Google+ 101 webinar by SMCpros


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This presentation covers the basics of Google+ and provides screen shots of G+ in action. The basics are Hangouts, Circles, Sparks, Huddles and more. Links within are clickable to you.

Presented by Tyler Olson, BreAnna Fisher, and Chad Kluge

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Google+ 101 webinar by SMCpros

  1. 1. Google Plus 101Presented by
  2. 2. WHO WE ARESMCpros consults with both agencies and businesses on social marketing, customdevelopment, and other digital initiatives. We speak on social media and digital marketing atbusinesses, agencies, and events. With experiences in a variety of industries and businessmodels, we have worked with over 150 clients over the last 18 months. Everything from socialmedia strategy, training, implementation, advertising, and monitoring has been developed andoffered to clients with a variety of social media backgrounds. As a team, we have done reallycool things, but here is more information on us individually.What we stand forWe believe that communication online can and should be an extension of you.- Nothing has changed.- Relationships still matter.- They will always matter.For many thousands of years, communication has always been a dialogue. For the last 50years, Marketing Agencies converted communication to a one way street. The technology isfinally here to truly have that communication, that dialogue. Are you there?We are a new paradigmWe exist:- To open people’s eyes- To push borders and boundaries- To experience this new world where anything is possibleWhere we go from here is a choice we leave to you
  3. 3. About the PanelistsTyler Olson• Tyler is the President of SMCpros• National social media speaker• Featured on Fox 9 News on Google+• Google+ Fanatic
  4. 4. About the PanelistsChad Kluge• Chad is a Social Media Associate at SMCpros• U of M Senior• Google+ Fanatic
  5. 5. About the PanelistsBreAnna Fisher• BreAnna is a Business Developer at SMCpros• Veteran/Mother• Google+ Fanatic
  6. 6. How to Make this WebinarSuccessful• Take Notes• Ask Questions• Review Later 612.217.0659
  7. 7. Getting Started• Getting In• Making Profiles• Inviting Friends• Drawing Circles• Hanging Out• Making Sparks Fly• Huddling Up• Adding Photos• Using Mobile Devices
  8. 8. Getting In Click here for Tech Crunchs take on Business Profiles.
  9. 9. Profiles
  10. 10. Youre in Control!
  11. 11. Tell All Your Friends!Im on Google Plus!Come join me! ------------->Invite all your friends/clients here ----------->
  12. 12. Circle Me!• With Circles, you can more easily contact or share with a common group of people.Make sure to add us! +Tyler Olson, +BreAnna Fisher,+Chad Kluge, +Sarah Shehata, +Dan Antonson, +MattBorchardt
  13. 13. HangoutVideo Surveillance Idea
  14. 14. Make Sparks Fly!
  15. 15. Mobile DevicesOn the Android  Same Capabilities  Same Look  Overall Easy Browsing Click to see the Mobile App Capabilities
  16. 16. Mobile Devices continued... Just Announced For iPhone iPhone App Overview
  17. 17. Instant Upload• Quick and easy wireless uploads from your phone• Within a minute, photos are ready to share (or not to share)• Is not compatible with iPhones...yet
  18. 18. Huddle Up• Group Text• Unlimited #• Replaces o GroupMe See it in action!
  19. 19. Privacy• 2/3 of posts are private (i.e. not shared publicly) on Google+. o• Your name and gender can be found through Google+ o• Google+s Privacy Policy o
  20. 20. Questions?For a demo: Thanks for watching from the team!