Between me and myself


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Between me and myself

  2. 2. This is not crazy but sometimes happenWe think that we hate ourselves ,we are weak , we are hopeless ,we do not deserve to be happy and we continue in punishing our soulsBut wait and think again , again and againWe are human we deserve to liveAnd life is experiences :failure and succesOne day I was speaking with myself in the mirrorBut myself in the mirror answers me. ME FACE ME
  3. 3. MYSELF:Between the darkness and the daylightI lost myself without a fightI keep looking for herHere and there at anywhereI can’t see ,I can’t hearMy soul in a jail ,My heart feel the fearWho kills cannot heal , Life becomes unclearDo not speak you will face the hail , Because freedom is not nearBetween the book’s pages , There no historyThere is an evil , There is a mysteryThere is a hill , There is a miseryThere is an ill , There is an injuryNo answer , No query
  4. 4. I have to kill who has the harnessI have to free from myself the lionessI have to get up against the horrorI should not make an errorBecause all the chosents become greedAnd no one respect who has a need But…wait , wait , can I really have this chanceAm I so lucky to win in this life’s raceThey will cut my wings and by a poisonThey will kill me slowly in a prison
  5. 5. How can I know my straight wayIs the heaven’s mercy will be here at somedayI cannot stand anymore , I feel confusion and tireTo do anything , I just need the desireBut I lost it and I am into the fireWho can I believe , even me I become a liarLife becomes a sin , a great disorderAll who I know want to be just a murderEveryone take a sight and see just what he wants to seeNo one accepts that life is a big seaNo justice for people who are differentThey must live in mud because of crime they ignore it
  6. 6. Ferocious people ;Who pretend while they wear a maskAnd say :’ we are here for your ask’But…..Behind the equality , there is slavery , there is distressBehind the justice , there is a monster from a wildernessWe have nothing to doJust follow him like a shadowHe treats us as a dollIf we are different than we are illegalWe should not have a dreamBecause it will go like a steamThis is the killing factWith life , This is the only impact”
  7. 7. THE MIRROR: “Get up , the aurora is near You have to continue in your way without a fear Life is like a mountain of ambition To be in the peak , you have to climb it with attention You need freedom and it is a two edged weapon Be conscious and make the horizon well open Listen to your heart and your mind To met realize the kingdom of heaven at all side You have to read , because the more you know The smarter you grow If you stop mucking around You will hear the life’s sound Because building life is a source of proud
  8. 8. Be joyful and feel the delightBe merciful and touch the great mightLook forward and never stop dreaming Because in your way, there is a light is gleamingLet your soul breathe freedom and flyBecause it is not the time to cryYou should never stop to tryIt is the time to make a furyIt is the time to feel the gloryYour great desire gave light to all the worldYou have to go forwardBecause in your heart , there is the strongest wordThe believe , believe it is not a simple wordSay yes to equality , say yes to modestyWithout any gulty , your soul will find the eternityLet your humanity get out from the sadnessBe generous and show the way to all the hearthlessLearn from the past to get the best futureBe a pupil because life is the greatest teacher
  9. 9. And remember :when there is a well there is a wayMake the decision and let the selfishness go awayThe world will be fine when the human hears what the humanity sayAnd be sure…..When you die , the ground will never feel the shameIf you get up and try to met realize your noble aim ”” SMARI MOUFIDA
  10. 10. I think we have to take care of ourselves and be careful many things can ‘ contaminate ’ us and make us look ugly , sick , monster and not human just like this :So as you see we can be human whatever the situation , whatever the environement , just never surrender.
  11. 11. Whatever the thing that happen to you , you can get up and go forward .you have just to try not to make the same mistake .You have to be strong as those trees: