2500 / 3000 rpm· Ø 150 mm, W=1000 mm, 71 kW,3000 rpm· Ø 180 mm, W=1000 mm, 71 kW,2500 rpmNC facing and boring headPAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  17. 17. 17Specific sector / application headsAutomatic head changing systemSoraluce has developed an automatic head changing system with adapter flanges.The system consists of a specially prepared machine ram and a specific head adapter flange.Accurate ram and head fitting is achieved by hirth couplings, with each milling head clamped by several hydraulicclamping cylinders. Fluid and electricity supplies are provided via quick release couplings.A fully enclosed pick-up station is provided to protect heads from pollution from the machining processes andthe workshop environment during head stocking.Modular quill changingOrthogonal head changingAngular head for Railwaybogie machining5 Axis continuous head forMould and Die and AeronauticsAngular head formotor block machining
  18. 18. 18TBED TYPEMILLING CENTRErangeHIGHLIGHTS:· Long-lasting precision, resulting from a strict design and assembly process.· Optimum stiffness and mechanical stability.· High stock removal capacity and precision machining in one single machine.· Customizable machine thanks to a huge variety of heads and options available.· Complete splash guarding.· Designed to be compact and ergonomic.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:Characteristics T rangeLongitudinal traverse, “X” axis mm 2000 / 2500 / 3500 / 4500 / 5500Vertical traverse, “Y” axis mm 1000 / 1250 / 1400 / 1800Cross traverse, “Z” axis mm 1000 / 1200 / 1300Spindle power kW 24 / 28 / 43Spindle speed range rpm 4000 / 5000 / 6000PAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  20. 20. 20SFIXED TABLE TRAVELLINGCOLUMN MILLING CENTRESrangeHIGHLIGHTS:· High flexibility and high precision finishing machining results.· High performance and efficiency provided by a high torque direct drive spindle motor.· A wide range of accessories can be installed in the work area to improve productioncapacities.· Pendulum machining, minimizing non-productive times.· First class ergonomy and stability with very low foundation cost.Characteristics S rangeLongitudinal traverse, “X” axis mm 2500 ÷ 22500Vertical traverse, “Y” axis mm 1600 / 2000 / 2600Cross traverse, “Z” axis mm 1000 / 1200 / 1500Spindle power kW 43Spindle speed range rpm 4000 / 5000 / 6000TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:PAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  22. 22. 22FFLOOR TYPEMILLING-BORING CENTRESrangeHIGHLIGHTS:· Accurate and efficient machining results.· Remarkably versatile - efficiently and precisely customised for any specificcustomer need thanks to the wide range of options available.· Large range of Automatic Heads, Boring heads, Quills and special heads.· Low gravity centre design in all the range: improved stability and reducedfoundation costs.Characteristics F rangeLongitudinal traverse, “X” axis mm 2500 ÷ 30000Vertical traverse, “Y” axis mm 1400 ÷ 8000Cross traverse, “Z” axis mm 1000 ÷ 2900Spindle power kW 28 ÷ 71Spindle speed range rpm 4000 / 5000 / 6000TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:PAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  24. 24. 24HIGHLIGHTS:· Integration of several processes in one machine: traditional milling machineoperations + turning capabilities for heavy duty components, providing thepossibility of manufacturing complex components in one machine and in onesingle setup.· Flexible working area that can be configured to the customers’ needs with oneor multiple working stations with fixed tables and rotary tables usable for bothmilling and turning operations.· High dynamics: 45 m/min for the X axes and 35 m/min for the Y and Z axes,with acceleration of 2 m/s2in each individual axis.F-MTCharacteristics F rangeLongitudinal traverse, “X” axis mm 3000 / 4000 / 5000Vertical traverse, “Y” axis mm 1600Cross traverse, “Z” axis mm 1000 / 1300Spindle power kW 43Spindle speed range rpm 4000 / 5000 / 6000rangeMILLINGTURNINGCENTRESTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:PAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  26. 26. 26CAPITALGOODSSORALUCE provides high productive and efficient machines adapted to specific machining operations.PAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  27. 27. 27GENERALENGINEERINGSORALUCE machines are remarkably flexible, allowing any specific component to be machined thanks to the wide range of options available.
  28. 28. 28ENERGYHigh precision and high reliability machining results, with a minimum number of part set-ups.PAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  29. 29. 29INDUSTRIALVEHICLESHighly productive and flexible solutions maximizing productivity.
  30. 30. 30RAILWAYSSORALUCE offers complete solutions for different rail industry components such as bogies, gearboxes, motor blocks, etc.PAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  31. 31. 31MOULDSAND DIESSORALUCE provides high stock removal capacity and high precision finishing results in the mould and die industry.
  33. 33. 33SORALUCEGLOBAL SOLUTIONSBy the customer’s side from the start:· Local sales service team at your disposal.· Production process analysis by local product engineers.· Feasibility analysis.· Technical & financial studies.Custom solutions:· Custom machining solutions.· Machining processimprovement studies.· Tooling.· Fixturing.· Software.· Customer part machiningacceptance trials.Project management:· Machine set-up & commissioning.· Personnel training.· Production assistance.Together throughout a machine’s life:· Technical assistance bylocal service engineers.· Telephone support.· Hotline.· Service contracts.· Preventive maintenance.· Spare part management.
  34. 34. 34WORLDWIDEPRESENCESORALUCE, S.Coop.Osintxu auzoaE-20570 BERGARA (Spain)Tel: +34 943 769 076Fax: +34 943 765 128e-mail: soraluce@soraluce.comwww.danobatgroup.comBIMATEC SORALUCEZerspanungstechnologie GmbHIn den Fritzenstücker 13-15D-65549 LIMBURG (Germany)Tel: +49 6431 97820Fax: +49 6431 71102e-mail: info@bimatec.dewww.bimatec.deSORALUCE ITALIA S.R.L.Via Rovigo, 89I-35042 ESTE - PADOVA (Italy)Tel: +39 0429 603 001Fax: +39 0429 615 497e-mail: soraluce@libero.itSORALUCE FRANCE, S.A.R.L.3, Allée Jean Image77200 Torcy - MARNE LA VALLEE (France)Tel. +33 1 60 05 02 06Fax +33 1 60 06 56 47e-mail: soraluce@club-internet.frSORALUCE AMERICA, INC.5301 E. State Street, Suite 203Rockford, IL 61108Tel.: +1-815-315-9261Fax: +1-312-205-0358e-mail: sales@soraluce-america.comPAST TO FUTURE MILLING & BORING TECHNOLOGIESSetting New Standards
  35. 35. 3 58Room 826, Golden Land Building, 32LiangMaQiao Road. Chaoyang District.BEIJING P.R.C. 100016 (China)Tel: +86 10 6467 3639Fax: +86 10 6467 2119e-mail: info@danobat.cnwww.danobat.cnRow House No.21,Aditya Breeze Park,Survey No.1, Hissa No. 2,3,4Mauze BalewadiPUNE 411 045 (India)Tel: +91 20 66 094531e-mail: danobatgroupindia@danobatgroup.comUl. Argunovskaya, 3/1129075 MOSCOW (Russia)Tel. +7 495 7877445dgmarketing@mondragon.ruB-dul Muncil Nr. 14CLUJ NAPOCA (Romania)Tel. +4(0) 264 415 485Fax. +4(0) 264 415 487Owned subsidiariesLocal dealers
  36. 36. 36This document is not a contract. SORALUCE reserves the right to make changes to all models without prior notice. The illustrations in this catalogue remain the property of SORALUCE. 04/2012SORALUCEOsintxuauzoaP.O.Box90E-20570BERGARA(Gipuzkoa)