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Deborah Hudson - Social Media in the finance sector today
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Deborah Hudson - Social Media in the finance sector today


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How Zurich Financial Services Group is leveraging Social Media to enable a globally engaged organization. …

How Zurich Financial Services Group is leveraging Social Media to enable a globally engaged organization.
Deborah Hudson - Global Head of Internal Communications, Zurich Financial Services Group

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  • 1. Enabling a Globally Engaged Organization with Social Media Deborah Hudson Global Head of Internal Communications Zurich Financial Services
  • 2. Zurich’s model of the employee engagement journey
  • 3. Leading during an ongoing crisis
    • Maintaining individual and company performance
    • Communicate, communicate, communicate
    • Opportunity, urgency, confidence
    DJIA 30 FTSE 100 Zurich
  • 4. Leadership is driving engagement
    • “ People can deal with change but they can’t deal with uncertainty”.
    • CEO Jim Schiro - March 2009
    • Urgency: go on the offensive
    • Opportunity
      • Democratize information flows
      • Push management outside comfort zone to learn new ways to communicate
    • Face-to-face experience the best tool
    • Employees need to also feel the confidence
        • 24th straight quarter of profitability
  • 5. Face to face … plus
    • Traditional channels
    • Global roadshow with All Employee Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland
    • All employee email - “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures…”
    New/social media – YouTube posting – immediacy, authenticity – think, feel, do CEO Blog “… a new less formal way of communicating, but unusual times demand unusual actions, and if today's market environment isn't unusual than I'm not sure what is.”
  • 6. Face to face … plus
    • June Leadership team meeting
      • Top 100 managers
      • More good news: AIG acquisition in the US
    • Collaboration online
      • Blogs, profiles, communities
      • Video & image galleries
    • September ‘Customer Celebration Month’
      • Global/local
      • Drive customer centricity up the engagement framework with events, video contest, blogs, news gallery, quizzes
    The C.E.O. Now Appearing on YouTube May 10, 2009 Enhance Your Brand with Video June 9, 2009 Media recognition
  • 7. Measuring success in an interim phase…
    • March Roadshow and CEO blog launch
    • Over 1,400 unique visits to the CEO blog in the first few weeks after launching
    • Over 2,000 views of Schiro’s YouTube video on the first day available
    • June Leadership Team meeting
    • In 2 days, each of 4 main blogs was visited by at least 1,900 people -- Customer Centricity blog - 3,100 views
      • 19 blogs created
      • 57 videos were recorded, gallery visited 6,700 times in first two days
    • September - Customer Celebration Month
      • Blog visits – 2,334 unique visits
      • Leading Edge site (videos, pictures, stories…) – close to 14,000 unique visits
      • Video contest