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  • 1. liveABOUT PArTnering, demOnsTrATing exPerTiseAnd Being PAssiOnATe And innOvATiveJuly 2010Green House initiativeBecome socially responsible today!X-tra Mile Championssharing expertise and emotionsinterview with theManagement BoardQuestions asked by you,the employees of s&T slovenia,that represent your curiosities,worries and intentionsHow Cool is to Be COOldiscover the benefits and activities 1
  • 2. S&T Slovenia Project July 2010 edited and written by Olga Sitnik Co-ordination and advisory services Teja Breznik Alfirev Dušica Pestotnik Graphic design Studio MARS Photographs COOL participants, Olga Sitnik, Nenad Vučič Proofreading Skrivanek Printed by Collegium graphicum Circulation 500 copies Publisher’s post office SI-1000 Lljubljana Thanks To Teja, Dušica and Nataša for integration, support and advisory To Robert, Nenad, Sašo and Tina for their time and thoughtful answers To Tanja for constructive work, amazing fun and for having cabriolet To all S&T Slovenia people who shared with me coffee time and small talks for being sincere, opened and kind To J. Dereng for support and lomography To O. Chung for being Canadian and first reader of my drafts2
  • 3. S&T LIVEHave you ever heard of lomography? I once came across it on the web. Lo-mography is defined as using photography as a creative approach to commu-nicate, absorb and capture the world. Lomography differs from photographyin that it tries to capture something in the moment, the movement. This ap-proaches pictures not as static objects, but as dynamic ones. This concept Ifind very similar to that I have used when creating this magazine.It is called S&T LIVE or, in other words, a real broadcast of live sound, livepicture, live emotions. Talking to many people from S&T Slovenia and takingpart in various events with S&T Slovenia I can feel the spirit of the companyand have gotten to know the issues employees are excited or worried about.All of these have helped me to make this ongoing snapshot, S&T LIVE. Beingrecent member of the company and coming from a different country and rea-lity, has only helped me to make this picture even more vivid with its realisticfocus and background.Enjoy this glimpse into how S&T Slovenia walks the talk living its values:Partnering, demonstrating Expertise and being Passionate and Innovative. Olga Sitnik 3
  • 4. 5 i n n OvAT i O n | C s r P rO g r A m i n s & T s LOv e n i A quick facts about CSR in S&T Slovenia get to know these mysterious three letters today. 1 What is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)? imagine that every day each of us as an individual tries to be responsible. responsible for our families, friends and colleagues, for the environment we live in. That means we behave in certain caring ways. now think of how a com­ pany as an entity can be responsible for its stakeholders. it should behave in the same caring manner, which means running the activities that concern the different parties to make some difference in social matters. 2 Who or what does CSR concern? its activities concern employees of s&T slovenia, custo­ mers, the local community and business environment. 3 Do CSR activities bring direct profit to the company? This is the investment we make for the future. in time it brings happiness to the employees, which means greater work output leading to profit and a greater customer satis­ faction. This then brings in new projects and a healthy local society, which strengthens our brand and allows us to stay ahead in the business community showing a trend created by s&T slovenia. 4 What CSR activities are being run right now in S&T Slovenia? Environmental activities: participation in the external program Let’s clean slovenia in one day and running the green HOUse initiative internally. Student programs: sharing knowledge by running initiatives with the university faculties, AieseC, American Chamber of Commerce and student association management group. Customer-focused initiative: Customer Advisory Council to involve customers more in our business. Trend-setting business initiative: establishment of the Outsourcing institute. 5 How can each employee be involved in CSR activities? now you can take part in the green HOUse initiative. it allows you to make your simple everyday activities environ­ mentally­friendly. Try it now!4
  • 5. i n n OvAT i O n | g r e e n H O U s e i n i T i AT i v e Green House initiative Become socially responsible today! The GREEN HOUSE is an initiative that How can we do this at Save electricity – switching off your PC helps to create a friendly environment for before you go home, switching off lights in our planet! S&T Slovenia? the office in the day time. Waste separation – we will have bins Here are the 4R principles to build GREEN Sustainable coffee-breaks – use non- to separate waste for further recycling HOUSE: disposable cups and glasses for beverages (metal, glass, paper and organic). • Refuse (don’t use) in the office, not plastic! • Reduce (use less) Print less – save trees – printing on both • Reuse (use the same thing sides of the paper or using digital materi- over and over again) als to reduce paper usage. • Recycle don’t use REFUSE REDUCEuse less me use the sa and thing over REUSE over again RECYCLE er ideas for Contrib ute your oth Socialtext! this initiative on 5
  • 6. exPerTise | x­TrA miLe AwArd CHAmPiOns Tomaž Lipovšek and vladimir Parezanović is coordination: suzana Kosmač, Lidija Kulaš romič, martina Žitnik Accounting team: marinka Cerar, irena Frank, Janja Troha, Blažka Kastelic, mirjana Lebar X-tra Mile Champions are sharing expertise and emotions What does the award What does it mean to receive the TEAM award? mean for you personally? “The teamwork concept was quite new for “It did help. We made that within synergy, us; we were not used to working like that I think it turned out much better than if we “At that moment the award was before. But in the end, we saw that together had done it individually.” a confirmation that I am doing a we can do more.” Vladimir Parezanović great job. That was a step up.” Accounting team Vesna Matko d? in your path to the awar most exciting moments What were th e most challenging and “The challenge for me wa s to work in abso- s to make the final and product, I barely kn ew was that due to “The main challenge wa lutely new area “The most exciting thing product which will match with the needs deal and to get the to travel around. tomer, but can be it then. And to close the my project I had a chance not only of a current cus nt is always the most exc iting!” You meet a lot of new people, experience exciting when we clie The challenging sold afterwards. It was new cities and learn a lot. Vesna Matko ay from the office did that.” part is when you are aw to solve problems and Tomaž Lipovšek you are the only one ers issues.” that oth eling to know ? is award k.” Marko Ostanek a nice fe put into the wor “It was c eived th e new ffo rts you l whe n you re su rprised! I am quit ce I a year sin see the e ipovšek ou fee y much r ly “I was ve any; it’s been on rd recognized Tomaž L W hat did y eceive th , as e award l in the com p ink this awa passion.” pect to r lfi nt we fu sales. I th attitude and didn’t ex nting departme ompany. came to rk, my “We I wo e accou the c the way being th ting function in efforts were atko the sup por y that o ur Vesna M ve r y happ We felt d.” r ecognize ng team Accounti6
  • 7. exPerTise | x­TrA miLe AwArd CHAmPiOns vesna matko marko Ostanek dean rolih Lenart Plausteiner ile award? mpions of X-tra m ive towards wishes to the future cha “I wish them to be more proact onsibility andWhat are your en y doing, th take the resp which you enjo the customer, u “Find the work that!” st award yo ill succeed in act.” ber that greate for sure you w“Always remem e you gain fr om knowledg Tomaž Lipovšek Marko Ostanekreceive is the your jo b.” ck!” Accounting team “The best of lu nović ng hours. Vladimir Pareza or k out of worki “Work hard, w u achieve the process, yo Ev en if you fail in in the end.” Vesna Matko X-tra Mile Champions Dean Rolih and their miles X-tra mile: Developed an outsourcing pro- posal that includes a detailed definition of the outsourcing concept, scope, timing, Accounting team: Marinka Cerar, financial aspects, resourcing aspects and KPI’s for outsourcing serving offerings. irena Frank, Janja Troha, Blažka Kastelic, Mirjana lebar Marko Ostanek vesna Matko X-tra mile: Closing the financial year with X-tra mile: Being responsible for clients’ X-tra mile: Successful closing of two big the new team on the board and with inno- relations from technical support develop- projects - being able to perform by learning vated structure, procedures and reports. ment until sales negotiations. quickly and executing efficiently. About them: They came for the interview About him: Independent and self-confi- About her: She is young and very ambi- altogether. It was amazing to see how they dent, but feeling the company’s needs and tious, always strives to achieve more, being are ready to take on initiatives as a team. ownership of its development. aware of what she needs to learn and never stops. Tomaž lipovšek and iS Coordination: Suzana Kosmač, vladimir Parezanović lidija Kulaš Romič, Martina Žitnik lenart Plausteiner X-tra mile: Developed a program, which al- X-tra mile: They have managed to take X-tra mile: Taking a leading role in the pre- lows connecting communications between over delivery coordination activity from sales phase for two projects, considering different systems. sales. Based on that, the quality of delivery that both projects were very complicated About them: They two complement each improved with a high level of customer sa- from the technical and legal aspects. other very much, as in a real team. tisfaction. 7
  • 8. exPerTise | inTerview wiTH THe mAnAgemenT BOArd Interview with the Management Board Management Board – the core of execu- tive decision making, establishing strat- egy and creating the direction for orga- nizational development. All of you know these people, but in our day-to-day work- ing hours we might often wonder why we do things a certain way or why the decision we are to follow was made. The following interview is based on the ques- tions asked by you, the employees of S&T. They represent your curiosity, wor- ries and intentions. Robert, Nenad, Tina and Sašo found time to answer them. S&T LIVE: S&T in Slovenia is now the Robert: Well, the crisis it is more a S&T LIVE: Now there is a very intensive leader among other countries of the S&T marketing and PR issue, than the real is- “letting-people-go” policy in the place. group. What is the back story? How did sue. You always have to be better than the How will it influence S&T Slovenia in the you arrive at this success? competitors, to strive to improve yourself. long term? Robert: The S&T group consists of The crisis is visible, of course, in terms of Robert: It will affect S&T in such a way countries that developed in very different reduced economic activities, markets and that we are more profitable, that we have ways. And Slovenia is one of the countries, investments. When the crisis was official- better skills set and that we have stronger in which S&T group invested a lot, buy- ly declared, we didn’t change our tactics internal culture. We cut the number of peo- ing around five companies in Slovenia. Of much. We just executed them even more ple this year, the same as we did in 2008, course the growth after the initial invest- aggressively concerning our current activi- which was still a good year, as we did in ments is different in different countries ties. And we tried on one hand of course 2009. This reduction is not a consequence and Slovenia has been successful in recent to watch very carefully our profitability of the crisis; this reduction is the conse- years and that also helps for sure. A much strategy, so the value added per employee quence of the fact that we had too many more important measurement is the market had to go up. On the other hand, we never people and we had people with the wrong share of certain local S&T members where forgot about our growth strategy. And we skills. So if there hadn’t been any crisis we Slovenia is absolutely the winner within have our growth strategy even in these would have done the same. the group, because we have something like times when it is difficult to grow. Sašo: Let me give you a bit of financial a 12% market share. If we had a 12% of mar- Nenad: The key strategy is to work well perspective. We as a company were one ket share in each and every S&T country with our customer base. This is the basis for step ahead of the crisis. We started to adjust we would be 50 times bigger, as a group. success, especially in this crisis situation. the number of employees before the crisis The second is to act as we did before: in started. I always treat employees as key S&T LIVE: Everyone knows that these are terms of being fast, efficient and cost-effec- assets. We changed the structure, refocused not the best times in business, because tive. And the third is to develop business, on the market, cleared the portfolio and op- of crisis. What is the main strategy you new solutions and follow or sometimes lead timized the structure of the company. In the have chosen to overcome this? the market with these solutions. long term, it will give even more results. In8
  • 9. exPerTise | inTerview wiTH THe mAnAgemenT BOArd “We strongly believe as a company that personal development is actually the ultimate motivation for people in S&T Slovenia.” the terms of the number of employees, we So, now when we have the opportunity have reached the bottom; for this volume and need to develop something new of of revenue, the amount of employees and course the development of our own people knowledge now is optimal. is the first thing to do… it is the first strat- egy. Then again, sometimes when you don’t S&T LIVE: Recently S&T had a rebrand- have the right candidates internally, when ing and became a consulting company you need some skills very fast, in such cas- as well. What will be the main source es, you simply go out and bring in people for consultants who have knowledge in who have the required skills. R O B E R T diverse industries where you operate Tina: Consulting is one of our key stra- and /or what is the strategy to educate tegic initiatives, since we believe that IT so- current employees to become real con- lutions can be sold and delivered to clients sultants? only in combination with consulting. To Robert: The best way to get them is become a good consultant several years of to develop and educate our own people. experience are needed. Besides that proac- Because they have certain knowledge, ex- tivity and self-learning are crucial as well. pertise, history and they know their custo- Our employees also participate in selected mers; nevertheless we strongly believe as a training programs, where consulting skills company that personal development is ac- can be learned. tually the ultimate motivation for people. Nenad: We have to go to a higher level in terms of knowledge and our solutions. Because providing business, IT or infra- at a company level which ensures that this structure solutions means that we need to process of selecting, working with and re- behave differently. To be able to propose taining key employees is followed. This relevant products on the market, the same process is not yet in the place, but it will questions now require different answers be kicked off on the 1st of September 2010. than few years ago. Currently we need to Another thing is that talent management is train ourselves, we have external trainings, one of the key tasks of every manager. If and we have to provide the information you don’t know how, don’t have a feeling, to people all the time. But we sometimes don’t care about your talent’s development need to bring new people who have experi- and motivation, how they see themselves ence in certain business areas. We have to in this company in the future, then you are change. Now we have to be experts in busi- not doing your job as a manager. ness and to act faster. Nenad: For sure we recognize and re- spect top talents. We include them in train- S&T LIVE: Is there some strategy now in ings, we have the X-tra mile award, and the company, which allows discovering they get some other recognition from theirN E N A D the top talents in S&T Slovenia, using supervisors. Also, we send such people to their potential 100% and ensuring they various external initiatives, which enable will not leave the company? their development; for example, we have Robert: A structured approach which is been sending people to participate in Amer- needed, when you have a certain program ican Chamber Young Professionals project. 9
  • 10. exPerTise | inTerview wiTH THe mAnAgemenT BOArd “Our business is very much a people business and the know-how development of our employees is a key to success.” S&T LIVE: Is there some strategy in the Tina: Our business is very much a peo- company, which ensures the transfer ple business and the know-how develop- and sharing of knowledge from people ment of our employees is a key to success. on senior positions with the young em- All our new employees are participating ployees? in mentoring programs; furthermore that Robert: From the formalized processes, team work is a strong element of know- we have mentoring, coaching and shadow- ledge transfer. ing. All these are running much better, than they used to in the past. But I cannot S&T LIVE: We already have mentioned T I N A say we are absolutely happy with today’s above, that the business going through a knowledge transfer in the company. Now crisis times. What type of leadership do we have more than 50 people who are an- you think is now required for the com- nually involved into one of these processes. pany and for business as a whole in such However, where I am absolutely not happy a situation? is the lack of initiative from the employees. Tina: As I see it, here we need leader- People participate more because they see ship with a clear strategy, professional exe- there is this program and they can apply, cution of it and a readiness for constant S&T LIVE: What do you enjoy the most, or there will be their own desires in that. change. being on Management Board? At least this is my impression and this is Nenad: I have always been a represen- Sašo: There is faster approach to infor- something we should work on. tative of the democratic leadership style, mation and the possibility of reacting and which is close to people. When we all can to changing something. Of course this in- discuss and together decide what the best volves a lot of responsibility, but also the solution is and go for it. We have people on privilege to have influence at that level. the board who know a lot, who are smart. Tina: The most I enjoy when I see how And of course we should work together our employees grow, excel and deliver out- with them. standing results. Sašo: For me the key word here is com- Nenad: It is important for me to provide munication. Proper communication chan- my view on the way we should go and how nels built on all levels. To empower employ- we should get there. And, of course, I very ees to make some decisions on their own much enjoy working with good people in and this will keep them motivated as well. the company. Robert: Flexibility is something that I Robert: One thing is to see progress, think management should be chosen for. At to take the company, the employees and S A Š O the same time, in crisis times when people myself from one point to another. Progress are under greater pressure, a leader should gives me the utmost satisfaction. Another be more hands on than a dreamer or a stra- thing I like very much is seeing people de- tegist. veloping themselves in the process. >> Find the extended version of interview with the management Board on intranet.10
  • 11. PA r T n e r s H i P | A m C H A m YO U n g P rO F e s s i O n A L s i n i T i AT i v eYoung Professionals in the businessAmerican Chamber helps to discoverPioneers of innovation, ambition, over exaggeration, challengers of the status quo, users of non-formal approaches and tirelessworkers. Who are they? These are young professionals in business. Maybe due to their age or due to being fresh in the businessthey are always full of ideas and can’t wait to implement them. S L A V K O M A R K O T O M A Ž How should the gurus of business, exe- S&T LIVE: What are your impressions S&T LIVE: Does this initiative contributecutives and senior managers react to, inter- from the AmCham event? to your future career?act with and take into consideration these Slavko Ovčina: It was on the 19th of Tomaž Kužnik: Sure. For a sales personyoung entrepreneurs, who will succeed May. That was the first introductory meet- knowing many external people is crucial.them tomorrow? ing, so basically we had the get to know ac- I see myself developing in sales, taking S&T Slovenia together with AmCham tivities. In the future we are going to have leadership positions, managing projects(American Chamber) in Slovenia are sup- some meetings or workshops scheduled at a higher level. It is beneficial, becauseporting a program that helps to create a with the senior managers. We were near you interact with the customer on the samenetwork of young professionals from many 80-90 people from different companies with level.Slovene companies that builds the dialog diverse profile: IT, accounting, consulting,and knowledge-sharing among both them- pharmacy, others. S&T LIVE: How do you see the role ofselves and senior managers. So it serves not This is the nice platform, where we – young professionals in corporate busi-only to exchange contacts, but to capture young professionals from different indus- ness?their best qualities, developing them and tries – can come together, exchange opi- Marko Ostanek: The fact that an initia-helping them to make a step towards their nions, and build the network for the future. tive like this exists tells that the role wefuture career. S&T Slovenia have sent three There will be senior managers transferring play is important. We have the opportunityrepresentatives to participate in this Am- knowledge to us; maybe they will provide and space to meet, to build relationshipsCham initiative. We asked them about their us with some actual cases to solve, so we which will help to create new opportunitiesimpressions of the first AmCham Young can learn from their previous experience. on the market in the future.Professionals event and perceptions of therole of young people in corporate business.PArTnersHiP | s&T sLOveniA And AieseCS&T Slovenia developing andsharing knowledge with AieSeCRunning its CSR initiatives and enabling students and recent graduates, S&T Sloveniamade a partnership with AIESEC – the largest youth-run organization in the world. O L G A What is this partnership about? S&T inside and to write her views on that forSlovenia takes part in AIESEC‘s global ex- employees. Another intern is coming tochange program and receives interns in its work in the SAP to join the team and work on diverse Their mentorship program is another ini-projects in different departments. tiative, which S&T Slovenia participates in significant experience for development. Olga from Russia is the first AIESEC in- with AIESEC: members of our Management Žiga Klajnšek explains “I hope it will helptern in S&T Slovenia. Olga Sitnik is an in- Board act as mentors of AIESEC’s leaders. me in finding out what I want to do nexttern in the marketing and HR departments. This program is valuable for both sides, in my life, in my future professional career.Her main responsibility was to release the Robert Trnovec, a mentor, shares “Know- I haven’t made concrete decisions yet, butmagazine you are reading right now! Ad- ledge is not really the privilege of older for sure one day I want to be as cool and asditionally she was helping in organisation people. My benefit and value is of course successful as Robert”.of different events for S&T Slovenia. It was that I am learning in the process together Currently in this program there are twoan outstanding experience for her to have with my mentee”. For representatives of mentorship pairs: Robert and Tina are men-a chance to get to know the company from AIESEC, the mentees, this is also the highly tors from S&T Slovenia. 11
  • 12. PAssiOn | is COOL w inter time! the i play badminton l l in in the winter time ba i participated on a court! t ke bas in Ljubljana marathon, Tek i play trojk, radenci ... i am playing football with COOL people all year round! i love taking pictures! in COOL i met people with i am into the city cycling! i took part in the same passion! marathon Franja and Poli marathon. How cool is to be COOL? CO l to be part of eeded hat is n er year. ore W p y kids. m 50 euro et? for m e and m ay of life! ill I g tivities tive w What w to all COOL ac healthy and ac Access ly access to a ong the m. imp ortant OOL? ployee s are am eady C enia em W ho is alr , 52 s&T slov le 75 peop i adore playing beach volleyball in the summer! i participated i’ve reached the peak in volleyball tournament of mt. Triglav (2864 last year! m) as a member of the mountain COOL section. i lo ve my kids are enjoying wa lking different workshops up together with COOL! the hill  wit hm yC OO Lb ud die e s! i lik o i ng! o čel i have discounts in bik šk t ain a, To from . fitness clubs, cause i enjoy my leisure un or ay ič mo na g r aw d vrš i’m with COOL! time playing board to ar the an in m games and organizing r s i am o to Š im. Fu nano events for other COOL g r to nd K na to participants! a blja Lju12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. S&T Slovenia Passion event 4th of June. On that day many things happened – S&T Slovenia employees were singing, dancing, shooting movies, performing on stage, taking part in the contest for the best song about S&T Slovenia, chilling and partying together. First place went to the Dilbert team, while the South Park followed in second. You can watch videos of all teams and leave your comments on Socialtext!14
  • 15. 15
  • 16. S&T Slovenia on NT Conference Spreading the PASSiON with Charlie’s iT Angels! The Portorož seaside. The 15th NT Conference, organized by Microsoft. 2500 delegates. 35 S&T representatives. Four days to go! Attending trainings and lectures for some people, working on the company stand for others and hanging around for someone else … or for everyone? ;) My type of badge gave me access to only certain areas and they were places of leisure, entertainment and positive image building, which were our work. The S&T Slovenia stand was the spot with so much PASSION! Everyone could take a picture on a fancy motorbike with passionate Charlie’s IT angels, our hostesses. All visitors were awarded with something special from S&T Slo- venia – a t-shirt (majica!), a cloth for wiping glasses, a badge holder or they could try the passion fruit (passionka!) and feel very special!16