Social Media Marketing for Small Business Strategy


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Guest Speaker Presentation to Diploma in Business students at International College, Auckland. Session on "Social Media Marketing for Small Business Strategy."
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Social Media Marketing for Small Business Strategy

  1. 1. Social Media Marketingfor Small Business StrategyPresentation - International College of Auckland, NZ@Mr_MadnessLinkedInFacebookYouTubeGoogle+PinterestInstagramSlideshareBlogAmar TrivediManagement Consultant• Social Media Marketing• Social Business Strategy• Business Transformation
  2. 2.  JOKE Dad: Son, I have a Facebook account now... accept my friend request.Son: Youre on Facebook now? WTF !!!Dad: What does WTF mean?Son: Ohhh, Dad. It means...#SMM4SBS
  3. 3. • IBM definition: Transparent, Agile, Engaged, Nimble, Connected, Human, Ready, Receptive• Info - Comms - Knowledge - Data  Cross-channel - 2-way - Easy access - Data-driven• Business Objectives stay the same  Customer, Value, Profit, Growth Creation• “Business has only two functions  Marketing and Innovation.” - Peter Drucker/ Milan KunderaThink… Social Business#SMM4SBS
  4. 4. The New ‘Social Business’ Landscape• #SocBiz = Where Collaboration is Culture (Int/Ext)• Engagement – Involved Community, Co-creators• Convergence – Mobile, IoT, Devices, eCom, M-Com, F-Com#SMM4SBS
  5. 5. • Digital Ecosystem / Connections EconomyEveryone is Connected, Everyone is Social, Everything is Connected, Everything is Social• Technology – Social Networks, Automation, ListeningThink not what latest tech you have, Think what you can do with the tech you have#SMM4SBS
  6. 6. • Authentic Relationships, Human Touch = Value Think RonR, before ROI.• Marketing  Content, Branding, CRM, CX, Data Holistic. Humanistic.#SMM4SBS
  7. 7. Social Media MarketingBusiness  Marketing  Social Media  Content• Strategy & Planning: Process – Plan – Promotion – Policy – People• Holistic Content Marketing Strategy – 7-step Loop• Integrated Marketing: Offline + Online, Digital + Social, B2B + B2C• Resources: Plan, Select, Activate, Engage, Manage– Tools and Technology– Talent and Team– Time and Thinking• Market Knowledge / Data Analytics / Business Intelligence– Make Sense of Social Data– Collect Feedback, Focus on Actionable Insights– Relationships first, ROI later; Community first, Conversion later; Value first, Volume later• Listening– Influencers– Advocates– Followers• Know Your Customer | Know Your Business Model #SocBiz#SMM4SBS
  8. 8. Crispy Stats + Crunchy Data Bites• All the data man’s created = data in last 2 years!!• 400 million tweets sent everyday, I billion a week• 1 Mashable post shared every second• By 2017, CMO will spend more on Tech > CIO• 82% CMOs plan to increase SM/ SocBiz budget• 80% customers make purchases on SM recommendations• 96% of Australian companies are into content marketing• Most popular mobile apps – Gaming and Social media apps• FB’s mobile business growing faster than web/ desktop (54% v/s 23%)• YouTube users upload 48 hrs of video every 1 hour – super-linear growth!• By 2015, there will be more mobiles than humans• 30% of all mobiles sold in Q1, 2013 were Samsung, Android is now #1 mobile OS• 1.11 billion+ FB users, 500m/ 200 m active Twitter, 100 m Instagram, 48m Pinterest, LinkedIn200m (adds 2 new members/ sec)• Gangnam Style has over 1 billion YT views – most watched video in history!• Top on Twitter: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Barack Obama – 30m+ each• Most liked FB brands: FB 91m, YT 74m, Coca-Cola 64m, MTV 44m, Disney 43m, Red Bull 37m#SMM4SBS
  9. 9. Key Takeaways• Think Creative + Have Fun + Gamify / Funnify• Truth: Practice makes Perfect. Patience is Virtue.• Stay Cool, Calm, Confident, Consistent• SM is a DIY game, Build your own model, figure it out• Think like a Publisher - Quality over Quantity• RonR – Think Relationships, not Connections; Think Expressions, not Impressions• Social Object to create a conversation• Product / Service is King – Product Development over Community Mgt.!!• 4 Analogies for SM – Cycling, Driving, Swimming, Cooking#SMM4SBS
  10. 10. Learn The New Business Lexicon Doesn’t anybody speak human anymore • Employee Engagement• Social Collaboration• Social Business Adoption• Content – Storytelling, Curation, Distribution• Context• Conversion SEO, optimize Keywords• CRM – Customer 2.0 – SCRM / CX / CEM / CJM• Community / Conversation• E-Commerce / Smarter Commerce• Culture of Innovation• Change Management / Disruption• Lean Start-Up / Agile / Entrepreneur• Social Branding Personal, Employer/Employee, Product/Service, Corporate/Business#SMM4SBS
  11. 11. THANK YOU!“Social is not something you do. It is something you are.”• How may I help you? How can I add value?• Keep in touch via social media channels• Q&A: #AMAR = Ask Me Anything, Really #SMM4SBS