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•Expense Nova is a graphical Income and Expense Analysis tool with the provision to set Budgets and compare them against the actuals.
•Analysis tools that helps you to find out where your money goes by a specific period or a specific category or a specific item
•Loaded up with most commonly used Income and Expense Categories, and allows you to setup your own categories as well.
•Easy User interactive Reports and Graphs that helps easy analysis.

***** Top reasons to have Expense Nova
• Simple, easy to use, visually rich
• Full fledged account setup and balance updates
• Monthly budgeting with visually rich Budget vs Actuals tracking
• Budget template to configure once and supports automatic budgeting for both Category and Subcategory
• Recurring transactions and Bills with custom interval period
• Monthly report with PDF email option
• Interactive, visually rich, business intelligent enabled Pie Chart, Bar Chart
• Intelligent views to analyze the spending at Category level monthly, yearly or over all
• Account management with balance and transactions drill down for monthly expenses by account types savings, credit card, debit card, etc.,
• Drill down transactions view by Budget, Recurring, Account, Category and Payee
• Import bank and other transactions from CSV
• In-built calculator for amount entry
• Family Sync using iCloud

Download From : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/expense-nova-pro-home-budget/id670887792?mt=8

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Expense Nova Pro : Home Budget Account Manager

  1. 1. Hi There! Nice to meet you... This is Expense Nova, I am a Creative Accountant I am specialised in tracking your expenses and report them graphically Wow you are interesting me! Okay let me brief how I help you Am a very energetic and user friendly person I will allow you to provide hi-level information in few minutes I understand you are busy Only add your special categories. I have all common categories for you. Import your debit / credit bank statements as transactions Use on the fly calculation for your expense inputs Create budget template to facilitate budgeting Setup your accounts easily - - - - - Invariably I am remembering everything You can take complete privilege with me Am recurring your debit / credit expenses automatically See your account current balances in offline at anytime See all the details of your debit / credit accounts Am providing actual report for your defined budget - - - - Ohh ho, hang on, hang on. Switch your excitement! Let me complete I am completely resilient That's why people call me a gymnast I have a rich interface and am very interactive As your wish, see expense/ income analyzed report View transactions by Budget, Recurring, Account, Category and Payee Add / Edit / Delete expense and income categories In-built calculator for amount entry Interactive Pie and Bar Charts AAnd also I will e-mail monthly report in PDF format - - - - - - -- Oh am excited to tell about me and my lovable job! May I know about you? And I am proud to say I will work for you incredibly! Am a Creative Accountant Download me from App Store Now you’re ready to share me with your goodies in the world. Ready, steady, go! Great! Amazing!! My Hobbies Make people & my self happy My Hobbies I have many friends around the world Am speaking English Am speaking My weight 14.4 MB Sunday no diet 14.4 MB My house iPhone & iPad My house Planning Android and Windows iPhone & iPad Parents SuperNova Tech