Breakthrough Career Transition and Career Development


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What sets us apart is our friendly and personable approach and our unique SMP Career Navigation Cycle which sits at the heart of everything we do.

By establishing the key success factors from our own personal career transition experiences and many of our clients, we have developed a simple process that works and have proven this many hundreds of times, so much so that our Director, Steve Preston, recently published his globally acclaimed and inspirational NEW BOOK 'Winning through Redundancy - Six Steps to Navigate your Way to a Brighter Future', showcasing this very topic!

We will work with you using the SMP Career Navigation Cycle to ensure that you start your programme in the right frame of mind, work through each stage in a very logical way that naturally leads you to the next stage and ultimately success!

The process will help you tackle your career transition as a project in a very practical way, immediately giving you a sense of purpose! This helps to get you motivated right from the start, also to achieve and maintain focus keeping you on track.

We work with you to get to the heart of your career aspirations, starting with a personal development review, to really understand your vision or help you create one, to then unlock and maximise your career potential. We will also utilise our wide ranging networks to open up opportunities for you to achieve the right job or career for you!

Life is too short - We will help you transform your life so you look forward to going to work on Mondays, whether employed or self employed!

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Breakthrough Career Transition and Career Development

  1. 1. BreakthroughCareerDevelopmentandCareerTransition© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd
  2. 2. FacingchangeandchallengeToday’s workplace is fast-paced,requiring constant change andchallenge for businesses and their people.This results in a key need for career andpeople development, career transition andoutplacement solutions.In these challenging times a successfulorganisation needs a targeted careertransition and outplacementprogramme to survive and thrive.SMP has the experience and expertise toquickly navigate clients throughdifferent processes, managing aspectssuch as:• Company Communications• Emotional Reactions• Employee Engagement• Indentifying Skills• Talent ManagementOur approach is to work with you throughtimes of difficult change to ensure youmaintain operational efficiency andcustomer service delivery.© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) LtdLet go andlook forwardRe-evaluateTake positiveactionDecide whatto doExploreopportunitiesEstablish truemarketabilityHelping you unlockyour potential2
  3. 3. IntroducingSMPSolutionsSMP are all about people.Working alongside organisations wecoach, support and navigate peoplethrough:• Career Development• Career Transition• Career OutplacementWith a high percentage ofemployees unfulfilled in their jobs andcareers, we take proactive steps tonavigate people through a successfulcareer change.Our focus is solely on you and peoplewithin your organisation, unlockingand maximising potential.© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd 3Board &ExecutiveDevelopmentTeamDevelopmentEmployeeEngagementBusinessCoachingGroup & TeamFacilitationBetter PeopleBetterBusinessManagementDevelopmentOutplacement& CareerTransition
  4. 4. SMP are a team of talented andpassionate people who want to makea difference.With backgrounds in management rolesin different sectors, we’ve all changedjobs, changed careers, changed fromemployment to self employment, livedlife after redundancy and started ourown businesses.We set up SMP because we saw firsthand what helped and what didn’t helppeople when experiencing careertransition. We pooled our expertise andhave been working in careerdevelopment and transition for 10 years.During this time, the team have enjoyedsupporting over 10,000 people withbreakthrough career development andcareer transition solutions.We remain an independently ownedcareer and people developmentconsultancy who have a sole focus inhelping people and organisationsunlock and fulfil their potential.SMPTeam4© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd
  5. 5. SMP work alongside great people who,with our help, get to where they want tobe and where they should be in theircareers.People can be at any stage of the careerladder in the UK and sometimes abroad.We’re proud of our people-centredapproach and our reputation for:• Successfully supporting people andorganisations of any size and sector,including the public sector, privatesector, charity/not for profit sector andsocial enterprises.• Career programmes that are uniquelyapproved by the Institute of Leadership& Management (ILM).• Being recognised as career experts,invited to write in the media and speakat Career Transition MasterclassSeminars for major events such as:British Medical Journal Career Fairs,Forum 3, One Life Live and thePublic Services Conference.WorkingwithSMP5© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd
  6. 6. We know the hurdles you try and jumpover, approaching the dauntingprospect of dealing with restructuringteams of people in your organisation.What we like to do is jump over thehurdles together - getting you whereyou want to be speedily and smoothly.Because we specialise in careerdevelopment and career transition weknow what is required to:• Have positive and well-organisedre-structuring programmes• Win through redundancy andoutplacement• Experience major career change• Move up the career ladder• Develop executives, managers andteams• Get that first management orexecutive job• Become self employedSMPProgrammes6© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd
  7. 7. People, key skills, talent management,employee engagement, operationalefficiency and ensuring customer serviceare high priority during re-structure.So is the importance of managing theemotional reactions of people and therestructuring / change communicationsprocess.Our expertise and approach guaranteesa positive transition process for peoplewho are leaving or staying with anorganisation.When these issues are professionallymanaged with honesty and integrity,this ensures that difficult conversationsand feelings of fear and bitterness areminimised for people either leaving orremaining within the organisation.Showing a caring attitude with correctHR and legal procedures, providingprofessional career transition andoutplacement support for your staff atthis difficult time creates goodwill andcorporate social responsibility.BreakthroughCareerTransitionandOutplacementOutplacement& CareerTransitionConsultationProcessPlanning forReorganisation& RedundancyOnline CareerTransitionProgrammesIndividualOutplacementSupportGroupOutplacement &Career TransitionWorkshopsExecutiveOutplacementManagingSelection &Redundancies© SMP Reorganisation Navigation 7
  8. 8. Forward-thinking Boards andExecutives tap into their full peoplepotential to develop executives of thefuture.Our programmes are geared towardsexecutives who want to be promotedfrom senior management and forexecutives who want to win thatelusive top job.Our expertise enables leaders tounderstand and leverage talents to:• Improve sense of direction• Increase personal effectiveness• Develop self-awareness• Become resilient• Become resourcefulBreakthroughDevelopmentforExecutives© SMP Executive Navigation 8Board& ExecutiveDevelopmentExecutive& LeadershipCoaching ExecutiveProfilingCareer &TalentManagementOptimisingYourNetworkBespokeExecutiveDevelopmentProgrammeDynamicSpeaking &EffectiveCommunicationImpact &Personal BrandManagment
  9. 9. Supporting managers with specifictraining and individual coaching helpspeople become more effectivemanagers and leaders.It’s a positive and motivational way totarget specific skills improvement, toremove limiting beliefs and barriers topersonal progression and to overcomechallenges.We’ve a proven track record ofworking with line managers andaspiring managers across a wide rangeof sectors.Our approach concentrates on:• Direct link to company strategy,objectives and goals• Supporting personal developmentplans• Coaching for development• Participative and experientiallearning• Skills transfer into the workplaceBreakthroughDevelopmentforManagers9Bullying &Harassment inthe workplaceCoachingMentoring andCounsellingManagingGrievance, Disciplinary& CapabilityThe Manageras a Leader© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd
  10. 10. Our programmes give you theopportunity to select the steps that meetyour needs through face-to-face meetings,telephone, email or e-course support:• Career Planning Review• Job Search Strategy• Job Applications that count• Personality Profiling• Career Values, Needs and Anchors• Skills and Competencies Assessment• CVs that get you to an Interview• Personal Brand and Image Review• Winning at Interviews• Winning at Assessment Centres• Self Employment• Portfolio Career options• Self Marketing• Dynamic Speaking and EffectivePresentations• Negotiating the Job OfferBreakthroughCareerDevelopmentforPeople10© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd
  11. 11. Re-energising an existing team, movinga good performing team to greaterheights or building a new team, especiallyfollowing restructuring, helps achievecompany objectives.It’s a useful way to motivate people andyou can raise your game by planningteam coaching and team away-days,especially following a key change orrestructuring.We’ve worked with a range of teamsacross sectors and on challenging teamissues achieving excellent successes with:• Everyone understanding eachother’s unique skills and attributes• People pulling in the samedirection• Improved employee engagement• Positive impact on internal andexternal customersHappy Staff =Happy CustomersBreakthroughDevelopmentforTeams© SMP Team Navigation 11TeamCoachingBoard &ExecutiveDevelopmentTeamDevelopmentGroup & TeamFacilitationBetter PeopleBetterBusiness
  12. 12. • SMP achieve client success becauseof our business ethos, passion andfocus on encouraging people andorganisations to deal with changepositively.• SMP take great pride in our rangeof flexible solutions, depth of teamexpertise and support, resulting insuccessful transitions or outcomes.• SMP Career Programmes areuniquely quality assured andrecognised by the Institute ofLeadership & Management (ILM).WhereSMPsucceed12© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd
  13. 13. ✔ Career Coaching✔ Career Development✔ Career Transition✔ Dynamic Speaking✔ E-Courses✔ Employee Engagement✔ Employment Law Support✔ Employee Relations Support✔ Executive Development✔ Interview Skills✔ Legal Support✔ Management Development✔ Masterclasses✔ Mediation Support✔ Outplacement✔ Personal Branding✔ Personality Profiling✔ Portfolio Careers✔ Redundancy Selection✔ Restructuring Communications✔ Self Employment✔ Self Marketing✔ Team Development✔ Team Facilitation✔ WorkshopsSMPResourcesProgrammes13© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd
  14. 14. Contact SMP Solutions:Tel: 01895 474887Email: smpcareeradvice.comTwitter:�����������������������14ConnectingwithSMP© SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd