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Roger Black — SND Lifetime Achievement Award

Roger Black — SND Lifetime Achievement Award



At a workshop this fall in Cleveland, the Society for News Design honored Roger Black with its Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest individual award the Society can bestow,

At a workshop this fall in Cleveland, the Society for News Design honored Roger Black with its Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest individual award the Society can bestow,



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    Roger Black — SND Lifetime Achievement Award Roger Black — SND Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation Transcript

    • 2012 Society for News Design Lifetime Achievement AwardTuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • “ He was the first designer I ever met who loved type. He understood it and he worked with it masterfully. He was light years ahead of his contemporaries. If you want to know what you might be doing in a few years, take a look at what Roger is doing today. Jim Parkinson Type designerTuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • “ You cannot speak about publication design in the last 40 years without including Roger Black as one of the most prominent designers and influencers of magazine and newspaper design. His own work and design philosophy have shaped so much of what we consider to be the fundamentals in editorial and typographical design. Eduardo DaniloTuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • “ Roger put the Font Bureau on the map, in 1989, when hardly anyone had heard of fonts, custom fonts, much less Font Bureau, by just being Roger. Roger’s single greatest contribution to the type industry is his insistence on never stopping. David Berlow Co-founder, The Font BureauTuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • “ Roger Black is one of our industry’s titans, a visionary ... He is a perfectionist and the seeker of excellence. Mario GarciaTuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • DAILY 10-23-09 MD SU A1 K Y M C M K Y C A1 ABCDE weather: Late rain. 66/58 • Tomorrow: Thunderstorm. 72/54 • details, 8b FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2009 Prices may vary in areas outside metropolitan Washington. MD DC VA S V1 V2 V3 V4 75¢ (Newsstand) • 49¢ (Home Delivery) Scramble Shermans are generals of Redskins’ offense Government to parcel out H1N1 widens control vaccine over paychecks mum wages, the government is Doctors and patients BAILED-OUT now telling some companies how they should structure pay for frustrated as supply falls short of promises FIRMS ARE FIRST those who run them. The actions Thursday put the United States more in line with European governments. France by Rob Stein Measures aim to cut risk and Germany, in particular, have and Michael Laris to companies, economy pressed for international stan- dards to limit executive pay, a The federal government’s un- move that the United States and precedented campaign to protect by Frank Ahrens Britain have resisted. the nation against the swine flu and David Cho At Treasury, President Oba- pandemic has gotten off to a sput- ma’s pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, tering start, frustrating parents, The Federal Reserve joined the announced sharp cuts in pay for pregnant women and others anx- Treasury Department on Thurs- 175 top executives at seven big ious to get immunized against day in imposing new limits on banks and automakers that re- the new virus. executive pay, extending the gov- ceived hundreds of billions of With only a fraction of the tens ernment’s control over compen- dollars in federal bailout money of millions of doses of vaccine sation at taxpayer-owned compa- during the financial crisis. The that authorities predicted would nies to institutions that are new structures reduced the cash be available arriving in states, cit- merely government regulated. salary paid to some executives by ies and towns, public health offi- The restrictions were the lat- 90 percent and tied more com- cials who spent months planning est in more than a year’s worth of pensation to long-term stock for a massive immunization pro- government intervention in mat- awards. gram are instead scrambling to ters once considered inviolable “There is entirely too much re- parcel out their limited supply of aspects of the country’s free- liance on cash, and there’s got to nasal sprays and shots. market economy and represent a be a better way to tie corporate As the number of children, signal moment in the history of performance to long-term teens and young adults who are the American economic experi- falling ill, being hospitalized and ment. After years of setting mini- pay continued on 20A in rare cases dying rises, some health departments and doctors G Steven Pearlstein: Change goes only so far. 16A are being flooded with calls from worried, sometimes angry pa- G Top earners leave to avoid pay cuts. 20A tients. “I’m going to give birth any sec- ond. I’m not going to go wait in Deeds ignored advice, line for a shot. It’s ridiculous. It’s so stupid,” said District resident Anastasia Dellaccio as she JOHN MCDONNELL / THE WASHINGTON POST White House says shopped for baby clothes. Sherman Lewis, right, Washington’s new play-caller, and offensive coordinator Sherman Smith Federal officials defended the observe practice with Coach Jim Zorn in the background. See a photo gallery of Zorn and his program Thursday, saying they top offensive assistants at Thursday’s practice, at washingtonpost.com/redskins. were frustrated by the slower pace, too. They blamed the lag on Timothy M. Kaine (D) offered the need to ensure the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness and un- Election loss wouldn’t Deeds advice on winning a state- wide election. Among other expected problems such as the vi- rus growing unusually slowly and snags at factories filling vials Gatekeeper of D.C.’s entry be reflection on Obama, top Democrats say things, Kaine, who is also chair- man of the Democratic National Committee, told Deeds that he with vaccine. should lay out more of his own vi- The situation is sometimes fur- Road to city’s Wikipedia page goes through a Dupont Circle bedroom by Rosalind S. Helderman sion and stop attacking Repub- ther complicated by incomplete and Anne E. Kornblut lican Robert F. McDonnell so fero- or conflicting information on diocrity. Having grown up in the ciously. But Deeds did not em- state and local government Web by Michael S. Rosenwald area, Lewis felt an obligation to Sensing that victory in the race brace the advice, according to a sites. Some jurisdictions are mak- do the work but not to brag about for Virginia governor is slipping national Democratic strategist. T ing health-care workers a top pri- he historian largely respon- it. away, Democrats at the national A senior administration official ority, and others are putting chil- sible for summing up “I just really don’t think any- level are laying the ground- said Deeds badly erred on VA dren, pregnant women or other Washington, D.C., for mil- one would care,” Lewis said. work to blame a loss in a key several fronts, including not groups first. lions of Wikipedia readers digs Lewis joined thousands of oth- swing state on a weak candi- doing a better job of coordi- 09 The Washington region, de- for facts from his tiny bedroom in er amateurs toiling in obscurity date who ran a poor cam- nating with the White spite regular discussions among Dupont Circle. He sits on a chair on Wikipedia, where facts are paign that failed to fully em- House. “I understood in the officials, has a patchwork of dis- borrowed from his four-piece di- more important than the star his- brace President Obama until beginning why there was tribution plans that has confused nette set at a desk he bought torians who tend to dominate the SUSAN BIDDLE FOR THE WASHINGTON POST days before the election. some reluctance to run all some and sent residents skipping from Target, footnoting away on popular view of history. On Wiki- Adam Lewis made it his mission Senior administration officials around the state with Barack Oba- from jurisdiction to jurisdiction an old Dell computer. He is 24 pedia, anyone can be a historian. to rescue the District’s have expressed frustration with ma,” said the official, who spoke in search of scant supplies. years old. Sometimes he makes It’s easy: Most pages are edited Wikipedia page from mediocrity. how Democrat R. Creigh Deeds on condition of anonymity in or- Although polls show people re- his bed. just by clicking on a button that has handled his campaign for gov- der to speak candidly about the main deeply ambivalent about His name is Adam Lewis — a says “edit this page.” Almost everyone has a specialty. ernor, refusing early offers of stra- race. “You don’t do that in Vir- the vaccine, with less than half fact sure to surprise his closest More than 150,000 users made There are editors who just fix tegic advice and failing to reach ginia. But when you consider the sure they want to get inoculated, friends and even his parents, changes in the past 30 days, ac- punctuation. Some defend con- out to several key constituencies African American turnout that those who want to are finding it who are unaware that, for a year cording to the site. Some, like tent against vandals. Others, like that helped Obama win Virginia they need, and then when you difficult to get. Many health de- or so, Lewis has been staying up Lewis, have user names and Wi- Lewis, pull the content together. in 2008, they say. consider as well they’ve got a huge late to rescue the District’s Wiki- kipedia profiles. He goes by Ep- Democratic strategists said that vaccine continued on 11A pedia page from vandals and me- icAdam. Others are anonymous. history continued on 12A over the summer, Virginia Gov. deeds continued on 12A For Kerry, a growing role on foreign policy stage icy spotlight. election “extraordinarily con- he had become the “de facto sec- Senator shrugs off Not only has President Obama advanced many of the senator’s structive.” It was Kerry, pressed into action by the Obama admin- retary of state,” the senator grew flustered, sputtering, “I don’t 2004 loss to engage ideas, Vice President Biden’s elec- istration while on an unrelated want — you know, I don’t even — I deeply with world tion vacated for Kerry the chair- trip to Afghanistan, who stood by don’t think that’s appropriate, de manship of the Senate Foreign Karzai’s side in Kabul on Wednes- facto, whatever, whatever.” Relations Committee, the legisla- day when the announcement Scheduled weeks ago to give a by Karen DeYoung tive branch’s leading foreign pol- about the runoff was made. For major speech on Afghanistan at icy pulpit. the first time since 2004, the Mas- the Council on Foreign Relations Five years after his painful loss Kerry’s role over the past week sachusetts Democrat’s face ap- on Friday, Kerry postponed it at to George W. Bush, ending a in resolving, at least temporarily, peared on front pages across the the last minute so that he could presidential campaign in which the political turmoil in Afghani- country. attend an Obama address, also he was accused of being an Iraq stan brought him kudos from But Kerry has been careful to Friday, with more compelling im- war defeatist who was too willing Obama, who thanked him pub- draw back before the administra- peratives — Obama will speak in to talk to America’s adversaries, licly and called his successful ef- tion grows wary of his promi- Boston, in Kerry’s home state, and HARAZ N. GHANBARI/ASSOCIATED PRESS Sen. John F. Kerry has finally forts to persuade President Ha- nence on such a hot-button issue. Chairman John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) presides over a Senate Foreign found his place in the foreign pol- mid Karzai to accept a runoff When a reporter suggested that kerry continued on 9A Relations Committee hearing on NATO expansion. INSIDE T O DAY ’S H EA LT H - CA R E R E F O R M ECONOMIC C H AT S 3 House, Senate bills take shape POLL Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said 11 a.m. The Live Fix to be leaning toward a public option. 3A 82% Noon N E W E D I T O R I A L PAG E of Americans say Weekend Editor Introducing Washington Forum the recession is Tracy Grant B A S E B A L L P L AYO F F S A new opinions page focusing on issues not over in a new Phillies eager for a shot at the Yankees being debated in the nation’s capital. 25A Washington 1 p.m. NL champs want to face New York in World Series. Sports, 1D Post-ABC News TV columnist « IN WEEKEND poll. Washington Lisa de Moraes I N T H E D I ST R I C T Star struck Business, 23A washingtonpost.com/ Firms with ties to Fenty receive city work Check out our new star rating system for discussions 1 Construction contracts awarded without council oversight. Metro, 1B movie reviews. Section T CONTENTS © 2009 BUSINESS NEWS ......16-23A EDITORIALS/LETTERS...26A LOTTERIES.........................4B STOCKS ...........................23A Online at washingtonpost.com DAILY CODE 5 9 5 6 The Washington Post CLASSIFIEDS .....................E1 FED PAGE ........................24A MOVIES ..................Weekend TELEVISION .......................6C Year 132, No. 322 COMICS ........................9-10C GOING OUT GUIDE ..Weekend OBITUARIES ...................5-7B WORLD NEWS ...........13-15A Printed using recycled fiber Details, Metro back page M K Y C A1Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • “ Roger taught me many lessons but perhaps the most important one was in any project to challenge all your assumptions. The approach might make many uncomfortable. But it sure makes projects more exciting and productive.  John Temple Former editor of the Rocky Mountain NewsTuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • “ Roger, I am sending you a big hug. Nanette BisherTuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 2012 Society for News Design Lifetime Achievement Award, 2012 Roger BlackTuesday, October 23, 2012
    • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • SND CLE Ten lessons I’ve learned ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 1Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 1. PAGES News design is not just about page-design anymore. ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 2Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 2. CONTENT As Lou Silverstein said, “Ask yourself what is the news content before you take a design to the desk.” ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 3Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 3. INFORMATION To succeed as a visual editor, you have to be as well- or better-informed on the news and political issues than the text editors. ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 4Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 4. HISTORY By standing on the shoulders of others you can see farther, and avoid starting over. ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 5Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 5. DESIGN EQUITY I try to hold on to the good parts of a publication’s design. ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 6Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 6. INSPIRATION Design ideas come from the real world—the city, art, and nature —not just the design world. ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 7Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 7. TECHNOLOGY Technology is your friend. A designer doesn’t have to code, but I had to know understand how code works. ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 8Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 8. PEOPLE The best news design happens when the process is open and the best ideas get published, no matter who thought of them. ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 9Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 9. THE READER The best publication designers think of themselves as the agents of readers. ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 10Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • 10. LIFE With all the stress around deadlines, the meltdown of the media and the economy, it’s easy to get lost in your work. I keep trying to get outside and be with real people . . . ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 11Tuesday, October 23, 2012
    • SND CLE Thank you. ROGER BLACK : SND : CLEVELAND : 13 OCTOBER 2012 12Tuesday, October 23, 2012