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Nutrition 4
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  • 1. Cardiac Rehab and NutritionSession 4 Janice Holley MSc, RD Julie Snider MAN, RD Cardiac Rehab Dietitians St. Mary’s General Hospital
  • 2. 5 F’s to Heart Healthy Eating FAT* FIBER* FISH FRUIT FRESH*
  • 3. Today’s SessionLabel readingSimple sugarsAlcoholEating outCooking tips
  • 4. Easy Heart Healthy ChoicesServing Size – how much do I eat?Total Fat - 60-65 grams/daySaturated Fat - 10-15 grams/dayTrans Fat - less than 2 grams/dayCholesterol - less that 300mg/daySodium - less than 2300mg/dayFibre - 25-35 grams per day
  • 5. Label ReadingSodiumFrozen kernel corn Canned kernel corn
  • 6. Comparing Products Product #1 Vs. Product #2 25% less fat than our original crackers
  • 7. Healthy Eating ACTIVITY Product #1 Vs. Product #2 Frozen marinated Frozen breaded chicken breasts chicken breast strips
  • 8. Comparing ProductsProduct #1 Vs. Product #2 Sirloin Burger Chicken Burger
  • 9. Label ReadingFibre
  • 10. Label Reading•Once you learn what products fit within yourHealthy Eating Lifestyle grocery shopping willget easier and faster.•What goes in your cart goes in yourkitchen…•Sign up for the next hands-on Grocery StoreTour
  • 11. Simple Sugars/RefinedCarbohydrates White or brown sugar Maple syrup, corn syrup, honey, molasses Jams, jellies, marmalade Soft drinks, fruit drinks or fruit punch (high fructose corn syrup) Cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream
  • 12. Healthy Eating LifestyleTypes of foods – Simple sugars Increase triglycerides Cause unwanted weight gain Take the place of healthier food choices eg. Frozen yogurt and fruit
  • 13. To reduce simple sugars…  Reduce use of added sugar by 50% or more  Limit cookies, cakes, pies  Limit use of artificial sweeteners to occasional (overuse = acquiring a taste for “sweet” foods/beverages)
  • 14. Healthy Eating Lifestyle Types of foods – Alcohol Check with your doctor or pharmacist because of possible interactions with your medications. If elevated triglycerides, AVOID! If you want to lose weight, avoid or limit.
  • 15. What is one drink?  1 1/2 oz. liquor  5 oz. wine  1 bottle beer
  • 16. Healthy Eating Lifestyle Types of foods – AlcoholFor good health: women no more than 1 drink per day men no more than 2 drinks per day.
  • 17. Healthy Eating Lifestyle Types of foods – CaffeineH. & S.F. of Canada and A.H.A. recommend you:Limit caffeinated beverages(coffee, tea, colas)to 1-2 cups per dayApprox. 200mg caffeineOther caffeine sources include chocolate and “energy” drinks!
  • 18. DINING OUTRestaurants will always give you more… Portions Salt Fat Saturated fat So have a plan …
  • 19. Choose Limit Baked  A la king Broiled  Alfredo Grilled  Au Gratin Poached  Basted Roasted  Breaded Steamed  Creamed Sauteed or stir-fried  Fried  Hollandaise
  • 20. Restaurant Tips Strategy for buffets Don’t be afraid to ask questions and special order Be prepared to take home 1/3-1/2 dinner plate foods
  • 21. Tips for Reducing Fat ContentForget the mayo order mustardSkip the cheese 1 slice = 8 grams of fatGo green have a salad and not friesDip & Stab dip your fork into the salad dressing and then into the saladHam it up order a side of ham & not sausageCut the cream coffee with milk
  • 22. Fast Food WisdomOption 1 Option 2 Quarter Pounder  Small Burger with cheese  Salad with low fat dressing Large Fries  Large diet pop or water Large pop1,116 calories 481 calories51 grams fat 18 grams fat1,450 mg sodium 665 mg sodium
  • 23. Fast Food Wisdom Get a copy of their nutrient analysis before you eat. Make choices before you enter the door. Never Ever Supersize Anything!!
  • 24. Where’s the fat? calorie fat sat. fatPoutine 3,000 217 91Movie theatre popcorn 1,640 126 73Prime Rib – 16 oz 1,280 94 52Fettucine Alfredo 1,500 97 48Fudge Brownie Sundae 1,130 57 30Loaded Pizza 1,500 74 30
  • 25. Heart-healthy cooking When you reduce the total fat in a recipe, you may also decrease some moisture and flavour.The key is always bumping up the flavour and adding more moisture to give you a delicious meal.
  • 26. Fat, Sugar & Salt Reduction Tips Savory flavors and flavors with “bite,” such as black pepper, garlic powder, curry powder, cumin, dill seeds, basil, ginger, coriander and onion, are the most effective in replacing the taste of salt. Source: American Spice Trade Association (
  • 27. Thank-you! Questions?