Tech Tools to Transform your Events


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Brianna Haag, SF Marketing Manager, Eventbrite
This interactive session will cover technology trends in the events industry, including hot topics like mobile innovations, RFID, and big data. We'll also share nonprofit-specific tools and a case study to bring these examples to life. After attending this session, you'll walk away with practical recommendations you can apply immediately to improve, streamline, and enhance your next event.

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Tech Tools to Transform your Events

  1. 1. Leveraging Trends in Event Technology 10.10.13 [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  2. 2. Brianna Haag SF Marketing Manager Eventbrite @BriteSF [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  3. 3. Technology can enhance all events with a diverse range of passions and interests [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  4. 4. wine tasting concerts theater volunteering marathon poetry live music arts & crafts class reunion fashion fun run festival race fundraiser hiking comedy block party hiking politics turkey trot car rally networking summits dance parades training expeditions dating tea party [Your Name] [Today’s Date] design
  5. 5. Agenda •  Tech Trends •  Tech Tools •  Case Study [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  6. 6. Taking Advantage of Broader Tech Trends 1.  Mobile 2.  Hardware Improvements 3.  Connected Platforms and Open APIs [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  7. 7. Tech Trend #1: Mobile Trend •  Attendees and organizers are already using these devices to receive information from their networks, general news, and more. Impact •  It has never been easier to provide attendees with the information they need at their finger tips. What is being replaced •  Paper brochures, posted signs, PDF attachments to emails, last [Your Name] minute trips to the printer. [Today’s Date]
  8. 8. Why go Mobile? •  By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people* •  120 million smartphones and 50m tablets in US 2012* •  56% of adults in US have Smartphones* •  Millenial's, ages of 20-34, report up to 85% having smartphones* *Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update 2012-2017 *Comscore, Mobile Future in Focus 2012 *Pew Research, Smartphone Ownership 2013 *Achieve, 2013 Millennial Impact Report [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  9. 9. Mobile Usage •  People use different devices at different times of the day. •  67% of shoppers report having started shopping on one device (or in a store), but completed the purchase elsewhere.* [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  10. 10. Mobile Fundraising in 2013 •  18% of traffic to fundraising and donation pages comes from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. •  23% of participants in peer-driven events and campaigns choose to use mobile technology to help them fundraise for good causes. •  Participants who use mobile technology to fundraise in a campaign raise up to 2.95x more than those who do not. [Your Name] •  The percentage of donations made on mobile web browsers [Today’s Date] has grown 205% in the last 12 months!
  11. 11. Mobile Impacts Events Mobile event registration is growing rapidly •  January 2013: 13% of Eventbrite registrations •  July 2013: 17% of Eventbrite registrations Mobile event tools enable better events [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  12. 12. Mobile Trends: Event Registration Your event registration should: •  Have an optimized purchase flow •  Make it easy to discover events through a mobile app •  Enable mobile sharing of events via social media, text and email. [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  13. 13. Mobile Trends: Post Purchase Passbook •  Seamless attendee experience •  Easy to add tickets & registrations to Passbook •  Attendees will see their registrations to upcoming events •  Location and time-based notifications [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  14. 14. Mobile Trends: Mobile Entry Management •  Be aware of all the tools you need to implement entry management – internet, chairs, tables, iPads, signs, etc. •  Understand all the technology options for entry management available through your registration provider •  Go paperless [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  15. 15. Trend Tech Trend #2: Hardware Improvements •  Hardware technology is constantly becoming more advanced and cheaper (thanks to Moore’s Law). Impact •  With improvements to widely available hardware devices, companies are replacing specialized hardware with these devices. What is being replaced [Your Name] •  Point of sales, badge/ticket scanners, lead retrieval hardware, [Today’s Date] business cards, etc.
  16. 16. Hardware Trends: Card Readers Turn any Android or iOS device into a credit card processor with a ‘swiper’ that connects to the audio jack [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  17. 17. Hardware Trends: QR Code Scanning •  Allows trade show vendors and attendees to swap information •  Uses iOS and Android devices •  Turns any Android or iOS device into a digital guest list or ticket scanner [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  18. 18. Hardware Trends: Badge Scanners [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  19. 19. Tech Trend #3: Connected Platforms & APIs Trend Companies are releasing open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), so that software vendors can easily integrate data Impact Users’ data is less likely to be stuck on one platform making it easier for different services to work together What is being replaced [Your Name] Spreadsheets, CSVs, and manual importing/exporting [Today’s Date] of data
  20. 20. Connected Platform Recommendation: The Salesforce Platform Salesforce has over 1800 integrations with independent software vendors The Eventbrite Platform Over 60 integrations with independent software services [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  21. 21. Connected Platform Recommendation: •  Zapier allows users to connect two independent APIs •  Offers end points for over 190 different web services [Your Name] •  In a sense, it plays “middle-man” for services that don’t have official integrations [Today’s Date]
  22. 22. Taking Advantage of New Trends Mobile Services are being re-engineered to advantages of mobile devices (constant accessibility, location awareness, integrated camera, etc) Hardware Improvements General consumer hardware is replacing specialized business hardware as it becomes more powerful, cheaper, and ubiquitous Connected Platforms and Open APIs [Your Name] Connected platforms and Open APIs means that you can [Today’s Date] easily transfer data between integrated services.
  23. 23. Agenda •  Tech Trends •  Tech Tools •  Case Study [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  24. 24. Payment Tools: Texts to Give & Dial to Web Advantage Quick/Easy way to donate! Comfortable behavior Disadvantage Expensive Hard to collect donor data Lag time   [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  25. 25. Payment Tools: Scanning QR Codes for Donations Advantage Easy to incorporate into events Disadvantage Attendees need to have ability to scan   [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  26. 26. Emerging Technologies: RFID Radio Frequency Identification •  Access Control •  Lead Generation •  Audience Profiling •  Social Media Integration •  Cashless Payments •  Active RFID •  NFC and Beyond…. [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  27. 27. Mobile Tools: Auctions •  Bid on mobile phones during event •  Live updates on progress and deadline •  Payouts at end of event              NP  Charity  Ball   [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  28. 28. Mobile Tools: Mobile App Creation •  Easy way to set up an HTML mobile app •  tapcanvas is a freemium product – only pay for high-end features + accessible on any smartphone platform immediately •  doubledutch is more pricey but includes more features [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  29. 29. Mobile Tools: Mobile Event Guide What should be in your guide? •  Schedule •  Presenter Listings •  Social Media •  Maps •  News •  Feedback Benefits •  Convenience for attendees •  Extra revenue from sponsorships •  More visits for presenters •  Added interactivity [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  30. 30. Mobile Tools: Mobile Event Guide Event attendees are able to: •  View and edit their up-to-date event schedule •  Request private meetings with others •  Locate exhibitor booths on the tradeshow map •  Send private messages and start discussions •  Discover who they already know and see new contacts they should meet [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  31. 31. Presentation Tools: Prezi + AppleTV [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  32. 32. Polling Tool: Poll Everywhere [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  33. 33. Seat Map Tool: Social Tables [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  34. 34. Fundraising Tools: Peer to Peer Fundraising [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  35. 35. Agenda •  Tech Trends •  Tech Tools •  Case Study [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  36. 36. Case Study: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society   [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  37. 37. Case Study: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society   New Technology: BidPal •  Great way to engage younger demographic •  Investment / high cost •  Increased silent auction revenue by 60% [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  38. 38. Case Study: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society   •  Fund the Fight program •  Interface was user friendly and people were able to give easily •  Increased revenue because people could still bid during dinner •  People paid more attention to auction than ever before •  Spotlight on items that hadn't [Your Name] been bid on [Today’s Date]
  39. 39. Case Study: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society   [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  40. 40. Apply Learnings to Future Events   •  Dramatically improve efficiencies for events through mobile trends, hardware improvements and connected platforms •  Don’t be afraid to try new tools •  Remember some new technologies will Name] [Your require an investment but can be worth the [Today’s Date] reward
  41. 41. Questions & Answers [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  42. 42. thank you Brianna Haag @BriteSF [Your Name] [Today’s Date]