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Social Media Week Beirut is a real world's manifestation of some of the best that new technology has to offer – ideas, strategies and insights shared by the people who are shaping the future.

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110823 Social Media Week Presentation

  1. 1. Get involved!BeirutSeptember 19th – 23rd 2011
  2. 2. What is Social Media Week?›  Social Media Week sets out to explore how local and regional societies, cultures, and economies are becoming more integrated & empowered through a global network of communication.›  It’s a set of comprehensive discussion, issues, opportunities and cultures relating to “connectivity”.›  SMW is a “real-world” manifestation of some of the best that new technology has to offer – ideas, strategies and insights shared by the people who are shaping the future.
  3. 3. What is Social Media Week?›  The global Social Media Week phenomenon started in 2009, and has hosted more than 1500 individually organized events in 15 countries around the world.›  Social Media Week is built upon a set of principles that focuses on openness, inclusivity, collaboration and co-creation. ›  SMW’s concept puts the attendee at the center of the experience in the hands of individuals and organizations who bring a greater depth of knowledge on a broader and more diverse range of topics – the community
  4. 4. SMW summarized in ONE sentence“Tell me and I will forget, Showme and I will remember, Involveme and I will understand” – Confucius
  5. 5. Involve me & I will understand›  The most common type of event, has unsurprisingly, been panel discussions.›  The reason why panel debates are so popular is because they are the lowest common denominator. ›  It’s just that in today’s hyper-connected world, where people demand deeper levels of engagement, they shouldn’t represent the standard for the conference industry
  6. 6. Participation is the key›  If you broadcast to your attendees they are unlikely to recall any information and you will have created no real lasting impact. ›  If you involve them, they will not only understand, but they will become your greatest advocates.
  7. 7. 5 pillars of SMW’ success Promote openness and sharing Connect Build flexible Creative network for Thinkers participation InspireParticipation SMW Continue the conversation
  8. 8. SMW Beirut ScheduleThemes Days VenueBanking & Finance - 19th ESABusiness SeptemberScience, Technology & 20th BerytechGaming SeptemberAdvertising, Media, 21st AltCity HamraCommunication & September Main StreetJournalismFashion, Beauty Luxury 22nd Silkor& Retail September Headquarters Saifi villageHospitality 22nd Ferdinand SeptemberPeople, NGO, Society 23rd AltCity Hamra ain September Street
  9. 9. SMW summarized in ONE sentenceSocial Media Week’s Topics Program
  10. 10. Program: Banking & Finance & business1.  Discussion panel around the use of social media in the banking sector: ›  Are Facebook and Twitter dangerous territories for banks and financial institutions? ›  Benefits Of Social Media For Banking Sector? ›  The challenge for the banks to adopt SM Speakers:2.  Karine Jazra: E-commerce, challenging the Lebanese Karine Jazra economy, the paypal issue Blom Bank, Byblos Bank, Impact BBDO,3.  Planning and Building Integrated Online Presence for Living Social Banks: The role of Social Media in customer care and Born Interactive customer relationship management Bayt.com Sandy Salloum4.  90:10 Group: “Social Media readiness”5.  Enterprise 2.0: How social networks are transforming organizations? How did SM change the recruitment process for H.R departments?
  11. 11. Program: Sciences & technology & Gaming1.  When does content need to be mobile? (panel) Embracing Mobile application2.  Nokia “Thinking Global, acting local”: Promoting local apps, done by local developers for the local market, Beirut.com app, Pin Pay app in collaboration with Bank Audi, Speakers: Roadster, Zboota, Star Academy  Nokia Samsung3.  Samsung: The Smart concept: Smart phones, smart TVs, Living Social Tablets Eastline Marketing Sharp Lemon4.  Living Social presenting How Local can you go? How SMEs Dermandar are reaping local benefits from global networks and the Apps 2 you challenges ahead Wixel Studios Beiruting.com Leo Burnett5.  Key component of social gaming success - Social Gaming the fastest growing segment of the games market (panel) ›  What is social gaming? Trends in Social Gaming? ›  What is the Monetization strategy? Micro-transactions, Lead generation, Advertisements, Subscriptions.
  12. 12. Program: Advertising, Media & Communication & Journalism1.  Social Media Evolution and Advertising (Panel)2.  Mr William Kanaan from Google keynote presentation3.  Crowd sourcing, Social collaboration and citizen Speakers: journalism (panel) Karine Jazra 90:10 ME4.  Mr Samer Ragheb from Facebook presenting “Word of 1984 mouth at scale” Amphipole An Nahar Eastline5.  When Nokia engage with the audience, success Marketing stories. Facebook Google Impact BBDO5.  Discussion panel: Social Business and PR 2.0 - Can Mindshare brands become media? Leo Burnett Wunderman
  13. 13. Program: Hospitality1.  Discussion panel : SM, a reason for change? (panel)2.  Zaatar W Zeit – The viral effect – The Buzz3.  Crepaway: “Never Serious, Forever Sincere”  Speakers: Zaatar W Zeit Crepaway4.  Roadster Diner, the Social Media experience Ferdinand Brisk Living Social Roadster Le Gustav Eastline Marketing
  14. 14. Program: Fashion & Beauty, Luxury & Retail1.  Can we talk about fashion and beauty 2.0? (panel)2.  Silkor’s presentation “Beauty and Engagement” Speakers:3.  When fashion blogs come to life Silkor Elie Turky4.  Social commerce: How social media are AZZI & OSTA creating a whole new commercial experience and changing the way we make decisions and Bassam Fatouh shop? (panel) Hala Ajam Fady Kataya Fady Roumieh Mistile.com Mizalla.com Rectangle Jaune
  15. 15. Program: Art & Culture, NGO, People & Society1.  Cheyef 7alak inititative in Lebanon “the viral effect”: Engaging with the community to bring awareness and encouraging using ones’ civic rights2.  SMEX social media exchange workshop: NGO’s initiative to Educate people on SM, tutorials, online courses… Speakers:3.  Clearer, sharper, funnier, how-to-shake the SM tree to get Nasawiya your customer hooked: keeward presentation Cheyef 7alak (impact BBDO)4.  Nasawiya: “How Social Networks have changed women’s SMEX Keeward – condition in the region” (panel) Amphipole Slutterhouse5.  Slutterhouse: How SM has changed the relationship between Artists and Fans6.  Antoine online, the Lebanese Amazon.com that embraced engagement strategy
  16. 16. Our media & event partners
  17. 17. Sponsoring Packages
  18. 18. Sponsoring PackagesCity Headline1.  Brand Positioning: Including SMW Beirut naming rights, placement across website on sidebar and sponsors & partners page, and across local printed signage (Banners, poster boards, AV graphics etc…)2.  Content integration, including curation and production of all events mentioned in the program, speaking opportunities for brand representatives, Q&A interview & partner profile on Beirut blog3.  Product Integration, including virtual or physical integration of products, applications or services; facilitation of product giveaways & competitions; or custom development of web and/or mobile apps4.  Promotion & Marketing, including mention in press releases, in blog posts, email marketing, newsletters, Radio, TV, mentions at select events, during opening and closing events.
  19. 19. Sponsoring PackagesHub Sponsor›  Deliverables/Requirements: 1.  Hosting an event as either the People & Society, Business, Media & Communications, Entertainment & Gaming, Science & Technology or Art & Culture Content Hubs 2.  Provide event space, logistics, AV, staffing 3.  Curate a minimum of five events/sessions during the week 4.  Key brand positioning in participating city as Content Hub, in press and marketing materials and across Hub and city specific signage 5.  Cost: In-kind
  20. 20. Sponsoring PackagesEvent Sponsor›  SMW Beirut Deliverables: 1.  Brand inclusion on local city website on sidebar and Sponsors page, on local signage and premium placement within event partners page on schedule, TV & Radio 2.  Featured promotion of event including dedicated blog posts/interviews, sharing / mention on Facebook & Twitter and inclusion in email marketing
  21. 21. Partners Packages
  22. 22. Partner of SMW BeirutEvent Partner›  Partner Deliverables: 1.  Brand inclusion on Partners page on local city website & Social Networks communication 2.  Delivery of agreed services during SMW Beirut 3.  SMW signage, including AV graphics in partners locations 4.  Cost: In-kind›  SMW Beirut Deliverable: 1.  Promotion & Marketing: including mention in press releases, in blog posts, email marketing, newsletters, Radio, TV, mentions at select events, during opening and closing events. 1.  VIP access to opening and closing parties
  23. 23. Partner of SMW BeirutMedia Partner ›  Partner Deliverables: 1.  Outreach/promotion on media partner’s Twitter/ Facebook channels 2.  Inclusion in newsletter mailing list 3.  List SMW on events page 4.  Display SMW banner ads on media partner’s website 1.  Communication of SMW Beirut according to agreement (Radio spots, Advertorial, TV spot etc…)›  SMW Beirut Deliverable: 1.  Inclusion of media partner logo on SMW main city website 2.  Inclusion of logo on signage across select events 3.  Mentions in marketing/press materials 4.  Speaking, moderating & presenting opportunities 5.  Distribution of media partner’s materials (ie, magazines, etc) 6.  VIP access to opening and closing parties
  24. 24. For more info:http://socialmediaweek.org/beirut/http://www.facebook.com/SMWBeiruthttp://twitter.com/#!/SMWBeiruthttp://www.slideshare.net/SMWBEIRUT
  25. 25. To contact us:Patrick AttallahCEO 90:10 Middle Eastpatrick@ninety10group.comMonica KaramSocial Media Strategist &Managing Partnermonica@ninety10group.com
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