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Novio tech bms 31012013

  1. 1. 21‐2‐2013 noviotech BV bringing technologies to the market Titel presentatie: van Glucose Sensor tot Hydrogel 31 januari 2013 www.noviotech.comMolenveldlaan 436523 RJ, NijmegenThe NetherlandsTel. +31 24 71 14 015 1
  2. 2. 21‐2‐2013OrganisatiePrivate onderneming, onafhankelijkOpgericht in 2011 door Hanssen/TweehuysenAandeelhouders: Tweehuysen Holding BV Hanssen Investment and Consultancy BV Prof. dr. Ir. Jan C.M. van Hest (RU, Bio-organische chemie) Prof. dr. Alan E. Rowan (RU, Moleculaire materialen)Wetenschappelijk adviseurs: Prof. dr. Jan van Hest, Prof. dr. Alan Rowan en Prof. dr. Roeland Nolte (oud directeur IMM, lid KNAW, leerstoel macromoleculaire chemie, polymeer- en nanotechnologie) Samenwerking met de Radboud Universiteit: 2
  3. 3. 21‐2‐2013 Bron: website Radboud Universiteit “Samen met Noviotech, commercieel partner van de Radboud Universiteit en het Radboud Universiteit Medisch Centrum, worden verschillende richtingen onderzocht.”Bron: NRC van25 januari 2013,wetenschapsbijlage 3
  4. 4. 21‐2‐2013 Bron: de Gelderlander van 26 januari 2013: “Samen met het bedrijf NovioTech kijken de scheikundigen hoe de stof in de medische wereld kan worden toegepast.”Medewerkers NovioTech BV/NovioSense BVMSc Margo GroeneveldMSc Hans HanssenMSc Jan LaukoDr. Hera LichtenbeldDr. Marco ThioIr. R. TweehuysenMSc. Jeroen van der VeldenDr. Chris Wilson 4
  5. 5. 21‐2‐2013Doel van de presentaties Valorisatie van kennis: Innovation gap, ‘Valley of Death’ valorisatie van kennis, kan dat beter ?? Daartoe aan de hand van concrete voorbeelden: Portfolio en werkwijze NovioTech BV a.d.h. van : NovioSense glucose sensor NovioHelix thermogel Nanowipe 5
  6. 6. 21‐2‐2013NanoWipe Contacts with Potential End Users (DSM Resolve) and Instrument Manufacturers (NanoSight UK) 6
  7. 7. 21‐2‐2013Impressie van NovioTech alsPijplijn, spin-off en nieuwe ontwikkelingenLaagdrempelig voor onderzoekers met interesse in hetopzetten van een bedrijf, opdoen van ervaringBreed netwerk met bedrijven in LS en maakindustrieOpen innovatie! 7
  8. 8. Introducing NovioSense BV Dr. Christopher Wilson Drs Margo Groeneveld
  9. 9. TelemedicineTelemedicine is not new: Native Americans use smoke signals to warn of illness People in Remote Areas use two-way radio to communicate with doctorsMedicine at a Distance: Consultation via e-mail, telephone or video conference Real-time single point data and trend analysis Dynamic and responsive healthcare regimen changes
  10. 10. Telemedicine Services
  11. 11. A New Paradigm in Chronic Disease Management
  12. 12. Disease progress often advanced before diagnosesTreatment as symptoms emergeSignificant burden on healthcare
  13. 13. Early disease detectionTreatment of cause before symptoms presentReduced burden on healthcare
  14. 14. Early disease detection and early disease managementReal-Time management of chronic conditionsReduced Burden on Healthcare and Increased Quality of Life
  15. 15. Remote MonitoringPatient EmpowermentReal-Time data for clinician evaluationWearable Sensors Implantable / Non-Implantable Wireless / Wired Continuous / On-Demand Online / Offline Standalone / Networked
  16. 16. Continuous Glucose MonitorsFinger Prick Glucose – Single Snapshot in TimeContinuous Montior – Follows Glucose Trends in Time Alerts for oncoming highs and lows Alerts during resting hours Correlate effects of diet and exercise on glucose levelsCGM results in tighter glucose control, high patientcompliance and reduction in hospital visits
  17. 17. Market Bottom line CGM use reduces costs to the insurer! CGM Statistics Collected in the Netherlands1 Hospital admision reduced by upto 80% Severe Hypoglycemia reduced by 85%1. British Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease 2011, 11, 3, 145-149
  18. 18. Invasive CGM
  19. 19. Wouldn’t it be great to have a non-invasive CGM device?
  20. 20. Non-Invasive Glucose Sensor
  21. 21. NovioSense BV Health Innovation Fund I 20% Fraunhofer PPM Oost Gesellschaft 20% 15%NovioTech BV NovioSense CEO 40% BV 5%
  22. 22. Continuous Monitoring In Tears Sending signal to  receiver in glassesAmplifying signal and transmition to insulin pump
  23. 23. NovioSense
  24. 24. Thanks to Science Meets Business for Support
  25. 25. NovioHelix Marco Thio
  26. 26. About me HLO RU1994 now Technician PhD NovioTech biochemistry biology Val
  27. 27. Mt. NovioHelix the summit deals customers team market study IPideas
  28. 28. thermoreversible customizable mimics ECM NovioHelix biocompatible nanosized pores 4°C 37°C optically  >99.95% water transparent“Take one kilogram of polyisocyanide polymer. Sprinkle liberally across an Olympic swimming pool. Warm gently. Within minutes, your jelly is ready. Serves 25 million.” (A. Rowan, Radboud)“I can’t think of another synthetic material that shows this specific behavior,” (D. Weitz, Harvard)“the first semi‐flexible synthetic polymers to have tunable properties,” ( M. Gardel, Univ. of Chicago)
  29. 29. NovioHelix:  ideas Drug Cell Culture Cosmetics Household Wound care Delivery and many many more...
  30. 30. NovioHelix:  market NovioHelix:  IP Radboud University Drug Cell Culture Cosmetics Household Wound care Delivery excl. worldwide license >$6B >$170B >$20B >$10B NovioTech market size competitors keyplayers prospects
  31. 31. Mt. NovioHelix deals customers team market study IPideas
  32. 32. NovioHelix:  teamBusiness Development Technical supportHera Lichtenbeld Alan RowanMarco Thio Chris Wilson Jeroen van der Velden
  33. 33. Mt. NovioHelix deals customers team market study IPideas
  34. 34. SMB:  2011“High‐hanging fruit”“Low‐hanging fruit”
  35. 35. Customer approach• cold calling• trade fairs• network• clinicians• Enterprise Europe Network• ...
  36. 36. NovioHelix:  customers 2013• High‐hanging fruit very promising• Surprising applications in household• Large interest from cosmetics 
  37. 37. Mt. NovioHelix deals customers team market study IPideas
  38. 38. NanowipeHera Lichtenbeld - Confidential -
  39. 39. NanotechnologyWhat is it and why it matters... Arranging Atoms Now: Legoblocks handled with boxing gloves Nanotech: Take off boxing gloves - Confidential -
  40. 40. Market Segments & GRAll new products – didn’t exist 10 yrsago Fast growing marketPowders best penetrated now, other markets still need growth and follow later - Confidential -
  41. 41. “Nano” Risk ManagementNew technology challenge is in the Potential RisksNanomaterial properties differ from bulk counterpart (potentialhazard)Extreme small properties allow for easy absorption in humans(exposure) x = Hazard Exposure Risk - Confidential -
  42. 42. Focus on exposure: new tools required detect ? NanoWipe x =Hazard Exposure - Confidential -
  43. 43. Nanowipe Tunable thermosensitive hydrogel Nanowipe prototypedeveloped & proof ofprinciple studies done industry standard E2834-12 (ASTM standard for nanoparticle analysis – similar to ISO standards) - Confidential -
  44. 44. NanoWipe - competitionCompetition comes from aerosol instruments & other wipes <100%  100% (±10)  Sample Mean Variance Recovery Recovery Ghostwipe (digest) Ghostwipe (non‐digest) Kimtech Precision Wipe Lab Paper UltraWipe ‐ ‐ NanoWipe ±Competitive in house testing shows no comparable wipe on the marketMost wipes generate NPs rather than collect themRecovery NPs from wipes is destructive for NPs in other wipes - Confidential -
  45. 45. Hurdles to a market ready NanoWipeWhat Potential hurdlesTissue, holder, foil? Use of wipe, idiot proof?Packaging – foil, paper pouch, blisterpack None expectedMarket ready product None expectedField testing Number test clientsProduct validation Batch consistencySupply chain Delivery - Confidential -
  46. 46. Thank youfor your attention -- - Confidential -