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Wikibrands II - Reinventing the Future of Your Organization in a Connected, Fast-Changing World...Building the Digital Genome

Wikibrands II - Reinventing the Future of Your Organization in a Connected, Fast-Changing World...Building the Digital Genome



Sean Moffit's presentation at SMC Seattle on 2-28-12

Sean Moffit's presentation at SMC Seattle on 2-28-12



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    Wikibrands II - Reinventing the Future of Your Organization in a Connected, Fast-Changing World...Building the Digital Genome Wikibrands II - Reinventing the Future of Your Organization in a Connected, Fast-Changing World...Building the Digital Genome Presentation Transcript

    • Wikibrands IIReinventing the Future of YourOrganization in a Connected, Fast-Changing World ..Building theDigital Genome SMC Seattle February 28, 2012 Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Organization in a Customer-Driven Marketplace
    • #wikibrands #SMCSea@seanmoffitt@wikibrands@smcseattle
    • Let’s admit it , sequels usually suck…
    • Evidence to the Contrary - 8 out of top 10 grossing movies from last year were sequels - New content important to your future “foresight” – we have split the social/digital genome - Some terrific Seattle news…
    • I’ve become thenew COO/CMO forthe newestNational HockeyLeague teamThe“SeattleVentis”
    • Wikibrands – Tale of The Tape • 137th presentation • 8 languages • 11 Countries • Now 13 months later…
    • Validation • Increasing maturation of social • Social business > media • Hollowing out of marketing and agencies • Digital prioritization externally • Mobile as transformative force
    • Concern• Content laziness• Social as an algorithm• Monetization ruins the party - privacy and closed networks• New technology catch up
    • Surprises • Resiliency of Facebook and Apple • Google + as an Upstart • Tabletization of the world • Corporate lip service
    • #1. Wikibrands Win
    • #2 Get FLIRT y
    • #2. Roadmap for Building a Wikibrand• Focus  Top 3 Benefits/Balance Four Legs/ Passes 4 Second Mom Test• Language/Content  50 Posts/Editorial Schedule/Hits Frequency Hits Variety Thresholds• Incentives/Outreach  Top 5 Incentives/Top 100-10,000 Fans• Rules/Guidelines/Training  Existence of Policy/Governance/Triage/Training/Top 10 Scenarios• Tools and Platforms  Approach to Top 15 Tools/Integrated Home Game/First Mover Advantage
    • #3 Need to Get the 4 Strategic Legs RightBusiness/ OrganizationSponsorship Objectives Incentives Vision Resources Revenue Talent Marketplace No Relevance Culture Partners Values Process No Execution No Direction Positioning Needs/Wants Benefits No Capability Experience Product/Service Advocacy Support MediaBrand Community Customer Attention
    • Strong social content requiring discipline, focus passion and humility
    • #4 The Four F Words of Digital Media - Search Engine Exposure/Traffic - Awareness/recognition Get Found - Visibility - Market education - Improved Perception/PR Get Fame - Grassroots credibility/affinity - Pass along/viralness - Thought leadership - Leads/Revenues/Funding Get Fans - - Online community/ambassadors Word of mouth/referral - User generated content/support - Dialogue & Conversation Get Feedback - Ideas and innovation - Competitive Intelligence - Reviews/ratings/ testing
    • #5 Ideas and People Trump Technology #1 Conversation Worthy Idea/Concept* #2 Great Product/Brand #3 Customer Experience provided #4 The Audience who Participates #5 Culture/employees of a company #6 Method in which it interacts with its audience #7 Incentives for referral #8 Strong process #9 Creative/design used #10 Tools used /platforms builtSource: Agent Wildfire Buzz Report 2011
    • In the Trenches – the 7 Golden Rules of Social #6. It’s The Way You Do ItBe: Reciprocal Ethical Human Awesome Helpful Authentic Social
    • Content Quality vs. Quantity vs. Variety
    • #7 It’s What You Do – 76 Different Types of Online Conversation – Mix Them UpAcknowledge Promote Enquiry Service - Acknowledge receipt - Advertise - Ask a question -Answer aof something something - Respond to question- Issue an apology - Provide a criticism - Solicit comments- Project update/status discount/offer - Start a poll - Provide- Declare an official - Promote a - Post a quiz education/how-announcement contest/race tos/tutorials - Promote giveaways - Resolve issue - Call for action - Provide links to - Invite to an event additional - Put out a wanted resources ad - Reviews and - Post a case study advice - “Compare or - Checklists or contrast” review cheat sheets post - Share data and - Launch a stats product/feature
    • #7 – It’s What You Do - 76 Different Types of Online Conversation – Loosen Up News Broadcast Expression Commune - Publish a latest news - Distribute media - Express agreement - Give a shout outpost - Share links - Express criticism - Offer a greeting - Augment a previous - Share video/pics - Express support - Rally supportpost - Post a challenge - Express surprise - Recruit people- Give a heads up - Start a debate - Make a joke - Solicit help- Make a suggestion - Post interviews - Offer an opinion - Celebrate a- Make an observation - Share teaser to - Show dismay milestone- Provide “best of” list forthcoming news - Story telling - Dialogue with- Announce winners - Post presentations - Create a other people- Share latest research - Stream fun/parody post - Profile a fan- Celebrate a milestone webinar/screencast - Issue Controversy - What others are- Share latest - Automated plug-in - Post trivia sayingreports/findings posts -Share Infographic - Disclose personal- Event recap posts - Post long-form information- Curated archives of editorial - Share influencer’spast wk./mth./year - Predict trends posts- Back story coverage - Personal anecdotes - Guest posts
    • #8 - CONTENT FREQUENCY –If the Customer is King, then Content is Queen Activity per Great Good Minimum Month Blog Posts 30+ 15 8 Tweets 400 200 100 Facebook Posts 180 60 30 Video 12 4 1 Email 8 4 1
    • #9 …AND DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT IS ABOUT TELLING, SHARING & BUILDING STORIES.http://stories.twitter.com/ http://stories.facebook.com/
    • MILCC is Good
    • #10 Roadmap for Maintain a Wikibrand• Measurement/Monitoring/Insight  Engagement/Valence > Scale, Dashboard, 20/40/40 rule• Internalizing Success  Celebrate Milestones, Share Stories, Guest Contributors• Life Stage Management  Report monthly/Experiment quarterly/Plan Biannually• Community Management  Existence of Policy/Governance/Triage/Training/Top 10 Scenarios• Culture Change  Digital engagement – Top 5, Executive Championship, Employee %
    • #11 Digital Deafness, Muteness and Blindness are #1,2 and #6 biggest sins Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Buzz Report
    • There is no silver bullet to measurement
    • Three Types of Measurement Questions Resistance Questions Business Questions Analysis Questions
    • #12 The Jeremy Lin Measurement Axiom- The more you use it, the more you prove it
    • #12 Measurement - You Need to Roll Your Own Social Media Benefits – Risks Value = ---------------------- (vs. objective) Cost
    • Social Media Needs To Grow Up The Evolution of Engagement/Social1998-2001 2002-2004 2005-2006 2007-2008 2009-2011 2012- ??? What is it? Should we How do How do we do it? we test it? make it core?
    • A caveat ahead of time...“We are horrible at this”
    • Are you digitally buff?
    • Are You Digitally Buff? Offence • Content/Campaigns • Social media/networks • Influencer outreach/paid media Midfield • SEO/search marketing • Community management/moderation • Mobile/Apps Defence • Metrics/Analytics • Org. Integration/Culture • User experience/design • CRM/eCommerce • Hosting/platform software
    • Really?“What’s the ROI of putting on yourpants every morning?” Scott Monty, Ford Head of Social Media
    • Proportion and Expectations?
    • “Baseball thinking is medieval, they areasking all the wrong questions…Using stats to reread them, well find the valueof players that nobody else can see. Becauseeveryone else in baseball under values them.Like an island of misfit toys.”
    • The communication, collaboration and socialmedia underrated list: ➷Content ➷Community ➷Insight ➷Influence
    • The communication, collaboration and socialmedia overrated list: ➹Consistency ➹Satisfaction ➹Fans/Followers
    • Let’s be honest, we need to change and get better…
    • “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin
    • I want to map the digital, cultural,marketing and media genome….let’stalk about trends that will bite usFordHead of Social Media
    • Insight and Foresight VS.
    • The world is a blur I…social
    • The world is a blur II…products.
    • The world is ablur III…politics.
    • The world is a blur IV…technology.
    • The world is a blur V…internet time?
    • Warning Signs You are reading bad headlines about yourself or companies like you Your sales, followers and customer satisfaction scores don’t line up People are not spending time with you Your followers and comments have plateaued or reversed Executives are spending way to much time on the inside/defending You are laughing at an innovative competitor You are the last brand to join a new network You can imagine a different world w/o much friction
    • I am going to spend a long time in thefuture…
    • Agent Wildfire/Wikibrand’s 3rd Annual Buzz Report Survey“My business may not survive over the next 10 years if we dont act swiftly to technology/digital culture” 69% agree/strongly agree
    • The Business Genomeapproach meets Social, Digital, Local, Marketing, Media
    • Implication to a to Implications Digital/Social Media Practitioner • More strategic impact • Bigger dent on culture • Stronger initiatives • Better communities • Longer sustainability • Better use of technology/superior Content
    • The Top 13 Trends That Will Change Your Digital Life
    • The Top 13 Trends That Will Change Your Digital Life
    • 1. Experience – Friction-Free Awesomeness
    • 2. Entertainment – Lovely Looking, Casual and Social
    • 3. Curation – Beautiful, Wall-able, Visual Filter
    • 4. Connection– Accessible, Contextual, Always On
    • 5. Innovation – Blurring the Line Between Real and Virtual
    • 6. Speed – Faster, Responsive,Chaotic, Predictive
    • 7. Efficiency – Real Time, Action-driven, Effortless, More w/ Less
    • 8. Freedom – Untethered, Uncommitted, Flexibility
    • 9. Customization – Where I Want It, When I Want It, How I Want It, Now
    • 10. Collaboration – No Longer Play, Solving Problems, Impacting Lives
    • 11. Authenticity – Genuine, Real Deal Stuff
    • 12. Value – Net Zero Game Demand Leaner and Flexibility
    • 13. Globalization – Border Free and Going East
    • CounterTrends – Follow the Money, Privacy and Overload
    • Moneyball Knows IIReframing the Game“Your goal shouldnt beto buy players. Your goalshould be to buy wins. Inorder buy wins, you needto buy runs.” Takeaway: - See past the tool and tactic - Don’t try to solve existing problems, look beyond for solutions and content
    • Where will we be…
    • Q&A Contact us:Twitter: sean@wiki-brands.com@wikibrands @seanmoffitt