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SMARTRAC's NFC Guidebook

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NFC Guidebook

  1. 1. New™
  2. 2. NFC, introducing nformation and services I a new and intuitive way New functionalitiesto use your smartphone Social networks for accessing: Entertainment and media
  3. 3. NFC instantly connects consumers with brand owners, retailers and service providers, bringing physical media to a completelynew level of consumer excitement.Embedded NFC tags in posters, signs, menus, labels and business cards, immediately launch mobile phone applications orconnect the user to social media websites.NFC tags from SMARTRACSMARTRAC is driven by innovation and a desire to be at the forefront of new technology. NFC is part of our RFID portfoliothat provides solutions to the most demanding applications of our customers worldwide.NFC is a short-range standards based wireless communications technology operating in the 13.56 Mhz frequency band.Based on RFID technology, NFC uses inductive magnetic field coupling to facilitate communication between phones andmedia content.NFC tags can carry significantly more data than bar codes, URLs or QR codes, are more secure and can be passwordprotected, unlike their printed counterparts.For trend setters everywhere NFC technology is the next big thing…
  4. 4. NFC – the smart solutionfor smart brandsThere are two stages to every consumer decision, point of Via location dependent social networking sites like Googlepurchase and point of use. NFC adds value to both of them. Places, embedded NFC tags can provide more information about:Packaging is often considered the ‘silent salesman’ on theshelf. Thanks to NFC, packaging and labels can project Individual productsa product’s presence far beyond the shelf. The ‘silent Consumer endorsements “ Megasalesman’ now has a voice, allowing brand owners and User manuals opportunity”customers to communicate directly with each other, share Sustainability and recycling Google, CEO, Eric Schmidt *experiences, take advantage of special promotions or just Brand valuessocialize and network with other brand users.
  5. 5. NFC – for an enhanced NFC – it’s a whole NFC – shortcutretail experience new game to appsNFC gives brand owners and retailers an opportunity to work NFC brings games developers the possibility to enter a New smartphones, applications stores and increasedtogether, creating effective targeted sales promotions. NFC completely new world of opportunity. Games can be linked network bandwidth mean a mature platform for NFCsmart posters near entrances can make tailored purchase to the on-going sale of game specific merchandise with applications and an improved overall user experience. Theresuggestions to customers, while posters at the end of NFC embedded tags. These products will be necessary to are now well over 500,000 applications available for Apple,supermarket aisles can provide real-time information on complete tasks or proceed to the next level. Via dedicated Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphones combined.current special offers. social networking media, gamers can trade with each It’s a continuously growing market and a tremendous other for items they require, such as clothing or cards they opportunity for application developers to utilize NFC as a don’t have. shortcut for downloading. “ The future is NFC”, CTO, Steve Horowitz *
  6. 6. “ NFC will catch on like wildfire” Vectorform, Alison Weber*NFC – something Brand owners NFC – comingto build on Retailers to somewhere Small businesses near you,For children who like creating things with their hands NFC NFC tags in plastic building blocks like LEGO can link to a ® Telecom operators very sooncan help and educate. A model airplane with an NFC tag site full of ideas and plans for things to build and may even Gamerscan provide more information about the actual aircraft – allow children to create their own designs. Transport companiestechnical specifications, schematics, aerodynamics and the Museumsprinciples of flight. The tag might even take the child to a One thing is certain, NFC enabled toys will bring additional Venue ownersflight simulator game. enjoyment and a whole new world of play for tomorrow’s Entertainment children. providers “ NFC will transform billboard advertising” ClearChannel International, CEO, William Eccleshare* *
  7. 7. NFC – a revolutionin the makingFor brand owners, retailers and service providers, NFC is a revolution inmobile, media and social communication. More information For more information on how SMARTRAC RFID NFC technology can add value to your brand or business simply tap the NFC tag on this page. Alternatively, if you don’t currently have an NFC enabledThe NFC advantage device visit No set-up – just one touch Improved customer service – gain and retain high value customers ecure transactions – S short-range wireless connectivity Increased revenues – value added service offerings Information on time, any time, all the time
  8. 8.