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Social Media Club Great Lakes Bay presents:

Content: Social Ammunition
by Quicken Loans.

Where: Best Western Birch Run
When: Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.

Join Sean T. Johnston from Michigan based Quicken Loans as he speaks on Content: Social Ammunition.

Premier Sponsor: United Financial Credit Union

December Sponsors: Tim Hortons & Best Western of Birch Run

Giveaway by: Premium Outlets Birch Run


This event will take place at the large conference room at Best Western of Birch Run off I-75 in Birch Run.

Content is the bullet that fires from the gun of social networks. In this talk, Sean T. Johnston from the Quicken Loans Social Media Team will discuss the best ways to design, manufacture and stockpile this ammunition so that your social guns are never empty.

This high-velocity discussion will be part content strategy, part copywriting, part analytics, and all useful information on how to generate and deploy the most impactful content on the right channels.

Sean has worked with a wide variety of businesses, from local landscaping companies to major automotive manufacturers (including Chrysler, Jeep and Ford), to create content that engages fans and grows brands. He currently works for Quicken Loans leading their organic and paid social content efforts.

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SMC GLB Dec 2013

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  15. 15. Today’s Speaker Sean T. Johnston Quicken Social Media Team Content: Social Ammunition @RespectTheT
  17. 17. CONTENT: Social Ammunition ! Presented by: Sean T. Johnston, Quicken Loans
  18. 18. About Me Graduate of Central Michigan University, 2006 ! Occupation: Failed Weatherman/ Social Media Jack-of-All-Trades ! Former Employers: Phoenix Marketing International, BBDO Detroit, Team Detroit, Chili’s TexMex Bar & Grill ! Twitter: @RespectTheT (Hope you like baseball and baby pictures)
  19. 19. About Quicken Loans • America’s largest online mortgage lender (3rd Overall) • Social staff of 8 full time, 4 interns • Active On: • Facebook – /quickenloans & /quickenloansracing • Twitter – @quickenloans & @QLRacing • Instagram – Quickenloans • Vine – Quicken Loans • Pinterest – /quickenloans • YouTube – /quickenloans • Monitoring Staff works from 8am-Midnight 7 days a week / 365 days a year • During business hours, we’ll respond to clients within 3-10 minutes (Industry-leading)
  20. 20. Objectives For Today 1. Novices – To leave here today with an understanding of how to build and execute a social content plan across your social media footprint ! 2. Experts – To learn additional tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of your content across your social media footprint
  21. 21. A Word On Networks We will focus on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Vine. ! • Why Not Google+? Content rules for G+ are similar to Facebook. Use the insights interchangeably. ! • Why Not LinkedIn? Content rules for LinkedIn are the same as Facebook, only extract the fun.
  22. 22. Offense • Outgoing Content • Blogs, Posts, Tweets • Photos • Non-customer service interactions vs. Defense • Customer Service • Brand/reputation management • Public relations Where are your efforts concentrated?
  23. 23. The Social Content Plan A good social content plan answers these questions and serves as a guide for creating and maintaining your brand. ! • • • • • What is my goal? Who is my audience? Where should I be active? How will I execute? When should I post?
  24. 24. What Is My Goal?
  25. 25. What Is My Goal? Commander’s Intent: A public and wellunderstood description of your desired outcome as it relates to the purpose of the operation, and key tasks to accomplish. ! ! If you can only remember one thing, remember this.
  26. 26. What Is My Goal? The intent of your social media operations will vary based on your willingness to engage your audience. ! Market Research Sales & Lead Generation Low Engagement (Listening) Customer Service Education “Social Publishing” High Engagement (Interacting)
  27. 27. What Is My Goal? The most successful brands on social do all of these well. But it’s okay to focus your efforts. ! Market Research Sales & Lead Generation Customer Service Education “Social Publishing” Social media is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor trends and consumer sentiment. E-commerce integrations allow your fans to buy right from select properties, active listening can intercept potential customers. Social is a two-way medium, your fans will have problems and they will voice their displeasure on social. Be ready. Share your expertise, your insight and news and information about your products. Take part in the larger conversation by finding ways to relate popular culture back to your brand.
  28. 28. Who Is My Audience?
  29. 29. Who Is My Audience? Which of the following products is more exciting? OR World-class Italian Sports Car Enterprise software
  30. 30. Who Is My Audience? Ha. Trick question. The answer is both. ! Your products and services are exciting to anyone who would become a fan of your brand on social media. ! The question is, how did you acquire them?
  31. 31. Who Is My Audience? The less you require your audience to become your fan, the more engaged they will be. Organic Sweepstakes (Non-Likegated)
  32. 32. Who Is My Audience? So, they’re here now. What do I do about them? ! • • • • • • • Understand their demographics Male vs. Female Age breakdowns Geo-location Identify the community influencers/ rabble-rousers Discover their content preferences Trial and Error
  33. 33. Who Is My Audience? Better Insights = Better Content = Happier Fans
  34. 34. Who Is My Audience? What tools can I use? Free Paid Facebook Insights Simply Measured Simply Measured - Free Twitter Follower Report Simply Measured YouTube Audience Demographics Simply Measured Simply Measured - Instagram User Report Simply Measured * Side Note – I don’t work for Simply Measured.
  35. 35. Where Should I Be Active?
  36. 36. Where Should I Be Active? Short Answer: Wherever conversation about your brand is taking place. ! Long Answer: Social channels that your fans, customers and aspirational targets are using. ! Considerations: • Staffing • Visual appeal of your brand • Return on Investment !
  37. 37. Where Should I Be Active? “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” - Jimmy Dugan
  38. 38. Where Should I Be Active? Instagram Younger Twitter Facebook P i n t e r e s t Vine Older Not Visually Appealing Visually-Appealing
  39. 39. Where Should I Be Active? Sales Generation Brand Awareness Activity Level High High High Medium High High Low High Medium Low Medium Medium Low High Medium Low Medium Low
  40. 40. How Will I Execute?
  41. 41. How Will I Execute? Remember the Dinner Party Rule.
  42. 42. How Will I Execute? Hit the Social Sweet Spot. d Pro Sa cts u l es Ca Brand Awareness eos Vid t Stuff that’s important to my brand/objectives Sp p shi sor on s Ne Cult ure Stuff that’s relevant and important to my audience Thought Leadership Co rpo rat e Pop ??? Me mes List ws s Mi ley Cy ru s
  43. 43. How Will I Execute? All social content has a nucleus:
  44. 44. How Will I Execute? Blog Text Photo Video
  45. 45. How Will I Execute? Advantages Challenges Photo Highly-engaging, performanceenhancing Requires production, legal implications of sharing Video Informational, emotional Production resources, attention spans Text Easy to produce, can be engaging Difficulty engaging, bland
  46. 46. How Will I Execute? It’s ok to share. In fact, it’s great. ! 1. 2. 3. 4. Share relevant news articles with commentary and attribution. Highlight fan content by sharing and RT-ing. It’s ok to use photos if you give the creator credit. Use Creative Commons Search.
  47. 47. How Will I Execute? Anatomy of a Successful Facebook Post: ! Short Copy, <140 characters Reason – Easy to read ! Strong call to action Reason – Directs activity ! Shortened Link Reason – Better tracking ! Tagged Reason – Audience expansion ! Hashtag Reason – Searchable, larger conv. ! Photo as attachment Reason – Engaging, Edgerank + ! Photo is iconic to brand Reason – Engagement, relevant
  48. 48. How Will I Execute? Edgerank – Why your content is seen or not seen. ∑ U e We D e U - Affinity W - Weight D – Time Decay
  49. 49. How Will I Execute? Courtesy of
  50. 50. How Will I Execute? This just in! What a scoop! Hot – Relevant News Articles Not – Memes, “Low-quality content” ! “We’ve noticed that people enjoy seeing articles on Facebook, and so we’re now paying closer attention to what makes for high-quality content and how often articles are clicked on from News Feed on mobile,” report Facebook engineers Varun Kacholia and Minwen Ji. ! “What this means is that you may start to notice links to articles a little more often.”
  51. 51. How Will I Execute? Anatomy of a Successful Tweet: ! Quote Reason – Taps into collective conv. ! Short Copy, <120 characters Reason – Easy to read, RT-able ! Shortened Link Reason – Intriguing destination ! Hashtag Reason – Searchable, larger conv. ! Photo included Reason – Engaging, eyecatching
  52. 52. How Will I Execute? 5 Tips for Better Tweets ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Talk like a human, not a press release Less is more Be engaging, aim for the share Join the conversation Stay timely, stay relevant
  53. 53. How Will I Execute? Anatomy of a Great Instagram Photo: ! Iconic & Branded Reason – Shows human side of brand ! Hashtags Reason – Search, shorthand ! Engaging Reason – Search, shorthand ! Product/Relevant Reason – Search, shorthand
  54. 54. How Will I Execute? 5 Tips for Growing an Instagram Following ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. #Hashtags #UseThem #VeryImportant Engage with followers & targets Mix business with pleasure Go behind the scenes Give them a reason
  55. 55. When should I post?
  56. 56. When Should I Post? Rule of Thumb Deeper Dive 1pm, 5pm, 8pm Insights > Posts > When Your Fans Are Online 1-3pm Ads > Timeline Activity/3rd Party Depends Google Keyword Tool Off Hours (7pm-10pm) 3rd Party Tools Varies Trial and Error
  57. 57. Bottom Line
  58. 58. Bottom Line ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Have an objective for your social channels and build your content around it Social is a two-way street, talk as much as you listen Understand and listen to your audience to make better content decisions Speak to your audience like a friend, not a brand Build your content around photos, videos and interesting text, use social as distribution channels !
  59. 59. Thank You! Questions?
  60. 60. “Oh, SH*T, I’m Under” Time-Killers
  61. 61. Creating Sticky Content Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, By: Chip Heath and Dan Heath ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Six Principals of Sticky Ideas Simplicity – Keep it simple and profound Unexpectedness – Surprise your audience Concreteness – Be clear and tangible Credibility – Make them believe Emotions – Use feelings to convey your point Stories – Tell stories to inspire action
  62. 62. Conversation Starters What to say when you have nothing to talk about. Brand-relevant Fillin-the-blanks Fan of the Week #realtalk How To’s Market Research Hacks/Insider Tips Story relay Caption Contests Product Brackets Repurposed Memes Inspiring Pictures/ Quotes Photo Conversations True or False Stupid Questions Choose Your Own Adventures Timely “What’s your favorite…” Employee of the Month/Week Fan Shares Statistics Company Dialogue
  63. 63. Speaker sponsor: /zakskandy
  64. 64. January’s Event Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel Mount Pleasant Linda Girard C0-Founder & President of Pure Visibility Social Media is SEO’s BFF $5 per person January 31 @ 10:00 am SIGN UP TODAY!
  65. 65. Today's Giveaway ! | /premiumoutlets | @premiumoutlets
  66. 66. Special thanks to: Thanks for attending... See you January 31st!