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Sharpen your minds whenever wherever you are
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Sharpen your minds whenever wherever you are


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This presentation is about What Is Sharp Minds Cademy

This presentation is about What Is Sharp Minds Cademy

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Sharpen Your MindsWhenever Wherever You Are@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 2. Agenda• Introduction• Articles• Podcast• Classes• Events@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 3. IntroductionWe are An Online academy that is here to serve anddiscuss the latest news about whats going around insectors and industries you are interested in.Sharpen your minds with information and tips thatyou may need to help you with your life, business orstudy that are maybe hidden from you Wheneverand Wherever you are.@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 4. IntroductionCurrently we are working on four types ofactivities, which are:1)Writing Articles2)Recording Podcasts3)Hosting Classes4)Covering Events@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 5. Writing Articles
  • 6. What we write aboutActually, we write about new topics/trends, what isgoing around, some tips & tricks, Info-graphics, MindMaps and anything we can learn from.@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 7. What attract usMostly the new topics/trends or anything that didn’tbecome news yet. So we will be the first to talk about ittogether!If you are good at Mix and Match game and came upwith something superb, then we will be happy to takecare of your creation and let you introduce it theright way .
  • 8. DON’T Follow Trends
  • 9. DON’T Follow TrendsMake Them!
  • 10. Guest PostIf you are a Writer from another website, you can haveone post per month on our website .@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 11. Recording Podcasts
  • 12. How we will run itWell it differs, sometimes we start by summarizingour recent articles or what happened the past week@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 13. How we will run itThen, we will begin to talk about the main topic thatthe podcast is created for.Sometimes it could be an interview with a specialperson (It might be you) or a long topic, instead ofwriting it on the web we will be discussing it herewith everyone.
  • 14. How about weinterview you?
  • 15. How we will run itAfter that we will end it by listening to what peoplesaid regarding the Topic, their answers or opinions toaQuestion that we asked at the end of the podcast orin our social media accounts.@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 16. Hmmm, What it could be?
  • 17. How to join or ParticipateThere are three ways to join the podcast:1) As our Special Guy or speaker, by applying on ourwebsite from the Podcast Form.2) As our Audience by using the voicemail button on theright side of our website.3) As our Guest by using the same podcast Form butmention in the Topic Field “Guest: [TYPE OFTOPIC]” and we will contact you.
  • 18. Is this a group interview?
  • 19. Is this a group interview? It Could Be!
  • 20. Classes
  • 21. Who we selectWe prefer well-known speakers, educators,coaches, experts, ideal entrepreneurs, consultantsor anyone who have something that can teachour audience and make them learn somethingnew.@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 22. Who we selectTo become a presenter, you can apply for it usingthe Presentation Form page.Once you are done, we will check it and confirm it!@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 23. How we will do it?@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 24. How we will do it?After we confirm it, we will contact you and start working on it together.It is like drinking water!@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 25. Send us your presentation
  • 26. We will check it and edit it to suit the view
  • 27. We Will have an Online presentation test together and seeyour performance
  • 28. Once we are done and ready, we will spread theword and start selling tickets!
  • 29. Do another presentation test if needed
  • 30. On the day of the class, we will start!
  • 31. What we provide1) Host your class online. 7) Create Video Trailer (Optional).2) Record the whole session. 8) Podcast (Optional) .3) Do Follow-ups after the class. 9) Add your presentation to our Slideshare.4) Certificate for your audience. 10) Add you to our Game System.5) Add you to our speakers list 11) Upload your class on Youtube..etc6) Send surveys and create polls. 12) Share Files with audience.@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 32. Why should you do it@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 33. Flexible and Convenient
  • 34. Time Saving
  • 35. Zero Cost ( No More Reservations!(
  • 36. Run it Everywhere
  • 37. Professional
  • 38. Few or More Participants
  • 39. No More Traveling and long trips
  • 40. What kind of eventsIt depend on the team who attended that event,will cover it and write a post about it.If we received an invite from someone to attenda specific event, we will send the right team to itunless the invite was named to one of us.
  • 41. How to prepare itOnce the event is finished we will sit and talkwith who attended and discuss it, see pics andthen post the event on our website.@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 42. How to post your eventLets say there was an event that someone or you have attended &you’ve learned something from it, met people…etc and you wantto post it and share it on our website.You can do that by using the Contact Form in contact us page.Provide us with the text or link, we will check it and contact youthen.@smcademy SharpMindsCademy smcademy
  • 43. ThanksKhaleel SharpMindsCademy smcademy www.smcademy.comMishaal