Rob Horton- Social Responsibility


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Rob Horton- Social Responsibility

  1. 1. SME ConferencePuerto RicoCause Marketing and Social ResponsibilityRob HortonVice President, MarketingDecorative Paints North America
  2. 2. Agenda• About AkzoNobel• Our Approach to Social Responsibility• Impact for Sales and Marketing• Questions and Answers SME Puerto Rico 1
  3. 3. AkzoNobel key facts2010• Revenue €14.6 billion ($19 billion USD)• 55,590 employees• Around 40 percent of revenue from high- growth markets• One of the leaders in sustainabilityRevenue by business area EBITDA* by business area* Before incidentals SME Puerto Rico 2
  4. 4. AkzoNobel is the world’s largestpaint and coatings supplier2009 revenue in € billion 10 8 6 4 2 0 s un t co t t r G SF l in in on pa am e PP t Pa ob Pa as Jo uP ls BA illi M Va oN n ai D -W po ns kz in ip Ka A w N er Sh SME Puerto Rico 3
  5. 5. Excellent geographic spread ofboth revenue and profits High-growth markets are important (39% of revenue)% of 2010 revenue 39% 20% 6% ‘Mature’ Europe North America ‘Emerging’ Europe 21% 4% Asia Pacific ME&A 10% Latin America High-growth markets profitability is above average SME Puerto Rico 4
  6. 6. Trusted portfolio of global brands SME Puerto Rico 5
  7. 7. SOCIALRESPONSIBILITY 31 million results SME Puerto Rico 6
  8. 8. SOCIALUnderstand what’sgoing on. SME Puerto Rico 7
  9. 9. Global megatrends affecting societyPopulation growth Climate change6.8 billion people today to over 9 billion Increase the need for energy efficiencyin 2050 and low carbon & renewable energy sourcesQuality of life Scarcity of natural resourcesA new middle class Drives innovation3 billion people emerging over the next Today we use replenishment capacity of20 years 1.5 planets* Sources: UN World Population prospects, OECD, IPCC, World resources institute, WBCSD SME Puerto Rico 8
  10. 10. There’s a business case for being sociallyresponsible… Demographics/ globalization Scarcity of natural resources Climate change Quality of life Requires paradigm shifts in technology and our institutions Dematerialization Recycling Global emission rights Renewable energy SME Puerto Rico 9
  11. 11. Our sustainability framework SME Puerto Rico 10
  12. 12. There’s a human case as well… SME Puerto Rico 11
  13. 13. RESPONSIBILITYApply what you do bestto meet a specific need. SME Puerto Rico 12
  14. 14. “Guiding Principle #6: We identifya specific point of intervention andapply our efforts against a theoryof change.” ---Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation SME Puerto Rico 13
  15. 15. Our point of intervention:We add color to people’s lives SME Puerto Rico 14
  16. 16. Significant implications for sales &marketing1.) Employee engagement2.) Brand building3.) Community renewal4.) Support a cause using amightier platform SME Puerto Rico 15
  17. 17. Social Responsibility in the form of employee engagementEmployee Engagement in the US SME International / Puerto Rico 16
  18. 18. Social Brand Building in Poland Responsibility in the form ofemployee engagement SME International / Puerto Rico 17
  19. 19. Social Responsibility in the form ofUrban renewal employee engagementin Vietnam SME International / Puerto Rico 18
  20. 20. Own a Color and Save a Child’s LifeA cause marketing partnership with UNICEF Visit SME Puerto Rico 19
  21. 21. SME ConferencePuerto RicoQ&A