SxSWi 2012: Thoughts from a Marketer


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SxSWi 2012: Thoughts from a Marketer

  1. 4 Fresh Ideas for Marketers from SxSWi 2012
  2. “SxSWi is to ideas, what CES is to gadgets” -8th Annual SxSW Interactive (25th Annual SxSW) -Biggest ever: est. 25k attendance (up 25% YoY) -4 ideas worth paying attention to -New Applications of Social Media -The Power of “Transmedia” -Crowdsourced Messaging -Creating “Products,” Not Just Ads 2
  3. New Applications of Social Media -Outside the 1.3MM posts generated about SxSW, there were two new ways to use social media being discussed -Ambient Social: the ultimate SoLoMo concept, using mobile apps to locate others in real-time by social connection or common interest -Highlight, Glancee, Sonar, and Banjo are the major players -Social TV: participating with live TV by accessing the power of real-time searching and conversation on the second screen -Miso, IntoNow, GetGlue, Viggle, and many others
  4. The Power of “Transmedia” -Transmedia is defined as “telling a single story across multiple formats using current digital technologies” -Not only does the experience live on multiple screens, each feeds the other in a unique way -Top Chef example (Ogilvy panel notes shown here): -TV reality series that held a second competition online at -That competition fed into the TV program, giving consumers a compelling reason to go back and forth -All the while, harnessing social media to fuel viewing and sharing of both screens
  5. Crowdsourced Messaging “Customers are part of your culture. By inviting them to participate in your campaigns and community, you can speed progress, gain candid market insight, and have some fun!” - Dave Olson, VP Community, HootSuite -Crowdsourced messaging is reaching out and incentivizing an external network of people to create content for you -As it pertains to marketing, there are 2 important tips: -Appeal to an audience’s heart first, then their wallet -If you’re going to crowdsource, use a “gentle voice” when you want to protect your brand 5
  6. Creating “Products,” Not Just Ads "Ads are decreasing in relevance to consumers. Agencies have to broaden their offerings to stay afloat. They have to go from making people want things to making things that people want." - Robbie Whiting, Director of Creative Tech at Duncan/Channon -Sometimes physical, sometimes digital; the best agencies and the smartest clients are creating products that serve a true purpose in people’s lives -Examples include: Deeplocal’s Nike Chalkbot, Anomaly’s ‘Avec Eric’ cooking show, TBWA’s Project
  7. What does this all mean?• Social media is on track to permeate all aspects of our lives; it’s essential that your long-term plancan adapt to a variety of new use-cases.• Adopting a multi-screen strategy goes far beyond just making sure you have presence across themall, it’s about leveraging the unique strengths of each and making them work in tandem.• By allowing customers to get involved in your marketing campaigns, you can show sincerity and theability to build a pro-active, advocating community around your brand.• Building products and services that positively impact the lives of your target consumer will take yourmessaging much deeper than even the most ingenious ad campaign.• KEEP AN OPEN MIND! In a world where consumer expectations are shifting as quickly astechnology is progressing, it’s crucial to seek out new methods of storytelling, not matter howoutlandish and risky they may sound.
  8. For any additional information, contact Rex Harris on the SMGx team at