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SMB Seattle - Offline WOM by Saul Colt

SMB Seattle - Offline WOM by Saul Colt



January presentation to SMB Seattle by Saul Colt.

January presentation to SMB Seattle by Saul Colt.



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    SMB Seattle - Offline WOM by Saul Colt SMB Seattle - Offline WOM by Saul Colt Presentation Transcript

    • Clever presentation titleCreating amazing Offline Word of Mouth to drive online chatter! Saul Colt – Head of Magic November 25th, 2011– Social Media Breakfast - Seattle, Wa
    • A fancy professional speaker once told me to remove the first two slides of all my presentations because they were usually unnecessary.2
    • …but that is going to make the third slide harder to understand…but here goes.3
    • ….and I LOVE women! 44
    • Be Interesting Yourself! 55
    • So why am I here today? 66
    • To explain a few of the ways to create offline WOM with or without a budget…. 77
    • Lessons from Dick Shawn. 88
    • And that is how you too can get on a Digital Board in Times Square! 99
    • A simple search for the definition of Word of Mouth in Wikipedia will tell you that…. 1010
    • “Word of Mouth” was the second album by Jaco Pastorius, released in 1981 while the bassist was a member of of the band Weather Report 1111
    • …and while that is true I prefer to explain it as doing something so fascinatingly interesting that people have no other choice but to tell their friends about a cool experience they had. 1212
    • [This is a good place for an apology] 1313
    • If real world WOM is about creating experiences.14
    • …then those experiences better be creative! Quick Points on Creativity: • Creativity does not come from a committee. • Creativity comes from thinking uniquely and being fearless.15
    • Ways to create experiences if you are not on antidepressants! • Look for obvious connections (Do research) • Play on Emotions. • Force people to ask questions. • Add Conflict. • Make people feel special. • Be Interesting Yourself. 1616
    • Look for connections/Do research! • Wikipedia • The Googles • LinkedIn • Blogs • Twitter Search 1717
    • 18
    • Play on Emotions! • Surprise and Delights! • Make it as personal as possible. 1919
    • Force people to ask Questions!?! • What are you up to? • Why are you doing this? • You aren’t trying to sell me water dispensers are you? 2020
    • Add Conflict! • Kidnapping for fun and profit 2121
    • Make People Feel Special! • Spend time with your community. Especially if they are female. • Go beyond expectations. • Make22 Girlfriends! 22
    • Be Interesting Yourself! 2323
    • Be Interesting Yourself! 2424
    • Live the life of your customers. Fight for what they care about and be an advocate for their voice..25
    • …and if that ain’t your thing you could always just do interesting things.26
    • Do interesting things. (With Barter)27
    • Do interesting things. (With Dead Inventory)28
    • Do interesting things.29 (With Emotions)
    • Do interesting things.30 (With Customers)
    • Everything you do with or without a budget should be about, and include your customers.31
    • Including your customers is the same as fighting for them.32
    • By promoting your customers you are forming a real connection and with that connection you will empower your customers to talk about your company and indirectly you have a highly passionate sales force!33
    • The more connected you are with your customers the better you will know what they want, like…34
    • …the more you will try to not disappoint them. (with a WOM initiative that is a huge miss)35
    • These types of activities will help build your brand and start lots of conversations, and when it is all said and done those are the only things a competitor can’t steal!36
    • Do Interesting Things37 (by keeping your eyes open)
    • Opportunities are literally everywhere! 3838
    • ..so anyone remember that Times Square Slide?39
    • And this is how you too can get on a Digital Board in Times Square! 4040
    • So…in closing. 4141
    • 1- Take a stand on something your customer base (and you) believe to create positive attention with a purpose. 4242
    • 2- Barter (beg) like you are a virgin on prom night43
    • 3- Dead Inventory is called Dead for a reason. 4444
    • 3-Everything you do should be about, and include your customers.45
    • 4- Keep your eyes open for opportunities to use other people’s “stuff” to start conversations. 4646
    • Lastly… (for real this time) maybe. 4747
    • Three other things to remember… Live The 4 E’s • Execute • Extraordinary • Experiences • Everyday -Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks 4848
    • Three other things to remember… ”The absolute best things about WOM campaigns are that if they fail it usually means no one knows about them.” -Andy Sernovitz, CEO of Gaspedal 4949
    • Three other things to remember… If you want to give something away for free…give something away for free. Never make your customers work because they aint gonna. -Bill Veeck, Baseball Hustler 5050
    • …and what exactly am I calling this new way to spread to messages to people with or without a budget? 5151
    • The Aristocrats! 5252
    • ….and now finally, if you remember nothing else from this talk I hope it is that…. 5353
    • Girls find me irresistible! 5454
    • Any Questions? Did any of this make sense?
    • Contact me! @saulcolt saulcolt saulcolt saul@freshbooks.com Cell - 416-219-3259 5656